Team 2Point0 Discuss Their Desire To Do Commentary: “Talking For A Living Sounds Really Nice”

During their latest interview on AdFreeShows AEW stars Matt Lee and Jeff Parker, better known as 2Point0, discuss their desire to join the commentary table. Hear their full thoughts on the subject below.

Lee thinks the duo would do well at commentary:

“We’d love to. I would love to do commentary. We can talk for days. It doesn’t mean it’ll be good, but we can do it.”

Parker says talking for a living sounds nice:

“Talking for a living sounds really nice. It sounds great on the body after 20 years of wrestling, we’re not done yet. It’s certainly something that down the line would actually be something worth doing.”

Lee thinks they’ll dabble in commentary in the future:

“I would imagine it’s something we’ll dabble in, for sure.”

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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