The beautiful beast – S01 E99

The beautiful beast – S01 E99

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 99

Best i dont see them kiss’ adam thinks as he follows carla into d apartment, belle puts her hand over gaston’s mouth before he could kiss her “am sorry, but we agreed to be friends” “but we were making progress” gaston protest. “Y do u hv andrew’s bank card”? Gaston does not kw adam’s identity yet n adam needs to bear d name andrew to stay safe frm d counsel as he was supposed to be killed wit his parents years ago. “He gave it to me to use” belle says “why”? Did u guys date”? Gaston asked “no man, dont be silly” belle says attempting to go into her apartment, gaston steps in front of her preventing her. “Am not done talking to u” “well, i am, see u tomorrow” belle says waiting for him to step aside “be my girlfriend”? Gaston asks “let’s not ruin a gud thing” belle says taking his hand “say u will think about it” gaston pleads…….

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