These streets on zee world, Monday 18th October 2021 update

These streets on zee world, Monday 18th October 2021 update

We are aware that our updates are behind, don’t worry we will catch up soon, some part of this update might be shown on Friday then the rest on Monday.

Shan packs his bags. He says I can’t let this happen. Paro says where are you going? After asmita and ridoy. Nevi says shan stop. Shan leaves. Nevi says in heart this is what I wanted. This game will ruin Asmita’s life. Shan in on his way. He tries to chase Asmita and Ridoy. He hits his car in a truck.

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Ridoy and Asmita reach airport. Asmita feels something. Ridoy says lets go. Asmita says something is not right. He says please stop. He pulls Asmita and says I have booked entire plane for you. It will be only us.
Beauty says shan met an accident. He is in hospital. Ravindra rushes to hospital.

Asmita and Ridoy reach Mumbai. Ridoy holds Asmita’s hand in the car. She takes her hand back. He says you must be thinking why are we here. It gave me the

best gift, you. I found you here. This is such a beautiful city. He makes her stand in sunroof. He says we will always be one. No one, not even shan can come near you.
Shan is being treated. He says Asmita.. Asmita.. He says I want to go. I have to stop my wife. Ravindra asks doctor how is he? Doctor says he has lost blood. He is calling asmita’s name. Beauty says poor Shan. She is enjoying with Ridoy.

Ridoy says let’s shop. He picks a short dress and says you shouldn’t wear saree on honeymoon. You should wear clothes like these. He says this dress is perfect for you. ASmita says I.. All this. He says you are my wife. You have to wear this for me tonight. Shan calls asmita from hospital. He says asmita please you are in trouble. You are getting yourself in pain. Ridoy says not asmita Her husband here. Dont’ dare calling my wife again. He blocks Shan from Asmita’s phone.

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Asmita comes out of trial room. He says you didn’t try it? He says didn’t you like it? Shan tries to leave the hospital. Everyone stops him.
Asmita and ridoy go on a ship. He says I have a surprise for you. He puts a gift on floor. He says this is for you. Please don’t open it right now. Asmita says I have to go to restroom. Asmita comes to corner and says why do I feel like something wrong is going to happen. Should I call Shan? Ridoy comes there. She says I was just coming. Ridoy comes close to her.

Ridoy hugs Asmita and comes close to her. Asmita says Ridoy please listen stop it. Asmita shoves him and runs. She recalls what Shan said. Asmita says what should I do and who should I tell. Shan wakes up and says Asmita. Doctor says calm down please.

Beauty says to Paro once we get the property, our missions would be done.
Asmita and Riidoy are in car. Ridoy says asmita are you normal now? Forget all this nervousness. You have to accept and enjoy the life.

Asmita recalls her moments with Shan. She recalls Chanda. Asmita recalls her fights with shan. SHe gets out of the car. Ridoy says what happened. She says let’s get fresh air. Asmita walks on the pram. Ridoy sits with her. HE comes close t her. Some thugs annoy Ridouy and Asmita. Asmita asks them to leave.

Nevi says what should I do. Ridoy is with her there. Shan has to go and ruin it.
Ridoy and Asmita come to hotel. Ridoy has gotten everything ready. Asmita feels weird. Asmita sees Shan around. Ridoy says what are you thinking? She says nothing.

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Ridoy pulls her and says lets go.
Paro comes and says Shan is asleep? She takes off the sheet. SHan isn’t there. Paro says where did she go.

Ridoy says welcoe asmita. Did you like it? She says that.. He says we have a lot of surprises coming. He gives her an i love you car. Asmita cough. She rushes in restroom. Asmita sees Shan outside He says you look worried. Asmita is dazed.

Asmita taken aback as she realises Shaan was in the same hotel a room a floor below . Shana notices Asmita n realises she was in danger from Hridoy .

Hridoy is impatient about suhagraat. Asmita tries to delay her SR about suggesting they have some meal as she was famished.

At the restaurant, Shaan annoys Hridoy by dressing up as a waiter n delaying their order .

Shaan manages to meet Asmita in a secluded corner n states his love for her n that he hated it when Hridoy touched her . He tries to get close to her but she states she would never be able to love him now .

The BG song plays …dil sambhal ja Zara …

Asmita escapes from his grip n is very upset …

Hridoy notices Shana in the hotel n points his gun at him in a fit of fury …fires at him in the stomach …for coming between him n his Asmita .

Hridoy is splattered with Shaan’s blood ..he himself is shocked … Shana is in disbelief … soon he falls face down on the floor faceless .

Ridoy shoots shan. Waiter tells another someone shot Shan. Asmita runs upstairs. Asmita looks for Shan. Ridoy sits there and says I told you not to come between me and asmita. She is my wife. You have bad eyes on her. You can’t take my Asmita from me. He says asmita where are you.. No one will come between us. Nevi calls Ridoy. She says you didn’t call me once. Is everything okay? Ridoy says yes everything is fine. Nevi says I was worried if shan came to Mumbai. Ridoy says no he didn’t come here. I will talk to you. Nevi says always check your meds neer trust anyone. He says there are sleeping pills in my medicine. Nevi says why would she? Nevi says she is plotting something. When you were asleep she is with shan. Ridoy hangs up.

Shan is in hospital. Asmita asks doctor how is he? Doctor says he is critical condition. Ridoy asks manager where is asmita? He says she took Shan to hospital. Where he was shot there were no cameras but police is investigating. Ridoy goes angry to his room. He says enough asmita. You will see my dark face now. You returned my love with cheating. No one can stop me now.

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Asmita comes to darbar to pray for Shan. A flower falls in her lap. Asmita comes back to Shan. Asmita says shan.. She holds his hand. shan starts beating. Asmita hugs him. Asmita says Shan you scared me. He holds her hand.
Shan hugs asmita. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt. Asmita stands up. Shan stands up. She says I am responsible for all this. Go back home. He says I can’t leave you alone. Asmita says please go from here. I can’t risk your life. For me you have to go from here. I will handle him. He has to pay for what he did. Asmita says nothing should happen to you. Shan says don’t say all this. Asmita leaves the room.

Ridoy is angry in room. Asmita comes in. Everything is broken. Asmita says Ridoy.. What did you do. Shan says Asmtia is in trouble. Keep visiting for fastest updates.


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