This is Fate on zee world, Monday 11th October 2021 update

This is Fate on zee world, Monday 11th October 2021 update

Sherlin says in court cases are won with evidence and they don’t have any proof against them, Mahira mentions that even if she would go to find any proof against them then would not be able to find them as they have hid the proof, she mentions how they switched off the cameras when they were mixing the poison in the ladoo, Sherlin exclaims that the only reason they are saying this in front of her is because they want her to feel the pain, Preeta gets really angry and slaps her on the face which irritates everyone.

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The police constable comes to Sarla saying that someone has come to meet her, she sees that it is Shrishti who consoles her saying that she would help her come out of the jail.

Sarla starts laughing saying that it is the first time Shrishti is coming to help her mother, Janki also comes at which Sarla inquiries why did she inform Preeta, Janki mentions that she went to shout at Sherlin but Preeta listened and came to her, Sarla mentions that she doesnot want Preeta to come to her aid as she also has to face a lot of troubles and even the entire Luthra family is wanting to throw her out of the house but she doesnot want Preeta to worry for them, Janki also thinks that she was wrong to go and trouble Preeta as she was looking really weak.

Preeta gets really mad and is about to even slap Sherlin mentioning that she was always bad but now being with Mahira has gotten even worse, she thinks how Mahira’s mother say such a thing to Sherlin as she doesnot act like a mother, Mahira mentions that she is her mother and has ruined the entire life of Preeta while being in the hotel. Mahira mentions that she would get really tired so should break the fast, Preeta exclaims that this is what they desired and the reason they were doing everything however she has kept the fast because of her rituals and feels she will get even stronger when she fulfils them so they should not think she would ever break the fast.

Karina is on the phone with Kartika, when she ends the call Dadi ask after which Karina answers that she has gone to her in laws house and would perform the pooja there, Dadi mentions that it is suitable because there has been a lot of trouble in their family.

Ramona also comes to the house she inquiries if Rakhi is feeling okay and did they perform the pooja, Rakhi mentions that they were not able to do it as Preeta and Sherlin got ill, they explains the entire situation Ramona inquires if they have filed any complaint against Sarla, Karina mentions that Sherlin did file a complaint and Sarla is locked in jail now. Rakhi refuses to accept the blame but has to greet the other guests, Ramona exclaims that the only reason Sarla did this was because Preeta should give birth to the first born of their family.

Shrishti pleads with Sarla to let her go and confirm what has happened however Sarla pleads with her to not go as then Preeta would not be able to live peacefully in the house, Shrishti mentions that she is not a child and they have filed an attempt to murder case against her which is really a difficult situation for them, Sarla exclaims that she never thought Sherlin would stoop so low as she risked the life of her own child, they all are really confused.
Shrishti exclaims that Sherlin is not even worthy to be able to call a mother and Mahira also does not have any honesty in her.

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Mahira inquires what ego does she ahs and she has already ruined her fast, Preeta exclaims that this is not her first Karwachot as she had kept the fast the previous year as well and karan himself broke her fast so this is why she kept the fast this year as well and believes mother Karwa has blessed her. They are talking when Ganesh comes explaining that they are calling them for the pooja, when he leaves Mahira mentions that they would leave for the pooja while she should just remain crying.

Ramona goes to Rishab to show her sympathies for what has happened she exclaims that he looks worried when Rishab tries to leave, Dadi even exclaims that he might be feeling worried after what Preeta did however Rishab exclaims that he is not looking worried at all as he doesnot feel that Sarla is the culprit.

Mahira is joyed after seeing her mother so immediately goes to meet her, they are talking and she inquiries if Mahira is oaky at which she explains that she is feeling dizzy and not well but would still keep the fast, Rishab tries talking with Sherlin however she dodges him and stands beside Ramona.

The guests inquire if they can start the pooja at which Rakhi agrees, then one of them points at Preeta who has come to the pooja, she exclaims that Preeta is really good looking because she saw her at the ceremony.

Rakhi goes to her mentioning that she is really joyed that Preeta fulfilled her responsibilities with all her might even when she is hurting herself but has not made any problem with her responsibility towards the family, Rakhi exclaims that she is the wife of Karan so should perform the pooja.

Rishab takes the hand of Sherlin and pulls her into the room, he mentions that he has to talk with her, she fears that he might fight with her, however he apologizes saying that he cannot easily express his feelings because he doesnot know how to express his feelings easily as he doesnot play or have fun but knows how to fulfil his responsibilities and cares for everyone including her, when she is about to leave he stops her saying that there is some other thing, then mentions that Preeta is a very important member of their family as she is the wife of karan and he loves his brother a lot and Sarla is like a mother to them so he cannot bear if someone who is like a mother should remain in jail.

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Mahira seeks Karina to bless her as a couple so that she remains with karan throughout her entire life, she then agrees, Mahira also forces Dadi to give her blessing as a couple because she cannot live without Karan.

Dadi thinks that if Rakhi was with them she would have not blessed Mahira as the wife of karan so she also does the same, she hands her the Sarghi, Dadi tries to give her a ladoo but Mahira mentions that she should give her the ladoo which her mother had brought then Karina mentions that the ladoo was the same which her mother had brought. Dadi orders them all to eat the Sarghi and fulfil the Rasam. Sherlin gets a call so leaves explaining that she has to attend it as it is her mother.

She asks Prithvi how he called her so early in the morning, he mentions that he was missing her so called her, they both exclaim that they love each other, Prithvi inquires what is happening in the Luthra house because the Sarghi would be going on and Preeta not be keeping a fast for Karan as he is just not her love so she would keep the fast for the person who was about to marry her and it is him.

Sherlin gets really mad saying that she doesnot love him as now just is in love with Karan and if doesnot stop talking about her then she would also leave her, Prithvi explains that he was only talking about Preeta as he did not want that she have any competition in the Luthra house but Sherlin mentions that he should stop dreaming as she would not keep any fast for him, he gets nervous saying that she should keep the fast as he has to live a long life and it cannot happen if she doesnot keep the fast, Sherlin gets mad when he says that he has to live a life, Sherlin explains that she is pregnant so cannot remain hungry.

Dadi orders Ganesh to remove the table as they have fulfilled the Rasam, Preeta mentions that she would take back her plate however Dadi mentions that she cannot work as otherwise she would get hungry and it is not possible then Dadi mentions that they would move towards the next Rasam.
Dadi mentions that in the Rasam the mother in law provides everyone with the clothes which she has to wear in the pooja then when she gives it to Preeta, Mahira also demands the same at which Dadi is forced to also give her the dress.

Karina inquires where Sherlin as she has to fulfil the Rasam of Sarghi before Dawn, Sherlin comes explaining that she will not keep the fast as she cannot remain hungry.

Dadi and Karina both explain that they would not force her and If she doesnot have to keep the fast then should not. Rishab also assures her that she should only keep the fast if she desires as no one would force her, Sherlin says that she had something to inform them but her relation with Risahb Is not so strong that she could inform him, Dadi gets worried inquiring what she meant by her statement.

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Sherlin says that her relation with Rishab is not like a husband and wife as if anyone gets mad with the other then no one dares apologize. Dadi pleads with her to explain each and everything in simple words, Sherlin then reveals that she has news for them as she is about to become a mother which is why she cannot eat anything.

Everyone is shocked to hear the news, Dadi then hugs her explaining that it is a great news, Karina also congratulates her however Preeta is left standing in amazement along with Rishab and Karan, Kartika also greets her.

Sherlin inquires if Rishab is angry with her as he is left stunned, Rishab says that he has to first absorb the news.

Preeta after hugging Sherlin mentions that she is happy that Sherlin has finally accepted her pregnancy, Sherlin leaves to inform her mother, Dadi hugs Rishab praising him for the great news.
Shrishti wakes up in the morning and is amazed with the brightness of the sun, she mentions that all the wives would wait for the moon as only then would they be able to break the fast, Shrishti thinks that she would not keep the fast now as she is really hungry.

Dadi is calling Ganesh ordering him if he has made the breakfast for Rakhi, Karina inquires why is she ordering Ganesh to take the breakfast for Rakhi, Dadi mentions that this is because she is not well so she ordered him to make the breakfast for her. Dadi gets mad when she sees that Preeta is making the drinks for Karan and Sameer, she gets angry and scolds them both for letting her work.

Rishab says that he is leaving however Karina stoops him saying that she has ordered Sameer to cancel all the appointments and he will stay in the house.

Sherlin says that she should not stop Rishab however he also gets mad saying that now he will not leave the house, he sits at the table, Preeta gets dizzy which worries everyone and they make her sit, Dadi once again scolds them both for making Preeta work, Karina gets frustrated mentioning that Preeta is fine as she is sitting right infront of her, Dadi mentions that she is not well as it is her first fast and Rakhi advised that they should take care of her daughter in laws, she orders Karan to take Preeta to her room.

When everyone leaves, Sherlin mentions that she desired to be the favourite of the Luthra house however no one is caring for her and they all are busy with Preeta, She even doubts that Ramona’s plan would be able to work because she doesnot see that anyone would worry for her.

Mahira mentions that she came back to the house because of her mother’s plan so Sherlin should stop talking about her mother so much, Sherlin gets mad saying that she would not be loved in the house as she is just trying to show her the future. Keep visiting for fastest updates.

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