The beautiful beast – S01 E95

The beautiful beast – S01 E95

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 95

She was stopped by gaston “ar u ok”? Where ar u goin”? Belle does not hear him: she pulls her hand frm his n walks across d restaurant, after several months of pursuing belle n putting his best foot forward, gaston finally convince her to go on a date wit him, little did she kw dat he’s parents will be there. Nobody noticed dat belle was coming over, adam puts d beta’s suit on while king alaric puts d torn guide dog harness on his beta, d pack starts to step aside nw dat all is in order. King alaric pass d mask to adam n as adam puts on d mask, his eyes shined bright golden meeting belle “adam”? Belle says, taking off d mask, adam wonders if he just remated wit belle n concentrate on her mind but hears notin. Adam didnt realise dat belle was touching his face till her fingers touched his lips, she stretched her body for her lips to reach his, everyone was watching on at d scene in front of them. Their lips touch for a moment before belle feels herself being jerked away frm adam, snapping her frm her trance

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