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Age is just a number, Wednesday 12th October 2022 update

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Age is just a number Zeeword
Age is just a number Zeeword

Sahil compels Vaidika to marry him, it seems to be the fate of their strange story as God has somehow connected them; and Vaidika ultimately became the mother to his son.

At Agarwal house, Bari Amma was worried that even Vaidika wasn’t home since Sahil had left. She asks Bhoomi to call Sahil. Sahil doesn’t take the call. Puneesh comes to the hall and assures Bari Amma that his men are spread across the city, they won’t let Vaidika take any unwanted step.

Sahil and Vaidika prayed in the temple. Vaidika prays to God for Sahil, as he is taking care for everyone at the moment. No action here must hurt the sentiments of any relation enjoined to them.

Puneesh gets the news of Sahil and Vaidika being in Radha Krishna temple outside Kanpur and wonders what they are up to. He asks his men to take him there, as the two can’t interfere with his set plan.

Sahil and Vaidika were performing wedding rituals. Their souls were elated and cheerfully enjoyed the wedding vows taken in advance. Tears filled their faces when Pandit asks Sahil to fill Vaidika’s hairline with sindoor.

Puneesh reached the temple and was shocked to see them marrying happily. Sahil rubs the sindoor in Vaidika’s hairline, to the relief of both souls. Puneesh thinks both of them reached ahead of his planning. He clicks a photo of them together through his cell phone. Sahil promises Vaidika to keep their marriage a secret. Puneesh thinks Agarwal family will now be scattered.

Manish brings Gauri home who had covered her face. Bari Amma and Prachi were concerned. Deepak comes from behind and thinks her face is as black as his character. He runs inside showing off concern and pulls the cloth off Gauri’s face. Her face was fine and clean.

Bari Amma asks Gauri why had she taken this scarf, and what’s Manish doing here? Vaidika and Sahil return home. Gauri cries hugging Sahil and Vaidika. Manish says some women attacked Gauri and spoke ill of her, they wanted to blacken Gauri’s face as well. Someone had deliberately sent them.

Sahil says he will speak to police, but Deepak defends that he will look into the matter. Manish qualifies that Gauri was terrified. They insult Manish for interfering in their personal matter. Gauri was about to reply Bari Amma but Manish forbids her and takes a leave.

Vaidika was worried that Gauri may get attacked once again. Bari Amma questions who she is, to interfere in the matter of Gauri. Sahil thinks no matter anyone ever accept or even know about it, but Vaidika is the daughter in law of the house. He will always consider her as his wife now.

Later, Bhoomi comes to Vaidika and apologizes for over reacting on the matter. She had forgotten that whatever Sahil and Vaidika are doing is for her son, Ved.

Vaidika understands Bhoomi’s situation, she assures that she won’t take Bhoomi’s place. Bhoomi demands Vaidika that she wants to get every right in her marriage, she must sleep with Sahil before Vaidika.

Vaidika was not ready to accept Bhoomi’s demand as it’s their personal matter, she won’t interfere. Bhoomi insists that she has spent years craving for Sahil’s love, he won’t accept her request but would surely listen to Vaidika. Vaidika was reluctant. Bhoomi says even Vaidika’s conscience won’t allow her to get intimate with Sahil before her.
Sahil plays with Ved in the room. Ved requests for a story, Sahil replies he can’t narrate any stories. Vaidika had come to speak to Sahil about Bhoomi’s desire but considers it unreasonable in front of Ved. Sahil watch Vaidika passing and narrates Ved a story of a prince who was years younger than his princess.
Nani stops Vaidika in the corridor and asks her about her decision of marriage. She asks what will happen to the

reputation of Aarya if Vaidika gets pregnant without marriage with Sahil. Aarya comes there, she hugs Vaidika and assures her side if Vaidika and Sahil can take a bold step only for Ved. She asks Nani to evolve a little and be at Vaidika’s side this time. After Nani has curtly left, Vaidika hugs Aarya and felt proud of her daughter as her biggest support.
Bari Amma comes to Bhoomi’s room inquiring about her conversation with Vaidika. Bhoomi was sure that Vaidika can convince Sahil for her rightful demand because as far as she recognizes Vaidika, she can never ruin her sister’s house. After Bhoomi had left the room, Bari Amma thinks she must take some step to bring Sahil and Bhoomi close, she will then announce Bhoomi’s pregnancy; else Vaidika’s pregnancy might bring bad name to their family. Puneesh stood outside the room and thinks he must eye Bari Amma cautiously.
Sahil stood at the door of Vaidika’s room and asks if she called him here. Vaidika says she wanted to speak to him but Ved was there to sleep. Sahil says Ved is trouble while sleeping. Vaidika smiles that he is after his father. She then speaks to Sahil that Bhoomi is worried about her own marriage, she is his first wife and is rightful to establish a relationship with him. Sahil was furious over Vaidika for deciding on his life, it’s his decision whom to consider a wife and whom to sleep with.
Vaidika clarifies that she doesn’t want to take the decision of his lives. Her decisions have already adversely affected his life. Sahil insists that he and Bhoomi lived together for Ved’s sake, his intimacy with Bhoomi won’t bring any improvement in their relationship. He says only he holds a right over his life, its rights and wrongs. He got him married to Nidhi and herself married Yash, she then left the city and even hid from him the truth of his son, Ved. He is now happy with his pains and wants to do all that’s right for Ved at the moment. Bari Amma heard the conversation from outside the door and leaves. Vaidika apologizes for hurting him. It was her mistake to marry him to Nidhi but Bhoomi isn’t Nidhi, she gave five years of her life to this relation. Sahil must surely take any decision thoughtfully.
Downstairs, Bari Amma comes to Bhoomi and tells her that Vaidika convinced Sahil. Bhoomi was cheerful. Bhoomi had come in front of the temple, thankful to God. Vaidika came from behind, she hugs Vaidika thankfully for speaking to Sahil. Vaidika wonders if Sahil took the decision willfully.
Bari Amma comes to the hotel and bribes the receptionist. He promises that they booked two rooms, 109 and 110. They will guide Sahil to the false Room#109 while Vaidika will be there in Room# 110. Bari Amma was determined to bring Sahil and Bhoomi close on the Karwachot
It was Karwachot. Vaidika comes downstairs draped in red saree. Prachi was weary of the fasting when Puneesh says he is also hungry. Puneesh spots Vaidika busy speaking with a guest and takes Moti-choor laddu for her, he says they are really tasty, she can taste them as she wouldn’t have fast. Vaidika asks if Puneesh was fasting with Prachi, how he knows their taste? Gauri intervenes and stuffs her mouth with a whole sweet. Bari Amma and Deepak were angry at her for not fasting. Gauri replies that Karwachot is for long life of a husband; when there was no respect and love in her marriage why should she disgrace such a sacred prayer?

Vaidika comes to the corridor and thinks the world would never know about her marriage with Sahil, however they are spouse in the eyes of God. She decided to fast for Sahil but couldn’t be seen by anyone else.

Sahil comes there with a smile and says he knew Vaidika would surely fast for him. Bhoomi also walks there looking for Sahil.