Sugar – S01 E07

Sugar – S01 E07

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The fair chubby lady switched on the fan as they got in, took off her short skirt while Obaino did same with his trouser and boxers.

‘’Money’’ she said, stretching forth her hands.

Obaino reached for his trouser from the nail on the wall where he hung it, fetched one thousand naira and gave her. She took it and smiled, touched his d–k again to keep it alive while she produced a condom and rolled it on her. Obaino watched as she got a lubricant and applied it generously on her p—y. He smiled silently. Her plans will never work,he thought ,because he had taken much of his pre sex preparatory drug; his legend dark stout. She had laced her p—y with enough lubricant to make him c-m fast so she can go out in search of another customer. That was one of her tricks of making men c-m fast and if it doesn’t work, she will apply another tactics and if it still didn’t work, she will get aggressive and send the man away except he agrees to add more money to the initial price they agreed on.

She laid down and spread her legs wide apart for him. He tried to rub her p—y first with his fingers as he usually does with most girls he had penetrated. Rubbing the p—y with his fingers gives him another kind of turn on especially when the p—y is wet. He moved his fingers forward and made to land on her well shaved p—y but with a quick reflex, she held his hand and shoved it away. She warned him never to try it again with a very determined voice and a squeezed face.

“ no ever try am again bros. I no understand the one wey you wan come dey touch my breast. I no be your girlfriend. F–k make I go hustle abeg” she said, her face looking angry already.

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Obaino felt his hardness reduce a bit the moment she angrily fought off his hand from touching her p—y. He felt bad because girls loved it, or perhaps the girls he had being with, loved it more when he rubbed their p—y before penetration but this one was different.

‘’oga do na. do make I comot here. F–k make I go hustle. No be only you I go f–k this night except you wan pay me wholesale price” she said again. Obaino had no choice but to do as she commanded before she changes her mind and refuse to allow him enter the sugary palace. He wasn’t ready for any drama at all. Happiness eluded him. He wondered why she was giving him that kind of attitude even after he gave her money. That was one of the reasons why he never bought the idea of prostitutes being better than the regular friends with benefits girls. Some of those girls in the street wants someone that will f–k that well and last long before releasing but these ones here wont even allow you last for more than 10 minutes before they start complaining. It was not his first time being with one but it was a very long time ago he last f—-d a prostitute and he felt like he wasted his money.

He stroked his angry d–k twice quickly before lowering himself down into her p—y like he was telling it not to get too angry. He knew the d–k was no longer happy after suffering disappointment from Sugar. He moved in and out of her p—y but she did not moan or make any sound. She was just there like a log of wood and it dawned on him that it was an issue of ‘do and get up’ . He preferred the kind of sex where the girl will moan to show that she is enjoying it or that he was doing it right. Or even touch him as he penetrates in and out but no, this business girl didn’t bring him in for romance and honeymoon. Her own was just to lie down for a few minutes, receive a few thrusts and then get angry only to calm down again if given more money to appease her anger.

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Obaino continued pounding the p—y much to her chagrin. She had expected him to release his load on time due to the lubricants she applied on her office but no, this man here isn’t showing any sign of coming so soon.

‘’ oga you go add money o. this your f–k don take time’’ she said, pulling away from his d–k.

Obaino was even tired of the whole thing. He wasn’t really enjoying the sex like Kosi would always say. ‘ its better and cheaper there’

The only thing he wanted at that moment was to offload the loads from his pipe and nothing more.

‘’ make I just do small, I go come’’ he pleaded but the girl refused and insisted that he add money. He requested for doggy.

‘’ you go add 1k if you want doggy’’

‘’ I will give you five hundred’’

‘’bring am’’ she stetched out her hand for the money and threw it into her money box by the wall. Obaino looked into the little box. There was a lot of money in it. It surprised him. She made all of that today alone. He couldn’t help but wonder how many d—s she had received that day. He looked at her again and she still looked very fit to receive more men.

‘’ hope say you no dey vex for me. Person annoy me this evening that’s why. Oya no worry I go allow you f–k well this time’’

She got up from the bed and positioned for doggy. Finally, obaino saw the ass he paid for in full. He grabbed it with both hands, felt it for a little time before guiding his d–k into her ready p—y. He jammed it in and felt the warmth of her p—y. He wondered if it was the same p—y he had been hitting for minutes without feeling anything. He heard something but he couldn’t believe what he heard. She was moaning softly. He was happy and thought he was doing it well and she was enjoying it but unbeknownst to him,it was a tactics to make him come. He got carried away by her moans and before he knew it, he felt a sweet tingling sensation down his cork and his pattern of thrusts changed. She noticed it and smiled. She continued moaning and supported him to t—-t faster. After a few more penetrations, he came to an abrupt stop as he moaned out with his fluids dripping out.

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‘’ if you come another day I go give you different style’’ she told him as he was about leaving. He only nodded and bade her farewell. He barely sat down to have a little chat with Kosi who had been waiting for him before his phone rang.

‘’oh boy, you dey born pikin for there? The girl dey patient with you o. ah’’ kosi chipped in.

‘’you think say I be two seconds man like you………,,ah na Sugar dey call me o’’ Obaino said as he stared at his phone.

‘’ maybe she need money from you to treat her Aunty because na ATM machine you be’’ Kosi mocked him.

‘’ hello Sugar’’ he finally spoke into the phone.

‘’Baby where are you. I am at your place’’ Sugar said.

‘’ wow I am coming right away baby’’

He ended the call.

He licked his lips, turned to Kosi and smiled.

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