Sugar – S01 E10

Sugar – S01 E10

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For a moment, Ike was confused on what to do. Should he pounce with Obaino and teach him a bitter lesson for drinking from his cup and eating from his banquet?

Obaino was the first to spring up to his feet. He felt insulted, belittled and embarrassed. How could they barge into his room like that looking like he stole something from them. They sure looked like they came to beat him up and he braced himself for the challenge. He didn’t care about his dangling d–k. He quickly passed a big clothe to Sugar to cover her breasts and her legs before he jumped down from the bed to confront them.

Before Obaino passed her the clothe to cover her most sensitive parts, Ike was confused on what to do. Should he tell Shadow to look away? There was no need for that. He had seen everything. He has seen her boobs and probably, some visible portion of her p—y before she could cover it with her palms.

“what’s the meaning of this? Who are you and what do you want ? ” Obaino sparked furiously charging towards them. They maintained their stand, waiting for him to come closer before devouring him.

” Why are you following me around? Let me be. Leave me alone ” Sugar spoke out and Obaino stopped.

” Do you know these guys? Who are they? What do they want? ” He turned to ask her.

” By the time we are through with you, you will know who I am and what I want ” Ike replied him and signaled to his colleague, Shadow, that it was time for action.

” You dare not touch him. Why not face me instead. You are a coward. I don’t want you anymore ,is that so hard for you to understand. Let me be in peace. Leave me alone ” Sugar retorted as she tied the big polo around her waist to cover her p—y. She got up to confront them, not minding that her boobs were bare for all to see.

“What is actually going on here?” Obaino asked no one in particular, finally coming to terms with what was actually going on. So these men had come to attack him because of Sugar and she knows them. Did she just say she doesn’t want him anymore?

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“You are nothing and you cannot do shit to him” Kosi said walking into the room like one protagonist in one of those popular Hollywood action movies, drawing all attention to himself.

“You must be foolish, Kosi continued pointing at Ike, I guess you are the main guy here. You came to fight right? Is it this young man’s fault that this beautiful lady doesn’t want you anymore? You guys came to fight abi? No problem ” He went back to the door, locked it and put the keys in his pocket.

Everyone stood still without a single word except for eyes moving around. The silence in the room was deafening.

Ike was the first to let out a sigh. He moved slowly and lowered his ass into a chair putting his face down. Shadow, his side nigga seeing that he had given up on that fight that was about to ensue, released his clenched fists and put his hands up like someone surrounded by Armed policemen. He wasn’t shaken. He was ready for the fight as long as it was two against two but now, it seemed like the main man already called off the fight. He went to another corner of the room and sat down. Kosi, Obaino and Sugar were still standing on their feet.

Obaino looked at Kosi , still wondering what could him to his place at this time knowing that he was a woman. What a knight in shining armor he was. A ‘werey’ friend who always got his back. Did he come to find out if he lied about Sugar being truly at his place? Many questions ran through his mind but for whatever reason it was, he was glad. He couldn’t imagine what could have happened to him. He knew there was no way he could have defeated the both of them alone.

He turned to look to look at Sugar and their eyes met. In Obaino’s eyes, she saw questions that demands immediate answers. She moved back, grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom. Enough of all the boobs she’s been displaying. After a little time, she appeared wearing Obaino’s polo and sat on the bed.

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She looked up at Obaino again and he was still staring at her.

” I’m sorry I lied to you, She began, When I told you i was going to see my Aunt, it was him I went to visit. He is…. was my boyfriend but today I called it quits with him. The plan was to get your money and run away; a plan he masterminded but something happened and I couldn’t bear it. I am done with him. I was supposed to go back to where I came from or lodge somewhere for this night but I think I like you. You are a better person than him ” She spoke no further and put her head down.

Shadow, who didn’t even know the main reason why they have come to beat Obaino in the first place looked at Ike and shook his head. He didn’t tell him the truth. He wouldn’t have gone with him if he knew what the main problem was. To him, it was inappropriate to fight a fellow guy because of a woman. If a woman doesn’t love you anymore or ever love you, let her go. If you fight the guy, you could lose and make a fool of yourself and even if you win, she wont still love because you are hurting someone she loves. He went over to Ike, patted his shoulder and made for the door.

“I didn’t come to fight you, I just wanna leave” He told Kosi, who stood by the door.

Kosi ignored him and kept looking at Obaino for the next instruction. Obaino nodded slightly and he opened the door and locked it as he left. They were convinced he wasn’t ready for more trouble as he could go out and return with more men.

“So you think it’s fair? ” Ike asked without lifting up his face.

“When you were busy f—–g every p—y in town and impregnating Ada, you should have asked yourself if what you were doing was fair. I am only a sex toy for you and i am done with that ” Sugar, who knew his question was for her, replied.

Kosi walked towards Obaino and whispered something to his ears but he didn’t get it.

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“You want make i come dey shout, shuooo”

He drew his head closer and started whispering to him again. Obaino could hear him say that he had come to give him a little money to “take hold body ” since he said he had a woman waiting for him and he wouldn’t want her to see him as a “Sapalized” fellow.

Kosi gave him a quick handshake immedately, passing some squeezed sum into his palm in the process. Obaino smiled. A friend in need. Ike knew he might have spent the 3k he had given him earlier on that prostitute.

” Enyi, I don’t see any need for a fight here. Na woman dey do that kind thing. She no wan do again, you leave am. Find the one wey wan do. No kill your fellow man because of woman. O wrong nau. No be so dem dey do things ” Kosi told Ike.

“what will my friends say? They will say I’m not man enough ” he asked.

“what you tell them is what matters and not what they assume. The Choice is yours. Fighting this young man will not win her back” Kosi advised him and left.

Few seconds later Ike left without saying a word.

Obaino looked at Sugar and her tears flowed. She apologized amidst sobs for lying to him. She told him how much of a good person she saw in him and how badly she wants to be with someone that will appreciate her.

About seven minutes later, Kosi came back and slightly opened the door to see how it was going. He didnt see Ike but the thing was that he didn’t see when he left. He had stayed behind to appear if a fight broke out. They didn’t lock the door again before they began the second action. He didnt see Ike but the sight he beheld was lovely. Sugar was on top of Obaino riding him with reckless abandon and moaning loudly with her boobs dangling to and fro. He got a better view of the boobs now with her wide yellow ass. He rubbed his palm on his face, gently closed the door and went his way.



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