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Age is just a number on zee world, Thursday 6th October 2022 update

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Age is just a number Zeeword
Age is just a number Zeeword

Bhoomi and Bari Amma were against the setup of Pooja. Bari Amma decides that only Bhoomi will do the pooja if any. Vaidika recalls Pandit ji’s warnings and severity of the black magic. She announces that this is her house as well, and she will do the pooja. Sahil comes to the hall and questions about the matter.

Vaidika tells Sahil that it’s important for her and Sahil to sit in a pooja together to maintain peace in the house. Bari Amma was against it, but Sahil reminds Bari Amma that once in the past Anjana made him sit in the pooja as well. He feels a screeching pain in his arm, Nisha was twisting the black puppet’s arm to hurt Sahil. Pandit ji challenges that it’s a testimony which must be performed standing on nails laid over burning coal bed. Resultantly, a bowl of milk will fill

and consuming it will free them from the devilish effects on the house. Vaidika prays for the courage to complete the testimony. Sahil and Vaidika step their feet over the nail bed laid over coals, press one hand against each other and repeat the said Mantar.
The testimony was tough. Sahil’s shadow in Nisha’s room shortens moving away from her. Nisha was fearful that it seems her strengths are weakening, someone else must be taking advantage of her powers and gaining strength but she wonders whom? Vaidika and Sahil’s feet were bleeding, Sahil’s condition also worsening. Vaidika supports him as he goes faint. Prachi doesn’t let Bhoomi stop Sahil considering it God’s will. The bowl of milk was filled.
Nisha wasn’t ready to lose her powers.
Pandit ji asks the family to be grateful to Shiv and Shakti, they have gained miraculous blessings today.
Nisha was furious over Vaidika fearing that she might lose all of her powers. She works her powers to gain help from Puneesh. Puneesh opens his eyes and takes the milk bowl while everyone was busy praying. He takes the bowl of milk to Nisha. Nisha pours the milk over her pot and the shadow of her power regains size and strength, entering into her again.
Vaidika notices the pot of milk was emptied. Bhoomi accuses Vaidika for all the drama. They were shocked to see Sahil walk as if controlled. Pandit ji was worried and says their testimony failed, Sahil’s life is endangered. Vaidika run behind Sahil to stop him but was shocked to see Sahil turning into black stone until he was a complete statue.

Nisha laughs hysterically over her victory, and boasts about turning Sahil to a stone. She warned Vaidika already to mingle with her, nothing can work in front of Nisha’s powers. Now Sahil can be torn to pieces and everyone else would be helpless. The family was tensed