The beautiful beast – S01 E97

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 97

Adam draws his attention frm belle n looks at carla, carla throws her arms around his neck n tries to kiss him but he pulls her frm him “glad to meet u” carla tried to win adam’s attention but is not sucessful. At d end of d night queen adelaide wondered if adam would go bk to his apartment wit his new fake mate, thinking dat if they had sex he will be more willing to accept her n forget abt belle “u two shud go stay at ur apartment or better yet, i will book u a hotel room” queen adelaide says “we can go to my apartment” adam says, eager to be close to belle again, even though he mated wit carla. Belle n gaston is standing in front of her apartment when adam n carla arrived ‘she is staying wit him’ belle thinks jealous “gud evening” carla greets them as they walk past them holding adam’s hand. Belle looks at their hands “y did u kiss him”? Gaston wants to kw again “it was just a hello kiss, sorry” belle says, adam tries to open his door, but it is closed. “I dnt hv d keys” belle’s eyes are still on adam…..

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