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Anupama on starlife, Wednesday 19th April 2023 update

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Anupama on starlife Wednesday 19th April 2023 update, Leela gets angry on Anupama when she doesn’t visit Shahs even after Vanraj and Leela’s multiple calls. She says though Anupama is not a DIL of Shah family anymore, she is still a mother and should care for her children. Kavya says to be frank, its good if Anupama doesn’t come for such a stupid and arrogant girl. Leela yells at her to stop supporting Anupama. Samar says diwali is tomorrow, but crackers are bursting in their house today.

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Hasmukh says Vanraj and Leela forced him so much that he unwillingly had to call Anupama. Leela continues yelling at Anupama. Anupama walks in. Vanraj asks if she found time now. Anupama says he can voice records his taunts and send her instead of wasting time. Leela barges on her next. Anupama gives her a befitting reply and asks them to get to the point. Vanraj says Barkha visited them and exposed Adhik’s truth. Leela asks why did she hide truth from them.

Anupama says she never hid anything from her children’s father and just delayed informed this issue as she didn’t want to spoil her younger daughter’s festival because of her older daughter, why should she spoil her husband and GK’s festival because of Pakhi. Leela asks if their happiness matters to her than our happiness. Anupama says her Anuj’s happiness matters to her the most in the whole world and she treats both families equally. Vanraj asks then how can she be so calm even after hearing Adhik’s true intentions and a play college drama. Anupama says because Adhik himself revealed everything to Anuj; she and Anuj are equally concerned but wouldn’t shout and panic like them. Hasmukh says one who doesn’t know the meaning of peace would always shout.

Leela shouts let the peace to hell, she is sure Anupama nd Anuj wouldn’t have revealed truth even after diwali and would have kept them in dark, and if they are really concerned, Anuj would have kicked out Barkha and Adhik out of his house and Anupama wouldn’t have time passed in college. Anupama warns her to stop taunting her about college as she had gone there to study and not time pass and if they start kicking out family members for their mistakes, there wouldn’t be anyone left at Shah house except Hasmukh, Jignesh, and Samar. She says Leela, Vanraj, and Pakhi did biggest mistakes and should be expelled out of house first. Vanraj asks her to stop her intriguing answers and discuss what they should do next. Anupama says they should stay calm. Hasmukh says they can find solution only by staying calm.

Vanraj asks Anupama how would she feel if she learns the boy her daughter chose is fraud and wicked man and his sister who bought him up exposed him, he panicked after hearing this and unwillingly had to disturb Anupama while she was busy in college, so he has decided to send Pakhi out of state for studies. Anupama asks him to stay calm for 2 days and then they will on a decide a further course of action. Pakhi hears their conversation. On the other side, Anuj confronts Barkha for tarnishing Adhik’s image in front of Shahs. Barkha says she knows Adhik well and cannot take his guarantee. Adhik asks how asked her. Barkha says she knows Adhik doesn’t truly love Pakhi and just wants to use her. Anupama returns and informs that Vanraj wants to send Pakhi out of state for further studies. Adhik panics and hugging Anuj pleads him to do something. Anuj asks him to calm down and focus on diwali for 2 days, then they will decide what to do further. Anupama says keep walking is a part of life.

Next day, Pakhi draws rangoli. Kavya tells her that Anupama has many responsibilities to take care of, so Pakhi should stop troubling her for 2 days and concentrate on festival. Pakhi nods yes. Anupama draws rangoli at Kapadia house. Anuj loudly says he loves Anupama. Anupama recalls last diwali where Vanraj provokes and Anuj accepts that he loves Anupama. Anuj says a lot changed since last diwali; this is their first diwali after marriage, but last diwali is more closer to his heart as he expressed his love for her then. Anupama says after 26 years.

Shahs get ready for diwali and wish happy diwali to each other. Leela says this is the first diwali without Toshu. Kavya says even without Pari and Kinjal. Hasmukh says let us not leave their happiness incomplete. Anuj helps Anupama draw rangoli and creates a heart. Mastana Mausam Hai Rangeen Nazara.. song plays in the background. They both spend quality time. He says I love you. She says I love you too. He says thank god she said I love you instead of same to you. Anupama says it was difficult during their times to say I love you, but young generation is very fast. Little Anu wishes them happy diwali followed by others. Anuj asks about Adhik. Ankush says he has gone out. Anupama gets concerned. Anuj asks Anupama not to worry as he spoke to Hasmukh who told Pakhi is at home.

Anuj and Anupama perform diwali pooja and distribute gifts among staff. Staff thanks them. Anupama gives speech on how staff helps their company grow, etc. Anuj asks staff to go home and enjoy at home and announces 2 days’ diwali holiday. Little Anu asks about Adhik. Anuj says he has gone out to meet his friends. Shahs also distribute gifts to locality watchmen and cleaning staff. Watchmen thank Hasmukh and says they are the only one who respectively gift diwali shagun in envelopes. Hasmukh, Vanraj, and Jignesh talk about respecting everyone by giving shagun money in envelopes. Anuj performs Anupama’s pooja and says they consider daughter, mother, sister, and wife as Grihalaxmi, then why can’t he perform his Grihalaxmi’s pooja. They both share handmade gifts and thank each other.

Samar knocks Pakhi’s room door and asks her to come out and celebrate diwali with family. Pakhi sits silently while Adhik weeps lying on a park bench. Anupama senses something is wrong. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.


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