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Age is just a number, Tuesday 18th October 2022 update

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Age is just a number Zeeword
Age is just a number Zeeword

Sahil saves Vaidika from the approaching car and takes the family home.
Later in Agarwal house, Sahil asks Bhoomi to sign the divorce papers. He is rightful of this, and can’t anymore live with Bhoomi. He doesn’t want Vaidika to suffer anymore.

Bhoomi demands Sahil to name his property after her. Sahil says he has already named his property after Ved and his child to be. Bhoomi says she will also be a guardian of the property until Ved gets adult. She only wants security to be able to stay in this house. Sahil calls her disgusting, and selfish but was anyway ready to give him security. He says Vaidika will have equal rights over the property, he will name half of property after Vaidika as well.

Puneesh recalls how he prepared Bhoomi for the demand. Bhoomi tells Sahil to get the papers, she will sign them and divorce as well. Sahil turns to leave. Bari Amma tries to stop Sahil and requests him to forgive her. Sahil says whatever Bhoomi did was a mistake and could be forgiven, but what she did was a sin. She can no more regain her position in his heart.

Bhoomi calls Ved and says she got a lot of gifts for Ved’s Diwali, but he is away. Ved runs to come to Bhoomi. Vaidika and Aarya try to stop him, Vaidika slips on the door and sends Aarya to stop Ved. At Agarwal house, Aarya speaks to Bhoomi that she must stop doing what she has been up to. Vaidika could have been hurt. Bhoomi was stubborn and tells Aarya to stay in her limits.

Puneesh comes to Aarya and holds her hand. He reminds Aarya of the MMS when she was a child, and blackmails her offering his help. Aarya jerks Puneesh’s hand away and warns not to touch her again else she will ruin his reputation in the social media.

At home, Sahil doesn’t let Vaidika get off the bed. Vaidika wanted to speak to Ved, he seems upset by this change and reacts abruptly. Sahil warns her to stay in bed, else he will hold her in arms and take rounds of the streets; the elders of her neighborhood will then taunt her.

Vaidika wasn’t ready for this. Sahil says he spoke to Bhoomi, everything will soon be fine. He can’t let anything happen to Vaidika, his life is nothing without her. They enjoy food together.

It was morning, Vaidika does aarti for Aarya and wish her birthday. Aarya then gives medicines to Vaidika. Nani comes there in excitement that there are new neighbors as Panday’s house was sold. They go outside to meet the lady. Nani introduces herself to the lady. The lady says her husband is out station. Vaidika offers some breakfast and tea. Nani says they must go to her home and help her prepare food there instead. The lady reacts furiously and shouts at Nani to stop right here.

Sahil hands the property papers to Bhoomi, half divided between her and Vaidika. He says he fulfilled his promise, now Bhoomi must sign the divorce papers. Bhoomi questions if this was all so easy for Sahil? Sahil says it was easy because he wants to spend his life with Vaidika. He got his happiness with Vaidika. He understands Bhoomi’s insecurities and demands; then wish him luck and leaves.

All at once, the new neighbour shouts at Nani for getting into her house. She was rude and screams discourteously.

They ladies come inside. Sahil had decorated the hall and blows the whistle. Aarya asks if its for her? Sahil asks whose birthday it is and swirls while holding her in his arms.

Aarya cheerfully goes to invite her friends. Sahil promises Vaidika another surprise, then none will question Vaidika for wearing this mangal sooter. He says Vaidika must accept, in front of everyone in the party today, that she loves him. Vaidika felt shy. Sahil insists he is her husband and wish she tells him I love you, in front of the society. He gets over the stool and blow the whistle while not lending Vaidika any chance to speak.
In the evening, Aarya cuts the cake while giving everyone a bite to a piece. Sahil asks Vaidika if she wish to say something. His face was mischievous, Aarya looked towards Vaidika hopefully. Vaidika wish a happy birthday to Aarya and thanks her for being her support in difficult times. Their new neighbor also join the party. Nani asks to play ‘Pass the parcel’. First is Nani’s turn who dances on “Aa daikhain zara…”, who forcefully takes their new neighbor and turns her around while her dance, then comes Aarya’s turn who performs ‘Raadha’. The cushion now stops in Vaidika’s hand. She decides to express her love with Sahil in a song ‘Koi Nahi Hai Buss Tum Ho Saath….’ Sahil was left open-mouthed, rolling over the floor out of shock. He grabs a turn next, cheerfully dancing over “Main Yamla Pagla Diwana….”

There in Agarwal house, Bhoomi sat on the floor with divorce papers. She decides if Sahil can’t be hers, he can be none’s. She now know what she has to do.

Late at night, Vaidika comes to the yard calling Sahil. She notices the floor of the yard was filled with flowers, a few petals shower over her. Sahil walks to her smiling. Vaidika hugs Sahil in emotions. Sahil tells Vaidika it seems he was born for this moment, and can even die peacefully. Vaidika asks why he only mentions it pessimistically. Sahil plans a future ahead with Vaidika. He then asks Vaidika to confess her love in front of the world as well.

The next morning, Maya brings a Diwali gift to Vaidika and Sahil. She had sent a form for Best Love couple in a radio show in which Vaidika and Sahil were selected. Sahil also insists that the world must know and accept their unique love story, and this is a really good chance.

After Maya has left, Sahil holds Vaidika by her waist and assures nothing will go wrong this time.