Teil Rhodes On Dusty’s Legacy

Teil Rhodes On Dusty’s Legacy

During her appearance on Busted Open Radio, Teil Rhodes spoke on the legacy of her father, Dusty Rhodes. Here’s what she had to say:

I don’t think that it’s more important, but I think that being in the business for so long, there’s versions of Dusty that over time are kind of caricatures or not really who he was as a man. And I think that’s important to me. All the stories and all the Dusty lore that grows, that’s great. But there was also a real complicated, imperfect, but great man that I want people to remember those kinds of things about him. As a father, as a grandfather. That’s important to me.

I also think for Cody and Dustin, being in the business, sometimes it’s hard to separate that sometimes when you’re always having to talk about dad, Dusty stuff all the time. I also am protective because he kept a lot of secrets. He did not reveal a lot about the business, and he had a reputation of someone that was professional and someone that really cared deeply about the industry. And I want to maintain that.

Credit: Busted Open Radio. H/T 411Mania.

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