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A touch of love on glow tv, Friday 22nd July 2022 update

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Episode starts with Dhruv refusing to go on honeymoon as he can’t see Bihaan sad. Shraddha also agrees with Dhruv and says they will go after Thapki and Bihaan’s marriage. Thapki confronts Dhruv for showing true colors. He lies to her that he really changed, he is not going as he found Bihaan upset, he is staying for Bihaan’s happiness. She says I can’t trust you. He says I have changed, trust me.

A touch of love series
A touch of love series

She says fine, you then tell truth to Bihaan, what all the things you did to break my and Bihaan’s marriage. He says I can do anything to win your trust. She says if he does not do this, she will tell everything to Bihaan. She goes. He says till this rasam ends, everything will change.

Poonam pays money to Diwakar to solve the problem. Mishra says I will pay all bills and takes money
from Diwakar. Diwakar and his mum talk. Poonam goes. Diwakar shows his selfies to Manju. He says Dhruv came in this pic. He zooms and sees Dhruv seeing Thapki’s pic. She asks what happened. He says nothing. She goes to get food for him. He recalls Dhruv, and says why Dhruv had Thapki’s pic, there is something fishy, I like it, I have to find whats happening.

Dhruv and Bihaan go out to some place. Dhruv cuts two poles and tells Bihaan that these poles will fall when anything hits, I will stand here and you will stand there. Bihaan asks whats the need to do this. Dhruv says Thapki will see us in trouble and first run to you, she will save you as you are her love. Bihaan says no need to take risk, we will talk to her. Dhruv says fine, come, we will go home, but tell me one thing, what will you tell Thapki that you are testing her love and insulting her. Bihaan says no, I m seeing whats in her heart. Dhruv says Thapki’s trust will break. Bihaan says fine, I will not talk to her. Dhruv asks him to be normal, as the rasam is imp for Thapki, promise me. Bihaan nods. They leave.

Suman and Preeti keep the pots on Thapki’s head. Thapki walks. Dhruv and Bihaan come home. The pots are about to fall and Bihaan helps Thapki. They see each other. Suman and Preeti cough. Thapki says I can pass hardest test if Bihaan is with me. Bihaan wishes Thapki chooses him and his love first. Dhruv says Thapki will choose me, I will come close to Thapki. He gets some message and smiles, saying the thing to separate both of you has come. He sees a big pot and smiles. He says Thapki will do this pot rasam with family, and then here, you will pass there, but not here. He smiles.

Diwakar talks to Poonam about Dhruv. Poonam praises Dhruv. Diwakar says it means something is happening. He calls Dhruv and says don’t end call, I need to talk something imp, can we talk.

Shraddha looks for Thapki and is helping Dhruv. Suman and Preeti catch her, and ask what was she doing. Shraddha says I was not spying. A fly comes and sits on Shraddha’s face. Suman pats her face to make fly away.

They see Shraddha’s Bluetooth. Suman and Preeti confront her for using Bluetooth, what is she doing. Shraddha says yes, I use Bluetooth so that phone’s rays do not enter my mind, now please excuse me. She goes. They feel Shraddha is hiding something. Thapki catches Dhruv near old room, and asks how did he come here when he said he changed, did he do anything against her and Thapki. He says no. She says I will go there and see. He asks her to understand, I need time to forget my pain, I made all memories away, I came here to sit and cry, to flow out my pain, trust me, you can see room if you want, I m going to say truth to Bihaan, as its imp for me. Thapki says you will say truth now itself. She asks him to confess all his crimes by writing everything in a letter, is he ready to do so. Dhruv worries.

Dhruv saying I can do anything to win your trust. She asks him to write everything what we did. Dhruv writes that he tried to break Thapki and Bihaan’s marriage by wrong ways, and wants to apologize to them. She asks him to sign. He signs on it and gives it. She ties that letter to her dupatta. She says now this will always be with you, I will not give you chance to plan anything against me and Bihaan, one wrong move will get this truth out. She leaves. Dhruv smiles and says I have laid such a trap for you, from where no paper can save you and your Bihaan, I m waiting for evening, your relation with Bihaan will break.

Vasundara thinks to tell everyone about the puja. Suman and Preeti go to her and say secret about Shraddha planning something. Vasundara says Shraddha
knows her one wrong step can make her leave from the house, and sends them. She says I have to keep an eye on Shraddha. Thapki does the rasam by keeping pots on her head. Suman says you are first bahu to fulfill this rasam without making pots fall. Vasundara asks for Shraddha. Dadi asks Vasundara to complete rasam. She blesses Thapki. Thapki takes everyone’s blessings. Suman says where did Bihaan and Dhruv go together, and calls them. Thapki thinks where did Bihaan go, and goes to room. She sees a letter there. She reads Bihaan’s life is in danger, come to ground to save his life. Thapki rushes.

Dhruv and Bihaan hold the ropes and stand under the poles. Bihaan says my heart is not agreeing to do this with Thapki. Dhruv says you can’t backoff now, when Thapki comes, pull the rope and move back, don’t stand there, I did arrangements to call Thapki. Bihaan feels sorry to do this and wishes Thapki does not break his trust. Dhruv smiles and thinks I did arrangements for her coming here and saving me. FB shows Shraddha asking Dhruv why did he call her here, whats this. Dhruv shows her the big pot. She says such a huge pot. He says yes, I m doing big work to get Thapki, I need your help. She says you will put someone in this pot, but whom, Thapki or Bihaan. He says right, I will put you. She gets shocked. He uses chloroform and makes her faint. He puts Shraddha inside the pot and fills water in it. FB ends.

Thapki rushes to the place to find Bihaan. She gets a call. Dhruv asks her will she not come to save Bihaan. She says I knew you will do this, you won’t change. He says I don’t want to change, I always want to be your Dhruv. She asks him where is Bihaan. He asks her to work hard to find Bihaan. Dhruv says Bihaan and I planned to test you, when you come here, Bihaan and I are standing infront of two poles, which are half cut, when you come here, the poles will fall on us, we won’t get hurt, but you have to save me. She asks him to stop dreaming, I will save Bihaan. He says I have sent a video, please check. Thapki gets shocked seeing Shraddha’s life in danger.

She scolds Dhruv for hurting his wife and asks how low will you fall. He says you have to decide whether you will save Bihaan and your relation, or me and Shraddha, once you save me, my man will shut the tap, else Shraddha will die. He ends the call. Thapki runs to that point, and see Bihaan and Dhruv standing under the pole. Bihaan sees her and Dhruv signs Bihaan to pull the rope. Thapki recalls Dhruv’s words and Shraddha’s state. They both pull the rope, and the poles fall on them. Thapki runs to them and pushes Dhruv. She falls over Dhruv. Bihaan gets shocked and leaves from there. Dhruv messages his man to stop the tap and smiles.

Dhruv says Bihaan has gone from here and your life. Thapki cries and says this won’t happen. He says this was last part of my acting, I have wounded Bihaan’s heart a lot, his heart is broken, and your relation too. She says Bihaan is not like you, he trusts our love, he will answer you. Dhruv says Bihaan will answer you, go and find Bihaan who will never become yours.

She gets shocked and runs shouting Bihaan. Dhruv says now no one can stop us from uniting, you will always be mine Thapki. He smiles. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.