The beautiful beast – S01 E96

The beautiful beast – S01 E96

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 96


“Wat ar u doin”? Gaston says, holding her arm n turning her to face him, belle looks at adam n bk at gaston. Queen adelaide comes walking bk to d party wit a girl “belle”? She wonders y belln is here n then she realizes dat adam has mated again wit her, belle is in shock, she cant believe dat after two yrs wit them they just cut her out. ‘They hv been around all dis while’? Queen adelaide decides to continue wit her plan dat she has put in motion “meet carla” queen adelaide introduces carla to adam, carla is wearing a love portion on her hands dat will spell bound d first man she touches regardless if he is mated or not, their minds will be linked as if they are mated blocking his true mate frm his mind n his frm her.

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Carla reaches out n deliberately grabs adam’s hand ‘mate’ carla mind links him, adam looks over at belle being pulled bk to d legume’s table “adam, am carla, ur mate” carla voice herself, adam looks at her not feeling d connection he just felt, but then he hears her mind ‘let me love u, pls’…

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