The beautiful beast – S01 E93

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 93

Belle has been spending alot of time wit gaston n their relationship is progressing steadily, mr legume is still keeping eye on d castle n apartment even though its for a long time. “Am done wit dis moping wolf around d castle” queen adelaide says one day “wat do u want me to do abt it”? King alaric asks “wat abt inviting some of d neighbouring pack’s single, unmated members over”? Queen adelaide suggested “it will put us at risk” king alaric says “it can wrk, but not in dis castle” d beta says. Over d nxt couple of days, coded messages dat carries an invitation to a secret ball, at d eifel tower. They wer not sure hw they ar goin to sneak a giant wolf in but decided they will worry abt it wen d time comes. The day arrived n king alaric convinced adam to wear a guide dog halter so dat they can pretend he’s a guide dog, at first d hostess did not allow d wolf in protesting dat he is’nt a guide dog but a wolf. Adam played along wit some tricks being real cute, he melted her hrt n she allowed it the party start

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