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Anupama on starlife, Tuesday 6th June 2023 update

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Anupama on starlife Tuesday 6th June 2023 update, Anupama asks Barkha to speak to Adhik once. Barkha asks if something happened. Anupama nervously says nothing happened, Adhik will feel good if she speaks to him. Barkha agrees. Adhik tells Pakhi that he totally agrees that Pakhi will take time to learn household chores, but she should put at an effort at least to learn; she is having problem with him getting angry on her, but what about her rude behavior till now.

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she calls him during his office meeting and when he doesn’t respond, she sends 100 messages that he doesn’t love her and doesn’t pick his call though when she is resting. He describes all her rude, arrogant, and irresponsible behaviors. Pakhi shouts he is acting on Anupama’s provocation. Adhik says its her habit to provoke others and not Anupama. Vanraj supports Pakhi and shouts at Adhik to behave with Pakhi or else it would be bad to him. Adhik says both daughter and father can shout on him but when he reacts, he is bad. Vanraj walks away from there.

Kavya warns him that whatever he did will have really bad impact on Pakhi. Vanraj walks away saying he will look after it. Kavya thinks he is doing a big mistake. Anupama calls Kavya and asks if everything is alright there. Kavya asks why is she asking like this. Anupama says just was concerned. Kavya says everything is alright. Barkha notices Anupama tensed. Adhik lies on bed tired of the drama. Pakhi insists him to speak and shouts. Adhik says he doesn’t want to talk to her right now. Toshu supports Pakhi while Samar tries to correct him. Kinjal warns him that if he supports Pakhi and Vanraj, she will keep Pari away from him as she doesn’t want Pari to be like Pakhi.

Pakhi continues to insist Adhik to speak to her. Adhik refuses. Pakhi pulls him up shoting. He pushes her away but then worried for her asks if she is hurt. Pakhi accuses him of hurting her and breaks things. Neighbor hear their fight and discuss that if Pakhi continues to trouble Adhik, their marriage will end soon. Pakhi breaks things while Adhik pleads her to stop. A broken glass piece hits Adhik’s chin and he starts bleeding. He shouts that he tried his best to tolerate her nonsense as he loves her, but he can’t take it anymore and he is done with her nad their marriage. Pakhi shouts he can leave. Adhik walks away, reaches Kapadia house, and cries hugging Anuj. Anuj asks if he is upset after he scolded him for his professional mistake. Adhik continues to cry. Anuj notices a cut on his chin and asks how did he hurt himself. Anupama says its not professional but personal issue. Adhik says he is done with Pakhi now; he tried his best, but failed.

Pakhi returns to Shah house and complains against Adhik to Vanraj. Vanraj shouts how dare Adhik is to think of leaving Pakhi. Pakhi cries lying on her bed. Kavya says she was like Pakhi before, but realized her mistakes; fights happen between every couple, but if she loses a relationship to win an argument, then she is a biggest loser. Anuj offers water to Adhik and comforts him and then asks what happened, he can share the issue if not that personal or else its okay. Adhik says he tried his best to adjust with Pakhi but is done with his one-sided try and compromise. Barkha and Adhik walk in. Adhik breaks down more hugging Barkha. Barkha worried asks him what happened. He tries to speak when Vanraj enters and says he will.

Leela worries and says Vanraj shouldn’t have gone there. Hasmukh says it all started because of her support to Vanraj and Pakhi. Leela still continue to support Vanraj and Pakhi’s acts. Samar says because of her support, Pakhi is spoilt. Toshu says its not only Pakhi’s mistake. Samar says maybe Adhik is wrong, but its always Pakhi’s mistake and instead of accept it, she always tries to prove herself right. Hasmukh says Vanraj shouldn’t have interfered between a husband and wife’s fight as they would have reconciled after sometime.

Anuj and Anupama’s relationship would be in turmoil because of all this, etc. Vanraj walks towards Adhik to beat him. Anuj and Anupama stop him and ask what really happened. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.