Tumhari Pakhi on atinka tv, Monday 18th October 2021 update

Jiji comes there and shoots Nandini to save Veer, it just moves by her side and doesn’t hit, all are shocked, she ask Nandini for whom you are killing Veer, you husband? he is leaving india with his love, she says I have proof that he is leaving india, you are blind for him, the brother who was not for us, will he be loyal to you? Nandini says you always taunted em that because of you, he left me, Jiji says I was hurt to see you alone that’s why I used to take out frustration on you, jiji ask Veer to call police, Veer says why to Punish Nandini, she was provoked by brother, forgive her, Nandini says jiji, Veer.

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Pakhi please forgive me, she folds her hand, Pakhi makes her get up and says to Jiji that forgive Nandini, when a women come in in-laws, she only trust her husband but he break her trust then women would be broken only, and one day husband return and pleads the women to forgive him so women get weak and forgive, its not Nandini’s fault, forgive her, jiji comes forward and hugs Nandini forgiving her, Jiji comes to Pakhi and says that today you saved Veer’s life by risking your life, do you love Veer? you can deny but you care for him, I got my daughter in law today, I just want to ask you that accept Veer on his birthday, Veer says Nandini has got wounds, we should go home, Pakhi gets Ayan’s call and he tell her about lavanya leaving city.

Lavanya says to Girish that its too late, we should leave from here. dealers comes there and gives him money, dealer ask for property papers, girish goes to get it, dealer’s wife as Lavanya to show her house around, Lavanya leaves with her, the other dealer change the bag of money, Girish sees this and ask what you did?

Girish opens new bag and says this is fake money, Whats all this, Lavanya comes there too, Girish says they are fake people, I will call police, dealer points gun at girish , they tie Girish and Lavanya around chair, dealer ask Girish to sign on property papers, girish starts fighting with dealer so his wife puts gun at Lavany’s forehead, she ask girish to sign property papers, Pakhi and Veer comes there and sees all this, they hide seeing dealer, dealers says to Girish that its our work to do this, we snatch properties like this only.

Pakhi ask Veer to call police, police comes there and arrest dealers, they leave. Veer ask Lavanya what you were doing, leaving city without telling us, you didn’t even think about Pakhi, Lavanya says actually.. Veer says you are angry with me and Jiji, but why with Pakhi? Lavanya says I have decided to leave for Pakhi only, she has new life, new family but my brother and bhabi are gone, so its good if I leave from here, Veer says I didn’t come here to take Anshuman’s life, neither can I, I just goodness of family, nobody can separate Pakhi from anshuma, not even me.

Veer says to lavanya that I domt have right on you but I can suggest you that don’t go away from Pakhi, you both need each other, Lavanya hugs veer and says I am sorry, I thought so much wrong about you, Veer wipes her tears and says leave what happened, I love pakhi and its my problem and Pakhi love anshuman because he is her life, Pakhi is Anshuman Rathore and nobody can change that fact, Lavanya is shocked listening this, Pakhi comes to Lavanya and console her.

its night, Veer is standing on terrace, pakhi comes there, Veer says so much happened in such short span of time, Veer gives gift to Pakhi, it is heart shaped pendent, Pakhi opens it and finds her, Riya and Ayan’s picture, she thanks Veer, Veer says I hope you don’t mind me giving it, Pakhi says no I love gifts and says I have brought a gift for you too, she gives him mouth organ as gift, Veer accepts it, and plays it, he says its perfect.

Pakhi ask can you play it for a while? Veer plays brilliantly and looks at Pakhi, he stops playing, they feel awkward, Pakhi says to veer that you also think that I should move on and accept my new life? Veer just looks at her and leaves without saying anything, Pakhi looks on.

Pakhi ask Riya and Ayan what you guys are doing in night, Ayan says we are planning for Veer’s birthday, we have planned fro game too which is finding gifts, Riay says veer doesn’t like lavish parties so we have arranged a get together for him, Pakhi says I am partner too so what I have to do, Ayan says tell me did you buy gift for Veer? Pakhi says no, Ayan says he will wait for your gift only, Riya says pakhi always do special and she must have planned something special for Veer, Pakhi thinks.

Lavanya says to Girish that I was upset with Anshman’s departure, but now I understood that we have to move on, Lavanya hugs girish, Girish ask what will you gift Veer on his birthday? Lavanya says I have thought and will give most precious gift to Veer.

jiji says to Veer that Pakhi saved your life, she loves you, Wife shows love by showing concern for husband, she respect, now I think that Pakhi is ready to move on, earlier when she got to know about your love, she was in shock, it was sudden for her so she reacted badly but now she will respond to you if you confess your love, so get ready to confess your love, she ask Veer to go and tell her, Veer leaves, Jiji smiles.

Pakhi is sitting in her room, Veer comes there looks at Pakhi and thinks that I have got you but you are not with me, I want to give you moon and sky but you are like my dream, I have come far by looking in your eyes and now I think that I will get respond, your concern was enough for me, you were ready to give up your life for me, with time you will start loving me, don’t confess love but atleast say once again that you are concerned for me, I want to confess my love again and now with hope, veer moves forward towards Pakhi, Pakhi right Anshuman andamp; Pakhi on table, veer is shocked seeing it and leaves from there.

Riya, Ayan and kumu comes to Veer and wishes him birthday, they find a paper in his hand, Riya ask is it love letter for Pakhi, they leave from there. Veer opens the paper and looks at it smiling.

its morning, Veer comes in hall, rose petals are showered on him, Riya and Ayan comes and hugs him, then all family members come and wishes him, Jiji, Nandini, Kumu Riya and all gifts him, Ayan ask Pakhi where is your gift? Pakhi says I thought to gift after cake cutting. Girish and Lavanya comes there and wishes Veer.

Veer cuts cake and is about to make Ayan eat, riay says first comes beloved wife so make Pakhi eat first, he extends to Pakhi, Pakhi says you are wrong for parents kids are first priority so you eat first, veer makes Riya and Ayan eat cake. all go to prepare for snacks, Lavanya says to Pakhi that all are happy like before, we make assumptions about people, I used to hate Veer and Jiji, I cursed God that he took my brother Anshuman from me but couldn’t see that he returned my brother to me in form of Veer and gave you husband in Veer’s form, Pakhi gets awkward and leaves from there.

on terrace, Girish comes there and ask why you here? PAkhi says I was alone with myself here, as everything is fine now? Girish ask really everything is fine?Pakhi says I know you are talking about Veer and Me, Lavany on other side talks to Veer.

Pakhi says to Girsh that Veer is a nice person, Veer was there on every step for our life. Veer says to Lavanya that Pakhi have taken care of my family too, she has handled Nandini’s situation too. Girish says lavanya likes Veer too but you don’t? Pakhi says I always pray for his happiness.

Girish says you are his happiness.Veer says to Lavanya that Pakhi’s happiness is with anshuman, Lavanya says to Veer that anshuman is no more. Pakhi says nothing go away from us, love cannot fade away, anshuman’s love is always around me, I feel it, I feel him around me, I feel he is looking at me, I am only of Anshuman. Riya comes there and ask Pakhi to come down. Lavanya ask Veer don’t you love Pakhi? Veer says getting love is not everything, Ayan takes Veer inside.

Riya and Ayan brings Pakhi and Veer in room, Riya ask Pakhi to gift Veer, Pakhi gives gift to Veer, Ayan ask Veer to give return gift to Pakhi, Riya says we will not see, we are closing our eyes, give gift, Veer says to Pakhi that your return gift is in drawer, don’t open it infront of kids. he leaves, Pakhi thinks that I have to talk to Veer, he wants that I give permission to this relation but this cant happen, she leaves.

Riya says to Ayan that Pakhi didn’t take the return gift, we will give it to Veer, Ayan ask what is in gift, Riya says lets see, they take out letter from drawer.
Pakhi comes to Veer and says I said ill words about you when you confessed your love, I shouldn’t have done that but I was shocked, I have never thought about anyone else than Anshuman, its not your fault, you have right to love but the one you are loving has given her heart to someone else, forgive me, you are a nice person but I cant give anything to this relation, Veer says one minute.

Ayan comes there and says Veer you are bad, he starts hitting Veer, Pakhi stops him, Ayan says to Pakhi that Veer is bad, he wants to divorce you. Keep visiting for fastest updates.


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