Tumhari Pakhi on atinka tv, Wednesday 13th October 2021 update

Pakhi says to Veer that Jiji wants to kill you as you are owner of whole property only if you get married before 38 years old and you are married, Jiji doesn’t want that you get whole property that’s why she is trying to kill you, I have collected proofs against her, I know you love her a lot, you cant think that she cant do that but she is the culprit, that is why she gave you time till your birthday to decide about our relation, she either wants that you break this marriage else she will kill you, Veer says jiji is like my mother.

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we have relation that she will break, even if God tells me that jiji want something bad for me then I will stop trusting God, I can drink poison from her hand, Pakhi says I have proofs.

Veer says I can say that all is happening because of you, you find diamond in my kheer, you found electric switch on when I was working on current, you are behind everything, the time I have confessed that I love you, you have made my life hell, you could have said no to my proposal but you are insulting me, and now you are behind my family, Pakhi says you are taking it wrong way, your life is in danger, Veer says you got nothing so you started doubting everyone, jiji is trying to make us one but you are doubting her intention, Lavanya notices Veer pushing Pakhi on bed, Veer leaves from there, Lavanya comes to Pakhi and says that lets leave from here, you are not respected here, lets leave, Pakhi says no I cant leave Veer now, Lavanya says you wanted to be freed from this relation and now what happened? Pakhi says I cannot tell you what is happeng her but I cant leave veer now.

Lavanya says you cant or you don’t want to? have you developed soft corner for him, Pakhi says its nothing like that, its about my duty and I have to fulfill it, Lavanya says duty is fulfilled for those who are you own, you have no relation with him, Pakhi says I have, I have relation with Veer and u have to fulfill duties relating it, Lavanya says my brother went away and now my bhabhi is going away from me too, you proved that bhabhi remains bhabhi till brother is alive, be happy with your new relation but my every relation with this house is broken now, she leaves from there. Riya comes there and ask the matter, she says we are friends, you can tell me whats the problem.

Pakhi tells her everything and how someone is trying to kill Veer, Riya says who is doing all this, Pakhi says after getting all proofs, the doubt is on Jiji, I talked to Veer but he doesn’t trust me as he love jiji a lot, he thinks I am doing all this to break this relation, it doesn’t matter what veer thinks about me but I have to save his life, Riya says I am with you Pakhi now, to make Papa and me unite, you risked Ayan too so I trust you and I will help you, now lets go on terrace.

Riya and Pakhi are going when they listen Nandini talking on phone and saying I miss you a lot, I want to live with you but you know jiji, she will bring storm if she gets to know about us.

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jiji says that she take time to get ready, Veer says its her age to get dressed, Veer says I am thinking to make Nandini marry again, jiji is shocked and says this cant happen., you know what you are saying, Veer says I know, you understand that she is facing disloyalty of other person, Jiji says she is married, Veer says that the relation which is dead in our lives, why should Nandini live that? Nandini comes there, Veer says to nandini that I got to know that you are in love with guy and his name is Kanwal, nandini says no its not true, Veer says I knew that you will say that so I have called the guy here only, Nandini is shocked, Kanwal comes there, Veer says he is businessman.

Charu is shocked seeing Kanwal and says this cant happen, Pakhi ask why? Charu says I think Jiji will have problem, Veer says whats the problem if they both want to love together, there should be no problem with their marriage, Nandini says no this is not right, Kanwal says yeah, I am okay if I don’t marry nandini, Veer says why not, she will marry you, Veer says to Jiji that you should think about Nandini, how will she live her whole life alone, she has chose a guy for herself and you should be happy for that, Nandini is tensed.

Veer ask jiji to say yes for nandini’s re-marriage, she is alone in this world, Jiji says if Nandini likes this guy then I accept this marriage, all are shocked. Veer says I knew you will accept it, Pakhi thinks how can jiji accept this proposal, she is so conservative, is this her new trick? she wants to be in good books of veer so that she can get the property but I wont let this happen, Pakhi says if everything is fine then we should do Roka today, Jiji says today? Pakhi says you are conservative but you accepted this marriage, we should not delay it, Jiji says we will do it after birthday, Nandini says yes, Pakhi says no, Veer will take it as his birthday gift, we will do Roka today only, Veer says we should not make nandini wait more, Jiji says as you wish, Jiji, Nandini, Kanwal and Charu are tensed. Pakhi thinks that jiji seemed worried. Veer ask Kanwal about his family? Nandini says he has no parents, they are dead.

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Kanwal says yes I am orphan, Veer says no we all are with you, PRECCharu says to Veer that we don’t know anything about Kanwal, Veer says Nandini have chose him so he must be a good guy, Pakhi ask Kanwal where do he live? Nandini gets tensed. AP, Kanwal is tensed and tells address of hi house. he leaves from there, Pakhi says congrats to Nandini. Charu seems most worried.

PREJiji is giving money to Kanwal in backyard, Pakhi comes there and ask jiji this money? jiji and Kanwal gets tensed.CAP, Jiji says this money is for engagement ring, we don’t have time so I requested Kanwal to buy ring himself, Pakhi says I wanted to talk about ring too, Jiji ask Kanwal to leave, he leaves, Pakhi thinks.

Lavanya is sadly sitting, Girish comes there, she says we should shift to dehli’s house, Girish ask the matter, Lavanya tells him everything that how Veer pushed her and even then Pakhi was taking Veer’s side, Lavanya says she not anshuman’s pakhi but Veer’s Pakhi, Girish says she is trying to complete her life, Lavanya says I wanna go from there, we should shift to delhi, she hugs Girish and cries and says we will leave from here soon.

jiji ask Kumu where is she going? Kumu says today is last day for project submission in college so I am going, Jiji says there are lot of work in house, today is engagement so you should stay here, Nandini comes and says jiji is right, nothing will happen by taking off for one day, Nandini says your friend will submit your project.

Pakhi is busy in decoration of house, Nandini comes there and says all are worried because of me, Pakhi says no nothing like that, Nandini says I am talking about Kumu, she had to go to college today but jiji didn’t allow her, it was last day today for her project, she was worried so I thought to help her, Nandini says I have her friend’s number, you call him here, he will take her project from house and will submit it, can you call him? Pakhi says sure, Nandini gives Nikki chadda’s number, Pakhi calls him and says I am kumu’s relative, she cant come to college so can you collect it from her house? nikki ask the address, Pakhi tells him and says thanks, she ends call and says to Nandini that its done, Nandini thinks now it will be fun to see jiji’s drama.

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Nikki chadda comes to house, Pakhi meets him and ask servant to take him to Kumu’s room, Nikki goes to kumu’s room.

Nandini comes to Jiji and says that Kumu is confused in gifts, go and help her, Jiji goes to Kumu’s room.

Nikki comes to Kumu’s room, she is shocked and says you here? Nikki says I have come to take project, Nikki ask why are you worried, someone called me to take your project, Kumu ask Nikki to go from here just then Jiji comes there and finds Nikki with Kumu in her room, she angrily looks at Kumu. jiji ask who is this guy? Nikki says I am her class mate, Kumu ask him to go.

Nikki says this is not cool, he leaves from there. Jiji says kumu you said that there are only girls in your class, Kumu says actually I lied to you, my college is co-ad, Jiji says I gave you life, I gave you respect and made you study and what you did? now you wont live with me, you will go back to jodhpur, Kumu says I was about to tell you, jiji says you were roaming around with girls, Jiji starts packing her bags, Pakhi and Riay comes and ask what Kumu did? Jiji says she lied that she study in girls college but today a guy came to his room, she is shameless.

Riya says kumu doesn’t know anything, I did her admission in co-ad, jiji says you are spoiling her, you will tell her how to live? you don’t even have to sense to wear clothes, sense to talk, how dare you make her admission In co-ad, Pakhi says whats the problem if guy and girl study together, Kumu will lose her confidence if you keep her in such control, human is judged from his nature not from clothes, she has your guidance, Jiji says you don’t talk about traditions, the women who cant respect her husband, she should not talk, Jiji ask to not come in between us.

Veer comes there and ask the matter, Riya says jiji is scolding kumu as she study in co-ad college and when Pakhi took Kumu’s side then she insulted Pakhi too, Jiji says you don’t say all this, my borhter know that whatever I do is right, Veer says this time jiji you are wrong, Jiji is shocked and says veer. Keep visiting for fastest updates.


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