Tumhari Pakhi on atinka tv, Tuesday 12th October 2021 update

Lawyer tells pakhi that whats the matter, pakhi says i wanna know about AB-389, lawyer says i am sorry i cant help you in this case, Pakhi thinks that i am right AB means Ajay bhadari, Pakhi says i want to know about this as it is dangerous for veer’s life, lawyer says ok but i will first call Veer.

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Pakhi says if you call veer then he will openly say about this number in house and the culprit will be alert then it wil be dangerous for veer, if you want then i can sign on stamp papers that if anything happens regarding this number then i will be faulty in this, Lawyer says Ab-389 is will, according to this will if veer doesnt marry till he gets 38old then his property which is around 900crore will go to his family and if he gets married before that then this property will go to veer only, Pakhi thinks that this birthday is important, someone is trying to kill veer before this birthday so that property goes to her, i have to find who is culprit charu, nandini or jiji before November 15th.

Pakhi in her house, she thinks that i have problems with veer but his life is important for me and i have to be close to veer till this matter gets solved, i have tp protect veer on humanity basis.

Riya says to veer that i am in dramatics team in my school, please give me character if you have any idea, veer says ok i will find it for you, Ayan says i have salad competition in my school, Veer says i will make you learn, Ayan says you can solve anything, Veer says yes i can solve mysteries too, Pakhi gets alert, she says to riya that in tv serial they are showing that someone is trying to kill one man and is trying to make it look like suicide attempt so how to find who is murderer, veer says if he is making it suicide attempt then he will use gun of owner, so you can use cctv camers or put tracker on gun to find the culprit, pakhi thinks that thanks sherlock homes, now i will put tracker on your gun, i am sure culprti will try to get that gun, veer drinks the milk which has some medicine mixed in it again.

veer is going office, Pakhi says you forgot your files, veer says i dont know why i am forgetting things, he leaves. Pakhi says to servant that veer is forgetting things so i am thinking that we should put pistol in bank as anything can happen, she ask servant to not tell anyone about this, servant agrees, she leaves, servant says how can i keep this secret in my tummy, Pakhi is seeing her and thinks that now this servant will tell this thing to the people which i want.

servant comes to nandini and says i have one secret with me but i promised someone to tell it, Nandini says i will not tell anyone, tell me, servant tells her about Pakhi putting gun in bank. Pakhi sees it.

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Servant then comes to jiji and Charu and says i dont know anything, Pakhi didnt tell me anything, jiji ask what? servant tells her everything too, Pakhi sees it, Pakhi comes there and says i am going to Ayan’s school, she says to servant in ear that then i will go to bank, dont tell anyone.

Riya comes to kumu and says you are s*xy, why dont you wear short skirts, kumu says jiji will send me back, riya gives one guy’s number to kumu and says that if i am not available anytime then you can contact me through this niki chadda, they note down the number and leaves the paper there, nandini comes there and says oh they are doing this, one guy in kumu’s life, i will tell jiji about this and will see the drama.

Pakhi has put tracker on gun, the tracker shows deflection pakhi’s mobile, pakhi goes to catch the culprit who is taking gun away, Pakhi comes in her room and finds someone hding in balcony, and holding gun, pakhi drags her out and sees its charu with veer’s gun in her hand, pakhi ask what are you doing here with this gun, tell me trurth, charu says no actually doctor has said that i have claptomenia illness, i take things like that, i rob things, Pakhi says dont do this drama, she drags Charu from there.

Veer comes in house, charu hugs him, Veer ask what happened, Pakhi says veer charu was hiding your pistol, i cuaght her red handed, she created drama that she is ill, Veer says i know she is ill, he sends Charu from there, veer says we know charu have this problem and we dont discuss it, its her mental condition, she is not doing deliberately.

Pakhi says this time she hide the gun deliberately, i created situation in which she did that deliberately, veer says its her illness, doctor has asked us to not discuss infront of her, we are helping her, Pakhi says but why only gun? veer says listen to me, you did a lot with me, you are torturing me, isnt that enough, please dont spy my family, dont insult them, please, Ayan comes there and takes veer from there, Pakhi thinks that if charu have this illness then its waste to doubt her, then who is culprit.

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Pakhi is in Nandini’s room, she finds messages in nandini’s phone and says i should not check phone like this but doubt can go on anyone, she checks the phone and finds messages of one guy who has called nandini as some place, Pakhi says who can be this guy.

in some isolated place, nandini is meeting with one guy, Pakhi comes there and says who is this guy? why are you meeting him, what is your connection with him? you meet him everyday and lie to us, whats the truth, Nandini says you wanna know truth, there is no place for women whose husband has abandoned her in this society but i want to live, i want that somebody loves me thats why i tried to find love in this guy.

kanwal, i dont know whats wrong or right but you know truth now, nandini says to Kanwal i am sorry, you had to face all this because of me, leave from here, he leaves, Nandini says to Pakhi that what could i have done, i used to wear pallu on my head for 24*7, i was tired of this life but jiji used to tie me in house, i used to go to market where i met Kanwal, he is businessmen, we started loving each other but jiji will not understand this, Pakhi says i am sorry, i didnt know about this, you have right to live, i will talk to jiji, Nandini says no dont do that, i have found happiness after much time, i cant let it go, Pakhi says dont worry, i am with you in whatever you do.

in night, Veer drinks the milk, Pakhi thinks that days are passing by and i couldnt find any solid proof, someone is making Veer dizzy whole day but i have no proofs, veer is in room, mysterious man comes to strangle veer but milk glass falls from table, he runs from there, Pakhi ask who is there, she comes in room and finds glass broken on ground and veer sleeping.

she starts picking glass piecfes and finds medicine in it, she is shocked and looks at Veer. she check the tablet and preserve it in one box, she thinks that veer is given medicines in milk thats why he didnt get up when glass broke, she calls Veer but he is in deep sleep, Pakhi thinks to test the medicine.
In morning, Pakhi ask doctor about the medicine, Doctor says it is given to people whole are not mentally stable, it is anti-depressant and addictive in it, this is ban in our country, how you got it, Pakhi ask about its side affects, doctor says person will lose his memory and cannot remember, Pakhi thinks that how can anyone stoop so low for property.
Kumu has fever, Jiji is with her, Pakhi comes with food and says i have made according to you jiji, jiji says make kumu eat it, she leaves.

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Jiji comes to veer with milk, she says i am hurt to see you like this veer, your relation is not going anywhere, your birthday is coming, if nothing happens with this relation then your birthday will be last day of this relation, she suspiciously looks at veer.

Kumu goes to wash her face, Pakhi takes the blanket and finds medicine bottle there, she see the medicine and says its same like which was in veer’s glass, it is anti-depressent, this means jiji is doing all this but i have to first confirm it, maybe jiji takes these medicines but its banned, Kumu comes there, Pakhi sits with her and says you work alot and do all things fro jiji, Kumu says jiji also take care of me, jiji is very soft from inside, i dont feel like orphan with her, Pakhi says you are always with jiji, you must know to which hospital jiji goes for her health.

Kumu says jiji never had to go to hospital, she is absolutely fine, she never went to hospital, Pakhi thinks then why these medicines are with jiji, it means its for Veer, jiji is trying to kill him, i have to tell Veer, Pakhi leaves from there.

Jiji says to Veer that you are bearing all the pressure, accept what God has given you, accept what God decides on your birthday, drink the milk, she leaves. Pakhi comes in room adn finds Veer drinking th milk, she shouts one minute, dont drink this milk, Veer ask what? Pakhi says Jiji is trying to kill you, she mixes anti-depressant in your milk so that she will kill you and it will look like suicide.

Veer ask are you in senses, Pakhi says cant you see that you forget things these days, you are dizzy these days, she says i found these medicines in her room too, Pakhi says i was said that you tried to do suicide when Keerti left you, your kheer had diamond in it to kill you, you know why she wants to kill you? your father has given his whole property to you but you can get it if you marry before your 38th burthday otherwise property wil go to your family, thats why she want to kill you. Keep visiting for fastest updates.

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