Sugar – S01 E08

Sugar – S01 E08

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 8

Ike walked up and down the room like someone defeated in a battle. He had trailed her and saw her stop at Obaino’s place. He couldn’t bear it. He must do something. He couldn’t imagine another guy smashing Sugar. Inasmuch as he hits her p—y very well, he does it with caution because he doesn’t want the p—y to become slack but boys are wicked. This guy might destroy his paradise and make it too wide and not enjoyable again. She belonged to him alone and nobody else. His friends would make mokery of him if they see his Sugar with another guy. They would say he is not man enough or he wasn’t giving her money as most of his friends believed that it takes only good sex and money to keep a woman. If it was sex, he wondered if any man alive can ever give it to her the way he does. It wasn’t about his performance in the other room and he knew it.

He sunk into a chair as worry lines etched on his forehead. He wiped off the sweat drailing down his face with his handkerchief. He pondered for a moment. He knew Sugar was right and he knew it was wrong to be f—–g around without condoms knowing full well that he fucks Sugar raw. He can contact various sexually transmitted diseases and easily transfer them to her and the money aspect, she was right again. He only fucks and fucks her but never gives her money or buy her things but he spends on other girls just to get them to bed. Something she gives him for free with every style he can think of.

He looked at his D–k and hissed. If the idiot had controlled itself that night Ada visited, these things would have been avoided but no, his Johnson wouldn’t put it’s head down. Ada had told him she wants to go home in the rain but he convinced her to stay that it was almost late and he didn’t have an umbrella and that the rain didn’t look like what will stop any time soon. She agreed to sleep over and he smiled. When the night came, the cold was too much and even Ada, craved for someone to hold to keep warm. The warning of body let to warming of p—y and d–k also as they were body parts as well. His d–k couldn’t not rest knowing full well that a p—y was near by. He deposited his seeds inside her after the hot sex that cold night and they both slept wrapped up together in bed. Now, the seed has germinated and Sugar has found out about it. Ada broke the news to him at the wrong time.

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He got up and bounced out of the house.


Obaino hastened his steps as he got closer to the compound. He beamed with smile as he saw Sugar sitting outside patiently waiting for him to return. He was a bit tipsy but he managed to put himself in order. He had dragged Ike home and had a shower at his place because he feared Sugar might perceive the smell of p—y on him and he didn’t want to take chances. He didn’t want her to go away the second time with the excuse that he went to f–k. He didn’t want her to see him as a f–k boy.

She seemed happy to see him as she hugged him.

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“Where are you coming from? ” She asked

“I went out for a drink with a friend” He replied.

“I thought as much because I can perceive Alcohol from your breath ”

She rubbed his head and smiled.

“I missed you while at the hospital. Not all guys will allow a girl go freely like that after visiting but you did. I like your kind of person. I bought fruits ” She said as she took his hand while they went in. Obaino felt like someone who has won a great price. He knew nothing will stop him from getting to the promise land this time. He won’t rush it because she came back willingly to give him what he has been longing for. From the look of things, Sugar was beginning to like him and he hoped she was for real.

“I thought about you all evening. How is your aunt? ”

“Its a long story but all the same, she will be fine. There are more hands to help with her situation and I felt it will be better if I left. I’m glad I responded when I was called upon. But that doesn’t matter now, I’m here for you baby ” She said looking at him lovingly.

Obaino soon forgot about the evening hangout with Kosi and his encounter with the curvy prostitute who made him beg and beg despite the money he paid. Now that Sugar came back to give her that her Sugary p—y; yes it should be Sugary just as her name implied, Sugar, he thought, he regretted going to the so called Dot 4 that evening. He should have reserved all his energy for Sugar who would appreciate it better and not some p—y mongers who would want him to c-m under 45 seconds so they can go and look for another customer.

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He disliked the idea of doing prostitutes to the core. Now, Sugar would like him to show him how strong he can be in bed and he was supposed to leave a first impression on her p—y so it can keep coming back to him but at brothels, the reverse was always the case. They don’t care about how good you are in bed, they are out for the money. They would lace their office with enough lubricant so that you can come after just some few strokes. And once you c-m, it’s game over. 95 percent of them will never agree for second round even if you agree to pay because they know that second rounds will not benefit them anything. Their p—y will suffer, they will waist a lot of time and they will shout at you every now and then. Some save their strength, time and everything by refusing to go for a second round with a single man. Instead, they will prefer to take another man right inside the moment one customer leaves.

Sugar pulled him back from his thoughts as she pulled him to the bathroom for a bath. Obaino who had his bath few minutes ago followed her willingly. These are not the kind of opportunities you take for granted

Shower cruise. He grabs the chance never it presented itself. Sugar pulled her dress and unhooked her bra. Took it off and her huge inviting was all bare before him. His Dickson shook it’s head at the sight of those huge melons. Obaino nodded in accordance with the d–k. She helped him pull his own clothes to reveal his d–k dangling to and fro like a pendulum.

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