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A touch of love on glow tv, Tuesday 1st November 2022 update

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A touch of love series
A touch of love series

Episode starts with Thapki caught in the net trap laid by the Kosi with bomb in it. She shouts for help. Kabir comes to jungle. Thapki calls for Bihaan then seeing herself in danger. Time bomb is on and just 2 mins left. Kabir looks on. Thapki sees him and asks him to save her, and tells that only 2 mins is left. Kabir pulls the rope asking her not to get scared.

He opens the rope and make the net come down. Thapki says Kosi devi must have done this and must be near. Kosi is in the jungle and thinks she will see Thapki’s dead. Thapki asks Kabir to go and take care of her family and Bihaan. Kabir says I can’t go leaving you here, and says until I am here nothing will happen to you. Thapki says just 20 seconds are left. Kabir is about to pull the wire.

Kosi is coming there and says don’t die so soon….I am coming there, die infront of me and smiles. Kabir takes out the wire. Thapki is equally tensed. Bomb gets diffused and stops. Thapki is scared and emotional.

Kabir takes out of net. Thapki asks have you gone mad? Why didn’t you save yourself first. Kabir hugs her and says if anything would have happen to you, then I would have not forgive myself. Thapki is shocked. Kabir says sorry. Kosi comes to the place and sees nothing. She thinks where is the trap, bomb and Thapki, if she got saved.

Vasu tells Aditi that she has kept ekadashi puja and asks her to do it being her bahu. Aditi says yes. She puts ghee in the diya and is about to light lamp, but Shraddha takes match stick from her hand and lights the diya. She says sorry Aditi, diya’s baati is made by mummy ji, you have added ghee, but I got the fruit to light it. She says this is called destiny which even God can’t change. She says I am also bahu of this house, and my husband name is Dhruv too. Aditi says Shraddha…Vasu stops her and says I had given my son Dhruv to you, but you couldn’t handle him or your right. Don’t hope to get any right from me. She asks Aditi to come with her. Shraddha looks at God’s idols and says laughs, saying that she never lost hope and knows how to take back her rights. She says she will do the puja being Dhruv’s wife and not by your so called bahu.

Thapki and Kabir comes back home. Kabir asks her to be careful. She says she is fine. Kabir says you are brave, but stubborn too. He holds her hand trying to help her to walk properly. Bihaan comes there. Kabir says you will start drama now, and asks him to relax saying he is holding his wife’s hand and not his wife. Bihaan says she might be your wife, but why did she take my wife’s clothes. He asks her why she took Thapki’s clothes. Thapki says she is hurt and needs to go inside. Bihaan asks her to tell. Kabir gets angry on Bihaan and holds his hand. Bihaan also gets angry. Thapki stops Kabir and tells Bihaan that he has no right to question her as she is married to Kabir now, and shows the mangalsutra.

Once Bihaan goes, Thapki thanks Kabir and says you have saved me, else Bihaan and Kosi must have known that I am Thapki and not Vani Kosi hears her and is shocked. Kabir asks her to relax and come inside. Kosi says you are saved, and says what did you think that I will not recognized you with fake tears, specs etc, says now see what I will do. Thapki puts ointment on her foot and thinks Kabir is looking changed. She thinks she is thinking so much. Vasu comes to Thapki and asks what happened to you. Thapki says it is a small fracture. Vasu asks how did you get it? She bandages her foot and asks about it. Thapki thanks and hugs her crying. Vasu asks Thapki, why did you marry Kabir. She tells about ekadashi puja and asks her to attend it. Thapki nods. Thapki thinks everything will be fine as evil will end tomorrow.

Vasu looks for the letter and thinks she shall get it. She then thinks Shraddha is upto something. She calls someone and invites the person for the puja. She says I have done Shraddha’s treatment and prays for Thapki and Bihaan togetherness.

Kabir thinks about Thapki and their hug. He is restless…and thinks what the hell…why I am behaving this way. He asks himself to think from mind and says I am behaving this way as I have to take revenge from Bihaan and it is impossible without Kabir.

Thapki sees Kosi standing on her way. Kosi smiles seeing her. Thapki asks what happened? You are not looking scared and is looking happy. Kosi says she is very happy. Thapki says I will expose your real avatar. Kosi hears her and says you will see my real avatar tomorrow. She says this Vani and Thapki’s avatar will end.