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A Touch of Love on glow tv, Tuesday 7th March 2023 update

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TV series

A Touch of Love on glow tv Tuesday 7th March 2023 update, Lovely comes to Thapki and asks if she is alive. Thapki moves. Lovely tells her about bringing food for her, else she would die; she doesn’t want Thapki to die so easy but to verdict all her life shatter. She tells Thapki about all what’s going in her family. She finally removes the black mask off Thapki’s face and pulls the tape over her mouth as well. She tells Thapki about having broken Vasundra-Tina relationship.

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Thapki says this isn’t possible, Lovely says this happened already. Both Vasundra and Tina hate each other, they don’t even want to see each other’s face. Thapki was sure Vasundra loves Tina more than her. Lovely tells Thapki further that Aryan proposed her and they are going to marry soon. Thapki says Aryan knows well that Thapki is and will always belong to Bihaan. Lovely
insists by brain he understands this, but not by heart. He is crazy after Thapki. Lovely says this is true, everything that belonged to Thapki is hers now. Thapki was able to loosen the ropes of her hands, she run out of the chair, wrestles Lovely and run away.

Thapki comes home and calls everyone at home to come out and see she is here. Lovely comes from behind, she smiles and claps for Thapki. Thapki tells Lovely she got the courage through God and through her family about returning here, she will reveal her truth to everyone. Lovely tells Thapki that even God doesn’t want her to win this time, as none of the family wasn’t here and have gone to temple. Lovely tells Thapki she isn’t going to get over her thirst this time. Lovely shows Thapki a video in her cell phone, a man held a knife over Bani’s neck while Bani cried. Thapki at once get to plead Lovely to leave Bani.

Lovely tells Thapki to take the decision right away. Thapki agrees not to tell anyone and requests her to leave her daughter. Lovely says she loves watching Thapki helpless, she gets peace this way. Thapki asks why she is doing this all. Lovely asks if Thapki doesn’t remember anything. She must remember her past then; her mistake that make her destroy her present. She urges her to remember; and if she doesn’t remember she wouldn’t tell the truth until Thapki is almost near the death. They hear the family coming. Lovely reminds Thapki of her promise.

At home, Vasundra and Panday ji asks Lovely who is there under the veil. Aryan also comes there. Thapki says this is Rajo, she is poor and needed some help. She gave her some clothes and she was leaving. Vasundra says their Thapki always take care of anyone in trouble. Aryan eyes the veiled Thapki closely.

Suman asks Rajo to remove the veil off her face. She comes forward to hold the veil. Lovely says Rajo won’t show her face, she had an accident and her face is burnt. Tina assures Rajo that according to Thapki the real beauty lies in inside. Vasundra and Panday ji also assures they only care about the inside. Lovely says its upon her will, she can stay in veil for as long as she can. Aryan urges her to speak something. Lovely says she is dumb, can’t speak. She had lost her ability to speak as well. The family feels pity over her. Vasundra assures Rajo since Thapki is with her, so is her family. She comes and hug Thapki and says it felt as if she is someone very own of hers. Lovely goes inside to get some money for Rajo. Aryan asks Thapki why she didn’t share about her accident earlier,
they could have helped her. Lovely says she has great self respect, she never takes any helps. She didn’t want to take their help. Aryan offers her to stay here and can help them in their wedding preparations. Aryan thinks he needs to make this Rajo stay here to know about her reality. Lovely was helpless as everyone had decided for her. She tells Lovely to take her to the guest room.
Upstairs in the room, Thapki removes the veil. Lovely says Thapki must have agreed to stay here only to reveal her reality. Thapki tells Lovely she didn’t speak there and was dumb, she agrees that she holds her Bani dearest to her, and would leave right away; Lovely must only leave Bani. Lovely stops Thapki as she would otherwise have to answer Aryan about it. She warns Thapki to stay here, in veil and as dumb else she wouldn’t leave Bani. Lovely leaves. Thapki watches a group photo of the family, then prays to a God’s idol there for courage. and ability to reach Bani.
There in the room, Aryan looks towards the photo he found in Lovely’s house. He wonders who is that Rajo and what are her intentions. He thinks about finding a way to get to know. He says this photo and that veiled lady can take him to Thapki and Bani. Vasundra comes there asking about what he is talking about to himself. Aryan says he was worried about Thapki who would have missed Bani. Vasundra remembers the day Thapki brought Bani home. She shows a wedding dress to Aryan. Aryan was determined to find Lovely soon. He thinks he has a single way to reach Thapki, the photo and veiled lady.
Samar complains to Dolly that the renovation work of their house is not being complete. Dolly thinks she was the one who asked the contractor to dely the work. She tells Samar such work always get a bit late, she tells Samar that everyone here respect him. She thinks Samar would soon be the son in law of the house again.

Samar watches a photo of Bani on his cell phone saying her memories are always with him in his heart. Dolly brings a glass of milk for Samar and hears him saying only Bani is everything to him. She was upset that Samar loves Bani.

In the kitchen, Aryan thinks about a way to see the face under the veil. Thapki comes there. Aryan offers her to stay here as long as she wish to.

He watches a plate on the table and turns the plate around in a way to be able to see her face. He was onlly able to see Thapki’s chin while the rest of her face had been veiled. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.