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Anupama on starlife, Sunday 9th October 2022 update

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anupama series
anupama series

Anupama emotionally tells Samar that she was a lakshmi of this house and when she came here, Bapuji told she is auspicious, but she is a problem for this house now. He asks to stop thinking like this. She says she doesn’t want to, but the thought repeatedly haunts him.

He scolds her and says if one acts kid, other has to be act elder; he and Nandini will find new academy space and will inform her soon. Vanraj returns from jogging and sees Rakhi there who greets him. He gets angry and asks if Anupama called her. Rakhi says he always remembers his ex-wife, but his current wife called her this time. Anu offers tea to Baa and Bapuji. Kinjal thinks why did mom come early morning. Samar says to create problem. Rakhi asks if his current wife called her to sell remaining portion of house. Vanraj says its her unfulfilling dream.

Rakhi says she is eager too fix her name plate. Vanraj says it will be with her always. Rakhi says time will reveal it. Kavya replies to throw her nameplate away. Anu knowing her intentions asks her to let it go. Kavya warns not to interfere followed by Vanraj. Rakhi asks why did she call her. Kavya says to give something.

Rakhi says she would have given blessings over pone and not disturbed her beauty sleep. Kavya hands over her 22 lakhs cheque with interest. Vanraj says she should have given this cheque after 2 days. Kavya shouts better today than tomorrow and asks Rakhi to get lost. Rakhi asks if she knows there should be money in account before offering cheque.

Kavya says even she should know to return things after getting money and asks her to send property papers via driver. She continues shouting, breaks Rakhi’s nameplate and says V’s wife broke Rakhi’s pride now, and shouts to get out of house. Rakhi says giving cheque and granting are both different, if she bought fake cheque from stationery. Vanraj says they are not fraud like her.

Rakhi says betraying is in his and his wife’s nature, she speaks always stright, and if the cheque bounces even by mistake, Kavya will repent for her misbehavior. She walks away looking at her nameplate.

Kinjal scolds Kavya for being impatient and offering cheque to Rakhi before karkhana is sold. Kavya says when karkhana/factory’s surrounding properties are sold, even it will be sold for sure. Vanraj backs Kinjal and scolds Kavya. Anu says there is a difference between sold and being sold, anything can happen. Kavya yells Anu has exclusive rights of making mistakes and not her. Vanraj says Kavya is not less than Rakhi who created mess and informs Baa that they are going to meet Anuj Kapadia today. Baa hopes everything goes well. Anu asks if she will get some time to shift her stuff from karkhana. Vanraj nods yes and walks away. Bapuji consoles Anu that whatever happened and will happen will be god’s wish and not her mistake, so she need not worry.

Vanraj and Kavya visit Anuj Kapadia/AK’s office and gets impressed by the hospitality. Kavya says after paying Rakhi, he shouldn’t let Bapuji to give some money to Anu, she wants to give a tight slap to Rakhi. Vanraj says her bitter words were not less than a slap. AK’s manager walks in. Kavya as usual mistaking him as AK says she and her husband accept his deal, they can have a dinner tonight if he agrees, she wants to open a start up and wants to discuss its plan with him, etc., without letting him speak. Manager finally succeeds in stopping her and says he is AK’s manager, AK has gone for some important meeting. Kavya feels disappointed. Vanraj introduces himself and gives him legal documents. He asks them to sit while he gets them checked. Kavya says she was excited to meet AK and discuss opening a cafe in his hotel. Vanraj says its okay. Manager brings an envelope and says Mr. Kapadia left it for them. Kavya snatches it and thanks him. He leaves. Vanraj reads deal papers and opens his mouth wide in surprise. They get into car, Vanraj says they thought its a 5 crore deal, let us go home and discuss it with Bapuji.

Anu while teachings students hopes everything goes well. Samar asks her to hope for the best. Anu says yes as Kanhaji sent AK for them. They discuss how to vacate their stuff from karkhana. Samar says he thought Anuj looks like a typical businessman with less hair and bulging tummy, but he is fit like Mr Shah. He downloads pic online and shows her. Anu sees Nandini tensed looking at man at gate and asks who is it. Man leaves. Anu dismisses class and asks Nandini who was it, why she is tensed. Nandini says he is her first love and serious relationship Rohan; he was in her life, but when after her accident he found out that she cannot become a mother, he left her without any phone call or closure just leaving a message; she got his phone call 3 days ago. Anu asks if she had his number. She says its not saved, but she remembers his number and he is pestering her since 3 days. Samar gets angry for not informing her problem. Nandini says she was scared. He says he shared everything with her and was tensed thinking he was at mistake, but she did truth; he doesn’t want to interfere in her super personal issue and her ex-boyfriend.

Anupama gets ready for her college reunion party. Bapuji performs her nazar. Baa says she is looking pretty. Anu says she feels like going now after getting ready just like before, remembering Vanraj mentally torturing her after that. Devika says there is a difference between Anu then and Anu now. Bapuji suggests that they feel that college days never go away, so she should relive her college days and not stop herself. Kavya comments if she got ready as there is someone special. Kinjal says mummy is special and Kavya can’t see her happy. Kavya and Devika’s argument starts next. They start mudslinging each other. Anu warns them to stop and says she will not go to the reunion. Vanraj stops her and giving her purse says she is thinking of herself after 25 years and shouldn’t stop, she is looking very pretty. Devika excitedly takes Anu out. Kavya sneezes. Baa yells its inauspicious. Devika says reverse people’s sneeze is also reverse and its auspicious. Kinjal takes everyone to garden for a refreshing tea. Kavya yells at Vanraj that a husband can never stop stalking ex-wife and his friendship dialogues are eye washers. He says she is wrong. She says he must be jealous if his ex-wife meets someone just like her friendship with Advaith. He says no. She shows her Devika and Anu’s selfies no social media.

Devika with Anu reaches reunion party venue and asks why didn’t she inform her after so much happened, she should have informed her before applying for bank loan, at least bank fraud wouldn’t have happened. Anu says she will next time. Devika says her fans will fall again seeing her and reminds her of a boy who threw a party for her when she won best dancer trophy in college function, says same boy has organized this party. They get into the venue. Devika gets excited seeing party environment and meets her old friends. Friends praise her and say she look so pretty. Devika introduces Anu. Friends say they didn’t forget Anu’s dance yet and she looks still pretty. Anu shies. Devika says real party will start when the host will enter. Friends back her. She then tells Anu that every girl was mad behind the host who has become a rich NRI businessman, but he was having a crush on her. Anu says she doesn’t like these kind of talks as she has grown up children and a bahu. Devika says girls want someone’s attention, but she is shying; maybe she will find someone special soon. Anu says these words look good in stories. Friends drag Devika for a dance.

Part host enters. Anu’s sandal slips away. Power goes off. Anu searches her sandal. Host finds it and fixes it in Anu’s foot. He smiles at Anu, and she thanks him. Singer sings Chupana Bhi Nahi Ata Jatana Bhi Nahi Ata.. song. Host cals her and extends his hand. She greets Jai Sri Krishna. He asks if she identified him. She fails to recognize him. He says its okay as she cannot remember a boy who was behind her, one who was behind always is in front now. She jokes and says she couldn’t understand his dialogues, so he should be specific. He says he is her college friend, cultural festival’s president, chapri dance expert, his fan Anuj Kapadia/AK. Anu remembers Vanraj informing AK wanting to buy their karkhana and says she knows him, he is a famous businessman who wants to buy properties in Ahmedabad and wants to buil hotels and schools. He says she identified a businessman and not her old classmate and does shayari. Anu says she couldn’t understand shayari in college and not even now. He asks to think of his words and meets his friends who get excited seeing him. Anu watches silently from a distance. Vanraj with Kavya reaches same hotel to crack karkhana deal with another businessman Goradia. Vanraj taunts her that a husband can forget his ex-wife but not a sautan, etc.

Anu thinks why AK canceled karkhana deal, should she inform Bapuji that he is her old college friend.