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A Touch of Love on glow tv, Friday 17th February 2023 update

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TV series

A Touch of Love on glow tv Friday 17th February 2023 update, Thapki tells Bani even if she forgives her, what about others in the family. Thapki says she can’t forgive Bani because it would otherwise be unjust to Tina, Munna and Samar. Bani was ready to tell the truth to everyone. Thapki forbids her to do so, one of her truth would make many relations as fake. A daughter, a sister and a granddaughter will be proven wrong.

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She is a mother and can bear anything over him. Aryan heard this. Thapki says when children’s are wrong it’s the parents’ mistake; Bani forbids her say this. Thapki asks Bani not to tell anything to anyone, may be this is the punishment of them both. She forwards her hands, Bani places her joint hands over hers.
Vasundra comes there and asks what’s happening here. Panday ji and Suman also stood there. Vasundra asks Thapki if
she is crying in front of Bani to plan and stay in this house. She says Thapki must leave surely. Thapki looks towards Bani, then silently turns to leave. Suman cries but Vasundra stops her and silently watch Thapki leave. Bani announces at once that Thapki won’t go anywhere. Thapki comes to her at once. Vasundra asks if Thapki’s tears have melted her as well. Bani says she can never forget what she has done, she can’t let Thapki go away from here and let her life easy. She has to witness a lot now. She must remain in front of their eyes to realize every moment about who is right and who is wrong. She pushes her suitcase away. Vasundra agrees to Bani, such a mother must witness her daughters die every day.
In the room, Aryan was packing his bags. Thapki comes there. He says he has done what he came from. Thapki tells Aryan that he has a heart and a very nice man, thanks for whatever he has done. Aryan replies Ghajab!, this is what Bihaan would have said. He tells her to consider Bihaan did this. Thapki takes out a Hand Catapult and gifts it to him, it was the dearest to Bihaan. Aryan assures to keep it with him always. He turns to leave but his bag got stuck with the bed post. Aryan wonders why his heart stops him from going away.
Downstairs in the lawn, Bani stops Aryan and asks if he himself began walking the wrong path now. She throws his bag away saying he can’t leave this place now. Aryan says Bani has no right to stop him, there is no relation between them. Bani insists they are father-daughter; only a father can do what he has done. Today, she herself wants to request him not to leave her. If he leaves toady, everyone would know he is Aryan Khanna. Everyone would hate Thapki even more than. She boasts of being very stubborn. Aryan smiles saying there is no question of going now. He looks upstairs to see Thapki watching them. Aryan wonders why he is happy to stay here and live with Thapki. Thapki says she is very happy today, atleast her Bani got her father.
There, Tina was cleaning. Kosi ruins the floor Tina was cleaning. She questions what she has done. Kosi tells her this is Kosi’s house, she must not argue with her here. Tina says this is her and Munna’s house as well, she isn’t used to work and won’t do the cleaning again. Kosi says after all Tina is Thapki’s daughter, she would argue like her mother. Tina replies she must not call her as Thapki’s daughter anymore and silently cleans the filth Kosi continue spreading over the floor. Aryan comes to meet Tian. Tina goes and hugs him tightly. Kosi was shocked to see him. Tina tells Aryan she was crying because she was missing her home and everyone. Aryan says he came to take her back, Bani sent him. Her family is there, she must return for the sake of them all. Tina thinks that living at this place is even difficult and agrees to come with Aryan. Munna comes there and asks Aryan if he would ask him to come along as well. Aryan insists it’s because of Tina, what if something happens to her? Munna agrees to go with Aryan for sake of Tina only.
Aryan comes to Kosi and asks her to come as well. She was elated, Aryan clears it’s not Panday Nivas but jail where she is going. He shows Kosi her arrest warrant; Kosi was afraid at once. Aryan keeps the warrant in his pocket and warns Kosi to stay away from Thapki’s family.

Tina arrives at home and hugs Vasundra. Tina tells Vasundra that her father brought her, she won’t leave anywhere now. Aryan says Bani called her. Bani and Samar come there, Bani hugs Tina. Tina thanks Bani for sending Papa there, she says she won’t speak to Thapki after what she did to them all. Samar’s mother comes there and laughs that both daughters are home after wedding, it seems they aren’t married. She notices Bani wasn’t wearing mangal sooter or sindoor. Vasundra tells Dolly they didn’t get time to think about whatever happened, she asks Bani to go and respect the fate of their relations. She tells Bani to go and take sindoor from the temple. Bani nods. Tina was hurt as she watches this all. Dolly stops Bani and sends Samar to fill her hairline. Tina’s eyes were filled with
tears. Bani forbids Samar through the corner of her eyes and was alert for Tina’s presence, Samar fills her hairline.
At night, Samar was making his bed on the couch. Bani sat there lost in her thoughts. Samar apologizes for whatever happened downstairs, today she proved him wrong. He always considered her as stubborn and hot headed but she called Tina back and showed she has a soft heart. Bani takes some papers from the drawers and hands them to Samar. She says these are legal papers to end this fraud wedding, she legally wants to end this wedding. Samar asks why she didn’t discuss it with him. Bani says Samar must be happy instead, as they both didn’t will for this marriage. Samar agrees to her. Bani says a lawyer will call them and has promised to get them divorced as soon as possible, she forbids him to share this with anyone at home. She thinks its because of her that Samar was separated from Tina, she will connect them now. Samar wonders why he is being upset thinking that Bani has to part from her.
Tina lay on her bed and was thankful to return her home. She was excited to live alone here. Munna comes to the room. Tina asks what happened, if he wants something. Munna says no..?? Tina asks why he came here? Munna says he came to sleep here, they are now married else everyone would create an issue out of it. He assures he would sleep on the couch and bolts the door. He tells Tina not to worry at all, he lived in slums but is a gentleman.
It was midnight, Thapki wakes up as someone enters the room. Aryan stuffs her mouth. Bani brings a cupcake, lights a candle and wish Thapki a Happy Birthday. The candle flame was about to burn out, both Thapki and Aryan save it. Bani asks Thapki to blow out the candle after wish. Thapki says her biggest wish is that her children always stay happy. Bani tells Thapki she never forgets Thapki;s birthday. She gives the credit of this all to Aryan. Aryan and Bani promise Thapki to celebrate her birthday tomorrow.
Tina was restlessly eating icecream. Vasundra was knitting and asks Tina why she is worried. Tina says when Vasundra is worried, she knits. Both speak together about Thapki’s birthday. Tina says she will never wish Thapki for what she has done to her life. Vasundra shares with Tina that her heart doesn’t accept Thapki could take such an act, she has always been a well-wisher of the family. Tina wasn’t ready to forgive Thapki and takes Vasundra’s promise not to wish Thapki. The next morning, Tina and Vasundra watch Thapki do the Pooja in the morning. She comes to Vasundra and says she always prayed on the day of her Pooja, she did it today. She offers Vasundra the Prasad, Vasundra forwards her hand. Thapki comes to Tina but she backs up saying the poison Thapki gave her can never be removed from any Prasad. She says no one would celebrate her birthday here. They hear drum beating and turns to see Munna enter with the drum band. Vasundra calls them to stop, Munna says its Thapki’s birthday. He comes towards Thapki and wish Thapki. Thapki thanks Munna. Tina asks how Munna came to know about her birthday, Munna says he heard it when Tina was talking to Vasundra. Bani and Aryan watch from upstairs, Tina takes the drum off Munna’s neck and throws it down. She announces no one would even wish Thapki today, for Thapki has ruined their lives. Munna thinks when Tina would realize that Thapki is innocent how would she forgive herself?

Vasundra announces her favors with Tina. Bani was determined to turn Thapki’s tears to smiles, she was determined to celebrate Thapki’s birthday with the family. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.