Till Love Do us apart on adom tv, Thursday 25th November 2021 update

Vansh asks Riddhima to prepare for the surprise. She thinks to run away before he crosses his limits. She goes to the exit door. Vansh stops her from stepping out. He asks what are you doing. He shuts the door. He asks do you want to go without enjoying the evening with me, you can go but first live the evening, lets have a good talk, I promise to send you in a grand way. She says please let me go. She cries. He says after all you promised me, you burnt my mum’s painting and promised me to never refuse to me if I ask something. She recalls.

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He says I want you to spend the lovely evening with me, I promise you won’t regret, lets make it more interesting. He takes her and says its a special occasion, we should cut a cake. He scares her. He starts preparing the cake. She thinks I have no way than to listen to his word. She assists him. She gets shocked seeing a knife in his hand. She imagines him stabbing her. He says maybe you should go and change your clothes, go and wear what I had told you. She says this is good. He takes her and asks her to wear the dress now. He goes. She cries and says he will kill me today.

Till Love Do Us Apart

Till Love Do Us Apart

She goes to the window. Vansh asks Angre to keep an eye on the gate, the guest will be coming. Angre says don’t worry. Vansh says if he is smart to read my message, then he will find some way to reach Riddhima, interesting. Kabir jumps inside the mansion. He thinks strange, there is no security, what is Vansh’s plan.

Angre asks what’s the plan, do you really want to end Riddhima’s game. Vansh says no, I don’t want to kill her, its imp to find the person hiding behind her. He plays the piano. He says I will make them realize that its Riddhima’s last day, he will come to save her and get trapped. Angre nods and says great, boss. He goes. Kabir injects Angre on his neck. Angre faints down. Someone is seen wearing the yellow gloves. Vansh comes to call Riddhima. He looks for her. She comes to him. He looks at her. Ishq mein marjawa….plays…

He says you look gorgeous, get ready for the special evening. He takes her for the surprise. He shows the cake. He says we will start a new relation today. He plays the music. They dance. Kabir comes there and sees them. He says what is he doing, he said he will hurt Riddhima. Vansh thinks I have to bring that person out, I have to harm you now.

Kabir says I know you well, you want to kill her, she doesn’t know, I promised Riddhima that I won’t let anything happen to her, I will snatch your life before you hurt her. He aims at Vansh. Someone else aims from the window at Vansh. Vansh holds Riddhima. She thinks will he push me down the stairs. She cries. Vansh and Riddhima dance. Riddhima sees the aimed gun. The person shoots.

Riddhima shouts Vansh and comes in front. She gets shot Kabir and Vansh get shocked. Vansh holds her. She faints. Vansh shouts Riddhima. Vansh takes her and leaves. Kabir gets locked inside the house. Kabir says the door got locked, Riddhima got shot… He breaks down. He cries and says its because of me. Someone comes to Kabir and points gun at him. Kabir gets shocked. He smiles. He says yes, it happened as I planned, but you…. you have done your work perfectly. He recalls shooting Riddhima and saying sorry. Riddhima sees Kabir and saves Vansh. FB ends. Kabir says this is my game, no mistake can happen.

Vansh gets Riddhima treated at home. Doctor says its good you called us home, we have removed the bullet, else it would be impossible to save her, she has to get conscious in 24 hours. Vansh looks at Riddhima. Someone looks on. Kabir says I pity poor Riddhima, she is fighting with death, she doesn’t know who shot her. He laughs. He says it was not in my plan to kill her, but I had to sacrifice her. He thinks she doesn’t know that I tried to kill her, I will play the game to defeat Vansh.

Kabir saying I understood Vansh’s message, that he knows about Riddhima, she is a spy and someone is behind her, he wanted to catch me, but how could I let this happen, there is much hardwork of years, how could I let it get ruined, Riddhima…. she has worked hard to reach her, all her sacrifices would have got waste, I tried hard to convince her, the policeman who got close to Vansh died…. He recalls Neha’s death.

He says I wanted someone who isn’t from the police, then I saw Riddhima, she was an orphan, she was perfect for my mission, what does an orphan want, love, where else would I get her, Riddhima married Vansh, she didn’t imagine that she isn’t giving a sacrifice for me, its all my plan, she felt I have come to save her, I did a drama so that she loses her senses, so she married Vansh, what’s the valuable thing for a person, life, when someone risks life, then the other person blindly believes, I made Riddhima helpless to save Vansh so that she wins Vansh’s lost trust, you did your work well, you reached the mansion and set up the gun at a perfect place, Riddhima thought its for Vansh, she ran to shoot him, she didn’t know that she was the target and I was shooting her, she won Vansh’s lost trust again.

Vansh sees Riddhima and recalls her. Ishq mein marjawa….plays…. Kabir says I had shot Riddhima, when she was in front of Vansh, so that Vansh thinks the bullet was for him and she took it, I wanted Vansh to trust her blindly, it will happen, you have to do it now. Dadi asks what happened behind our back, don’t worry, we all have come, everything will be fine. She goes to Riddhima. Anupriya says since Riddhima came, there has been a storm, where is Aryan. Uncle says Aryan didn’t come with us. He recalls Aryan making a work excuse. Aryan comes. Anupriya asks where did you disappear. Chanchal asks why are you questioning me, he told me that he is going to his friend’s place. Aryan says right.

Chanchal says Ishani is also missing, she also got down the way. Ishani also made an excuse and got down the car. Ishani comes home. Chanchal asks where are the shopping bags. Dadi says Vansh you are lucky to get a wife like Savitri, she has taken the bullet on herself, she loves you a lot. Vansh cries and sees his tear. Dadi says it hurts a lot when someone dear is injured, old Vansh would have been angry and gone after the shooter, but new Vansh doesn’t care for it, you just want Riddhima to get saved, right. He sees Riddhima’s bl00d on his shirt.

He says I will change and come. She says don’t worry, nothing will happen to your Riddhima. Siya comes and gives them prasad. She says I had gone to temple and made mannat for Riddhima. Vansh leaves. Ishani asks what happened, I have seen an ambulance, everything okay. Chanchal says someone shot at Vansh, Riddhima took the bullet. Ishani asks did she die.

Chanchal says Vansh got sympathy for her, she will fall in love with her. Anupriya says Vansh will never have love for her, its impossible, stop this nonsense. Vansh comes to Riddhima. Nurse says I will keep coming to see her. Someone is hiding there. Vansh says where is my watch, phone, I got habitual to her. He asks Riddhima to get up, tell him about the things.

He says I had sent you out of the house, why did you come back home, that bullet was meant for me, what do you want to prove, I was going to make you feel that I m going to hurt you, why did you save your enemy, get up. He gets a call. His bracelet gets stuck to her sleeve.

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