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A touch of love on glow tv, Monday 31st October 2022 update

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A touch of love series
A touch of love series

Episode starts with Kosi coming to the temple and getting shocked seeing Thapki in kali maat’s avatar. She says Thapki…you was dead. Thapki says I died but my soul is not at peace, and it will get peace only after you die. Kosi runs from there being scared. Kabir comes out and looks at Thapki. Thapki comes him and removes her jewellery which she had worn to look like Goddess.

Kabir mesmerizes her beauty and says beautiful. He says why this ugly specs when original Thapki is so beautiful. Thapki says she has to take this avatar to expose Kosi, and says I have to follow her. Kabir says okay, and says he will take care here. Thapki starts walking and says thanks before going. Kabir thinks he shall not stare her, but she is beautiful. Kosi runs on the road and hides. Thapki comes there as
Vani and asks why she is scared. Kosi couldn’t say anything…She then says that Thapki came back. Thapki acts to be shocked.

Kosi hugs Thapki and asks her to save her. Thapki says Thapki died years ago and asks where did she see her. Kosi says she saw her in temple and asks her to take her to temple and show her soul. Kosi comes back to temple and asks Kosi to tell where is Thapki. Kosi says she is behind the cloth, and asks Thapki to check. Thapki says okay, I will check and goes inside the temple. She takes out cloth from the idol and asks Kosi if this is Thapki. Kosi says yes, she is Thapki. Thapki turns her and makes her see the Goddess. Kosi is shocked. Thapki says may be you are out of your mind. Kosi tells that when she came here, bells were ringing and thunderstorm was like about to come, and she saw Thapki. Thapki asks did you kill her as you might be seeing her due to guilt. Kosi says she didn’t kill Thapki. Thapki asks her not to worry and says if there was Thapki’s soul then also she won’t do anything.

She brings her home. Kosi says I won’t be saved. Thapki asks her to take rest. Kosi asks her not to leave her. Kosi shouts the moment she is about to leave after switching off lights. She asks Thapki to let the lights on. Kosi thinks she has to get scared of her bahu. Thapki hears her and says even though you are more important than Vasu but you have ruined my everything.

Kabir tells Thapki that they have fun seeing Kosi getting scared. He praises Thapki and says you are beautiful and brave. I am lucky to get you. He hugs her. Thapki is surprised. Kabir tells her silently that Bihaan is watching them. Bihaan gets jealous seeing them hugging each other. He goes. Kabir says I am sorry, I did this to make Bihaan jealous. Thapki also goes. Kabir feels apologetic and thinks if Bihaan is in pain then only his sister’s wounds will heal.

Shraddha wakes up and admires sleeping Dhruv and she wasn’t aware that his love will be so enjoyable. She says I didn’t know, else I wouldn’t have divorce you. She says you will be in medicine affect for 4-5 hours and I will keep Aditi here so that my plan don’t ruin. She comes to the washroom and makes Aditi sleep beside Dhruv. She tells that she has to make her sleep beside him now, else her plan will fail. She recalls Dhruv filling her maang with sindoor and making her wear mangalsutra. She tells that she has got her husband now and will be called as his wife also. She says there will be only 1 difference, you have taken 7 rounds with her, while I have done gandhar vivah. She shows her mangalsutra and sindoor and says I am also married like you. She says this is called giving answer to brick with stone and goes.

Bihaan cuts the wood and recalls asking forgiveness from Thapki…..Main Adhura plays……….He recalls Thapki proposing Kabir and their marriage. The song continues to play……………Thapki comes to him and keeps her head on his shoulder. Bihaan looks at her. Thapki shows the glass. Bihaan takes the milk gass and keeps it. Thapki hugs him and cries. Bihaan is quite surprised. He also hugs her. Main Adhura song plays……………He says I can’t leave without you Thapki. Sankara says not Thapki, but Sankara. Bihaan is shocked and looks at her, and breaks the hug. He asks her not to force him, else he will do something which both of them don’t want. He cuts the wood angrily. Vasu sees them and looks on.

Vasu recalls Bihaan’s concern and love for Thapki. She thinks how will Bihaan stay without Thapki. She says what to do. Servant comes and collides with her and falls. He apologizes to her and says he had cleaned Bihaan’s room and was going out to throw the things. Vasu apologizes to him as it was her mistake, and sees paper with Bihaan’s name written. She gets the torn papers and keeps it. She thinks Sankara might be the one responsible for all the happenings.

Vasu thinking where she will get the newspaper and thinks if why can’t she is able to clear the misunderstanding between Bihaan and Thapki. Kosi wakes up and finds herself in someplace. Thapki’s video comes in which she burns Kosi. Kosi shouts and asks someone to open the door. Thapki says it is just your idol and says you will die. She says I am alive and this is not my soul. Kabir opens the door. Kosi runs out of room and shouts…for help. Kabir laughs and thinks to take out the cassette before Kosi comes back again. Kosi comes back home. Thapki asks Kosi what happened to you. Kosi asks if I am alive? Thapki says you are alive. Kosi tells her that Thapki is alive. Thapki says dead people can’t return.

Kosi brings Thapki there and says she saw TV here. Thapki
says I think your madness problem is increasing and asks her to come home and rest. Kosi goes to her room. Kabir laughs. Thapki asks him to be silent and says we had burnt her idol to make her scared. Kabir says she is so heavy. Thapki says we will expose her. Kosi comes out of washroom and sees a chit asking her to come to jungle and meet under the tree. Kosi thinks she can’t die being scared, if Thapki returned then she will know who am I? If she is not Thapki then I will kill her today itself. She promises not to leave her. She comes to the place before time and laid a trap for Thapki. She thinks once Thapki comes here, she will die once she keeps her feet on bomb. She cover bomb with dry leaves.

Bihaan sees Thapki going in Thapki’s clothes in the jungle. Vasu thinks she has to make new bride do some ritual. She comes to Aditi and says she wants her to do some rasam. Aditi asks about the importance of rasam. Vasu explains about the ritual and asks her to be careful while adding salt. If she couldn’t keep salt properly then she can’t handle relations. Shraddha comes and stops her. Bihaan comes to the jungle following her. Shraddha tells Vasu that she is married to Dhruv, the star. Kabir thinks this family is strange. Balwinder asks if you have gone mad? Shraddha says I am married now. She asks Vasu to make her do the rasam being her saas. Aditi tries to speak. Vasu agrees to let her do the rasam.

Shraddha says she will do rasam first. Dhruv says but. Vasu says there is no poin in argument and asks her to come and do the rasam. Shraddha sits to do rasam. Bihaan thinks where is Thapki. She came here only. Vasu gives salt to Shraddha. Shraddha keeps It in the bowl and says I have done the rasam properly and didn’t let salt fall anywhere. I can handle relations well. Vasu asks Aditi to come and do the rasam. Shraddha pushes Aditi silently and makes salt fall from her hands. She then asks her to handle Dhruv if she can’t handle relations. Aditi gets sad. Vasu says someone bad eye fall on you. She says you are Thapki’s sister and will do all your duties well. She says you will be proved good bahu of the house. Shraddha thinks she will become good bahu and will give Dhruv’s baby to the family. She keeps her hand on her tummy.

Thapki comes near the tree and thinks once Kosi comes here…..She steps on the trap and gets inside the trap and it hangs on to the tree. Her phone falls down.

Bihaan comes there calling Thapki, but he don’t look up on the tree. He gets a call and goes. Her ring falls down. Thapki sees bomb inside the trap.