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A Touch of Love on glow tv, Wednesday 8th March 2023 update

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TV series

A Touch of Love on glow tv, Wednesday 8th March 2023 update, Suman comes to the kitchen. She notices Rajo had cooked all the favorite dishes of the family. Suman cheers. Aryan looks towards the fan and asks Suman to switch it on. The veil over Thapki’s face fly off Thapki’s face, Aryan notices she held it over her face. Suman takes a bite from the food and was lost at once, she says this Cheese-Palak reminds her of Thapki. Thapki didn’t cook after operation. Tears fell off Thapki’s eyes as Suman hugs her, she gets hiccups.

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Suman brings water for her. Suman says her hiccup doesn’t go even after drinking water, Aryan gives her a bite to eat and tries to look at her face. He was shocked to notice her hiccup had gone at once. Suman says this Rajo doesn’t only cook like Thapki, she is also like Thapki; Thapki’s hiccup also goes after eating. Suman goes to call the family. Aryan tastes from the food and wonders how this is possible, she resembles Thapki.

Tina was reading a book when Munna comes to the room. She smiles at him while he apologizes to disturb her. Tina hides the book behind herself. Munna asks why she is hiding the book. Tina says this is just a simple book. Munna sits beside her and asks to see the book. Tina says she is doing what Vasundra told her to, they both loved different people but the truth is that they turned to be spouses. Atleast she can give their relation a chance, earlier she attempted to do this for herself but this time she will do it for her family. She can’t hurt the ones who brought her up with much love, can’t get tears to the eyes which hold her dearer; she wants to get their relationship a chance. Munna asks what if she fails. Tina says atleast she would be satisfied that she gave it a try. Munna says when he came here he realized what family is and how it matters. He was also ready to make an attempt for this family, who gave someone like him a space in their house and hearts. Munna will now live for the family. Tina forwards her hand to Munna asking Family? He takes the hand.
After a while, Dolly ji comes to Tina’s room. She was upset about the decisions of the children and think about all the jewelry. She tears the book apart out of rage.

Thapki comes to her room and cries missing Bihaan. She wish her Bihaan comes to help her and take care of everything and bring their Bani back. Lovely comes to the room and says Aryan suspects her presence and she can’t thus let Thapki live here anymore. She was about to push Thapki out of the room when Thapki turns to slap her. Lovely couldn’t bear the slap but Thapki holds Lovely’s hand. Lovely reminds Thapki about Bani and says she will just call and get Bani killed. Thapki tells her to rethink, if they kill Bani what will happen to her then. She is silent only because Bani is alive, but if Bani won’t live she would not spare Lovely. Thapki says Lovely never realizes what a mother can do to revenge the life of her child. Thapki says if Bani is her liability, its Lovely’s liability as well. Even Lovely was trapped in the net she spread for herself. She swears to Bani’s blood Lovely won’t be safe if something happens to Bani. Lovely tells Thapki if she attempts to hold a hand over her again, she won’t spare both Thapki and Bani. Lovely leaves the room. Thapki cries recalling the video of Bani.

In the lawn outside Lovely curtly speaks to herself that Thapki was right, she must not say anything to Thapki until she gets married to Aryan. Suman comes from behind and asks why is she being so angry, she asks her about the mark on her cheek as well and thinks it is of a slap. Lovely makes up it’s the mark of her scratches. Suman goes to spread clothes, Lovely thinks about letting her go away and comes to help Suman. Suman gets sentimental that they have always considered Thapki as wrong but she always loved them all. She hugs Lovely and goes inside. Lovely curses the whole emotional family.

At night, Samar wonders where Bani’s photos from his phone are. Dolly comes behind and says she deleted them, she wants Samar to come out of Bani’s memories. She asks Samar if he loves Bani.

Samar says he does and would always do. Dolly says he must step forward in his life, he can’t spend his life with the memories of a dead person. Samar says he loves Bani and her memories are his strength to live. Dolly poses to be weak and cries that she doesn’t want to spend a life in which she has to see his alone son crazy behind a deceased girl. Samar says he can’t do so. Dolly says she is dead for him then. She tells him to decide if he has to keep his mother alive or that Bani. Samar promises to try and insists on her to eat a bit.
Thapki comes to Lovely’s room and thinks about looking for her phone, she might get some information about Bani from it. She was looking in the drawers when she hears footsteps approaching. She wonders if it’s Lovely and goes to hide behind the curtain. Aryan thinks she isn’t here and wonders how he must know the truth, he must find out who is behind the veil as that is the only way he can reach Thapki or Bani. Thapki spots a cockroach on the wall, she hides herself under the veil and walks out of the curtain felling over Aryan. Aryan looks closely for a while remembering Thapki. Lovely comes to the room then. She asks Rajo what they are doing here. Aryan qualifies Rajo came for cleaning of the room. Lovely asks about him. Aryan says he came with a bracelet for her, she has turned to his life and the reason he lives; he promises to fill her life with utmost love. He makes her wear the bracelet and says I love you Thapki. Lovely looks towards Thapki boastfully and hugs Aryan.
Dolly comes to Tina’s room and says it’s good she has accepted everyone’s decision and Munna as her husband. Tina says she is doing this all by heart, she wants to give her marriage a true chance by heart. Dolly shows Tina a phone of Samar, she says it had Bani’s photos till yesterday but today it is empty. He never expresses anyone since childhood, today also he has forgotten Bani and didn’t want to put anyone in pain. She shows Tina her photos in the phone. Tina was upset. Dolly thinks she put all these in the phone and will delete them before Samar gets to know about it. Tina turns around saying Samar himself told her to begin a new life with Munna. Dolly places a white shirt in the clothes Tina was setting in the closet and tells Tina that Samar loves her truly. Tina says may be there is something else in the fate. Tina notices Samar’s shirt in the clothes. Dolly says it’s a hint that Tina is still connected to Samar. She thinks she will surely tie her with Samar in this life.

In the room, Thapki thinks Aryan knows the reality and he is also aware Lovely kidnapped her and Bani. She wonders if she must tell Aryan that she is Bani. She hears footsteps approaching and covers her face. Aryan steps into the room, locks the door behind and says she cooked just like Thapki did, she got off her hiccup just like Thapki did; still she would say she is Rajo? Thapki nods. Aryan says she can be dumb, or cover her face but can’t change the feel of her touch.

He has at once recognized she is Thapki and not Rajo. He removes the veil off Thapki’s face. Both share an eye lock. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.