Sugar – S01 E06

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The place was called Dot 4. It was full of people from different works of life who come to enjoy and have some good time. Loud music was blaring from the background while alcoholic drinks of different brands was seen on almost every table. The most beautiful aspect of that place was the young girls of different sizes, shapes and colors seen all over the place. These girls make that place lively and popular as men come there because of them. They are commercial sex workers who hustle daily to earn a living and survive. Some could be seen wearing only bra and net pants that almost revealed their p—y on a very closer look. Their breasts were almost all bared as it was one of the weapon they use to attract them. They would shake it for you and when they feel you are interested, they will come closer and tell you things like ‘’ yellow, my toto fresh. I go f–k you well. I go give you doggy style. Make we go inside’’

Most of the time, they lie. They will only say these things to you with a face full of smile just to get you to go inside with them and the moment you both get in and pay, her face will change and if you happen to waste time on her without releasing quickly, she will get upset and shout at you.

You will start hearing comments like ‘’oga do quick make I wear cloth na, haba. This one don pass short time o. How much you pay sef wey wan make you build house on top of me. You want better f–k but you no wan pay better money. I no do again, your money don expire. Add money’’

Fifteen in twenty of them will not allow you to c-m before they will ‘change everything’ for you. You will find yourself begging her to give you a little time despite paying her in the first place. They will want to get more money from you to allow you more time.

Obaino looked around from where he was seated with Kosi and observed the girls. One thing about them was that their eyes went everywhere. You might be observing one who was a bit far from you and she will catch your gaze much to your chagrin and beckon on you to come, shaking her breasts for you and in no time, she will come there to meet you to make true of the saying ‘if the mountain doesn’t come to Mohammed, Mohammed will come to the mountain’

They were having some drinks first as they explored the beautiful girls parading around. Kosi was a regular customer and some of the girls who know him waved at him. They could be the ones he had f—-d before and he had the culture of tasting a new p—y each time he comes around. The ones he had f—-d didn’t bother to come to him because they know him as the one who never eats the same p—y twice.

Obaino got his glass of drink hanging half way to his mouth as he saw one fair chubby girl with a very big breast walking by. Her backside danced with every step she took. She was wearing a very short skirt which gave a good view of the ass. His d–k stood at attention immediately. He got up and made to go after her but like he remembered something, he sat down back on his chair. Gulped down the dark beer in his glass and looked at Kosi who was silently searching for a new girl to go after.

‘’ how far na? the money wey I been tell you’’ he said, drawing Kosi’s attention away from his search.

‘’which money be that’’ kosi asked.

‘’if I lose this girl, I go swear for you o. do fast na’’ Ike was impatient. He looked back to know where the fair chubby lady was heading only to see her coming his way.

Kosi who saw her approaching quickly squeezed three thousand naira into his palms and he deposited it into his pocket sharply.

‘’ na 3k be that. You must pay me back’’ Kosi whispered to him before the girl arrived.

‘’fine bobo. How far na. I sabi do o. you go enjoy me. I go open am well for you’’ she told him, rubbing his head and finally got him when she bent low and allowed his head to rest on her breasts.

Obaino held her waist while she touched his chest, rubbed his laps and touched his center of gravity only to find out that he was already hard. She touched it again and it shook its head like an agama lizard.

She gave him a hand, he took it and she led him away.

‘’ na so una dey talk. If you like no f–k am well’’ Kosi threw at her as she led him to her room.


Ike had gone into the bathroom to ease himself when the text messages from Ada started pouring in and unfortunately for him, his phone was unlocked unbeknownst to him.

Sugar immediately picked up the phone and quickly read the messages. Ada was pregnant for him and she was saying she will not abort the baby this time for the fear of death. Ada reminded him of the previous abortions she had done for him. Sugar quickly checked his other messages to even see more messages from his other numerous girlfriends whom he sends money every now and then.

She took the fight to him immediately right there in the bathroom,showed him the messages and stormed out. Took her bag, wore her clothes and told him that it was over. He made to run after her but he was naked.

“I don’t ever want to see you again ”

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