Top Dolla Reveals That Something Disrespectful Was Said About Him Over WWE Headsets During A SmackDown Broadcast

Pro-wrestling star A.J. Francis, formerly known as Hit Row’s Top Dolla in WWE, recently appeared on Busted Open Radio to discuss his release from the company and what he expects from his future. In the interview Francis revealed that something inappropriate was said about him over WWE headsets during an episode of SmackDown, admitting he didn’t hear it himself but that several producers apologized to him immediately afterwards. Check out the story below.

Reveals that something inappropriate was said about him over headsets, but he personally did not hear it:

When we were on SmackDown, we did the segment with Sami (Zayn). We were rehearsing the segment. The audio was really loud in the arena. I politely asked, ‘Do you think we can turn down the audio in the arena a little bit just so that the people in the arena, because they were playing music, so that the people in the arena could hear what we were saying and we could get a reaction from it.’ I don’t know what was said, but something was said about me over the headset that was so disrespectful, that three different producers who heard it on the headset came up to me and apologized to me afterwards, even though I didn’t even hear what was said.

What would have happened if he had responded:

Clearly something was said that was very wild and disrespectful because they felt the need to apologize to me for something I didn’t even know. If I would have heard it and said anything back, then I’m disgruntled, and I’m aggressive, and I’m the angry black man. It’s unfortunate the way that things shape out.

(H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)

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