To die for love on joy prime, Tuesday 12th October 2021 update

To die for love on joy prime, Tuesday 12th October 2021 update

Pankti says thank you Reyansh. He says coming. He comes to washroom and checks his mask. He takes it off. Its JD. He says this is my real face. He says I am such a good planner. He says I can do anything for you Pankit. You have to be mine.

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Your life and death is in my hands. I planned all this to have you. He says I knew Reyansh will help me at any cost. I used his face everywhere. He says I used this mask. He recalls scaring Pankti. He says I wanted to be with you forever Pankti. You can’t go away from me. He takes out his mask. He says I forgave so many mistakes you did but I can’t forgive Ahan. He can’t be saved. I put bombarding material in jacket but he threw it away in performance nad it fell on pankti so I had to save her.

He wears his mask.

Reyansh Ahan and Pankti are at london eye. Ahan says you showed us true colors of London thanks a lot. He gives him a paper. He says I am coming to India with you. Ahan says that’ such a good news. He says I will live there for two months. Pankti says that’s great. He says the journey has only started. Lets go. They land in India.

Reyansh says I will get a hotel. Ahan says no you will live with us. Pankti says you have done so much for us. He says okay. They come home.

Aparna hugs Ahan and Pankti and says thank God you two are home. She says I missed you two. Reyansh comes in. Ahan introduces him to family. Vikram looks at him and finds something weird. Ahan tells everything to Aparma. JD looks around and recalls what happened.

Virat says why did you kill Maharaj? She says I didn’t kill anyone. Virat says we should lock her in the room. Deep saays stop. Arohi did all this. she wants to get Tara in trouble. Roma says Tara you have to be careful.

Aparma says you two should get married now. Manav says lets call pandit ji tomorrow and fix the date. Reyansh breaks a vase. Everyone is dazed. It cuts his hand. Pankti says are you okay? She holds his hand. he says I am fine.

Tara darts at Arohi’s face. she says why is Arohi not arrested? They think she is Tara nd they saved her. But I have so many ways.

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Deep reads the letter and says you wrote it and wanted to tell everyone that you weren’t home. I wont believe rest that you have done. He burns it. arohi says you think I killed him? Deep says you might. You tried killing me too. I could tell everyone because I want to take my revenge. Go from here before Tara attacks you. Tara calls Arohi.

Chawani calls Arohi and says please come and save me. Arohi comes to the place.

Tara comes and says I calle dyou here in Chawani’s voice. Arohi says you did this. She says I have you little spy with me. She says see this gift. Arohi sees the gift and screams. She says how can you do this. You are an animal. She says I came here in a ship. I killed Mahraj. But you got out of this as well. i will play a game with you. These are four ace cards. Deep virat roma and virat. One of them will die tonight and you will responsible for it.

Bindya is crying. Roma says don’t cry I have deposited a lot of money you will live your life peacefully.

Virat says how will we stop this from going to media. Tara says you have to kill anyone of these. Or i will leak the video of Maharaj being killed and you will be arrested. Your London planning was really good. I am really impressed, You even killed Deep. Lets see who you kill tonight. You have to kill otherwise Chawani.. She gives her a card ad says you have to kill Prithvi. He has illegitimate relationship with my mom. I hate cheaters. He has to die.

Roma says Deep we have to stop this blackmailer. She sent me this video. Deep says you promised me you will tell me about my parents but you didn’t. I wont do anything until you tell me truth. Roma says save my daughter and I will tell you everything about Wasundra.

Deep says you said you don’t know anything. This means you know. Roma says I will tell you as much as I know. Please save my daughter. arohi comes in. Roma says Tara I asked you not to go out. Virat says people think you killed Maharaj. You might get arrested.

Arohi says I can’t kill anyone. I didn’t kill Maharaj. Tara calls and says you have to kill Prithvi. Arohi says I can’t do this. Tara slaps chawani. He screams. tara says I will kill him if you don’t kill Chawani. He has to die. Arohi says what should I do. I can’t kill anyone. I am not Tara. I have to save Chawani as well.

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Should I tell deep? But he wont help or even listen. She comes to prithvi’s room. arohi says I have to talk to Deep. She sees a knife near Prithvi’s bed full of blood. Arohi picks it.. She says has tara killed Prithvi. She takes off his sheet. Prithvi wakes up and says you wanted to kill me. Deep Virat roma come in. Roma says Tara you were killing prithvi? Deep looks at Arohi.

The Police comes and says we have search warrant. We heard there was a murder here. She them video. She says where is dead body?

She says why are there stains on these gloves. Virat says you can’t arrest my sister. She says she has killed Mahraj. Roma calls commissioner but he doesn’t pick. Inspector says no one can save her. they arrest her. arohi says please leave me. i haven’t killed anyone. The inspector says this knife shows you killed him. Virat says we can solve this here. He gives her suitcase of money. She says you think you can buy me? Your sister can’t be saved. they take Arohi. Roma says she wasn’t that kind. she says Deep please save my Tara. Deep sees Arohi going to jail.

A constable says we should have taken that money. Arohi says where are you taking me? Constable slaps her. Roma tries to contact her people to get Tara out. Virat says who sent it to police? Roma says Arohi of course. Arohi says please let me go.

The car stops. Arohi says why are we stopping here? Inspector says we stopped here to take you in front of judge. The judge madam is coming.

Roma says I will kill that Arohi. Virat says where is deep? Is he with arohi? Roma says she tried to kill him. Virat says he didn’t do anything. He is with Arohi. He plot all this. Roma says I know about his mom. He wont give us a chance. He wont go against us.

Deep is on his way. He called someone and asked police inspector about the arrest. he got to know the police wasn’t sent from here.

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The inspector says madam judge is here. Tara comes out of her car. She says how are you? I am here you death. Arohi says so this was your game? You first said kill Prithvi and then sent these? Tara says i made plan B. I waited so long for this day. She points gun at herr. Tara says I will go back to my home. We will all celebrate your death. deep hates you because you betrayed him. deep loves me. I know all his weaknesses. After your death I will win him. The fake police grasp Arohi.

Roma says get my Tara back home. Arohi says stop Tara. You can kill me but first you have listen to my last wish. Where are my bhabhi and Chawani? Tara says you will never know that. The fake constable goes to pick bag from car. It is full of money. Arohi says to the woman I will pay you double this money. Tara says shut up.

Arohi says three times more. tara says don’t listen to her. They open Arohi’s handcuffs. sHe says our contract with you is over. Tara says I will shoot you. she slaps Tara. The gun falls down. Arohi runs. Tara shoots her but Arohi runs. She says I have to call Deep. Tara is looking for her. Tara sees arohi. She shoots her on shoulder. Tara says this was my first attack. Deep looks for her everywhere. He says Tara where are you? Arohi hides. Deep sees blood. He sees Arohi fainted. He says Arohi please open your eyes.

Nothing can happen to you. I am sorry for all this. He hugs her. Tara sees them together. She says this means Deep knows she is Arohi but didn’t tell anyone. He can’t do this. Deep cheated on me. Arohi opens eyes. Deep says are you okay? Roma calls Deep. Deep says Tara is with me I will bring her home. He picks Arohi.

Tara says you can’t give my place to Arohi. She points gun at them. Deep goes towards the car but there are no bullets in Tara gun. they leave. Tara says how can you do this Deep. You love that Arohi. Keep visiting for fastest updates.


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