Sugar – S01 E05

Sugar – S01 E05

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’’ Fikpam Fikpam fikpam fikpam’’ Ike fired on nonstop as Sugarsugar surrendered to the rage and strength of his d–k.

The liquid from her p—y which bathed his d–k as he went in and out delighted him the more. He took his time to rotate his d–k in different angles like he was looking for something he deposited inside it the last time she came visiting. He dug his d–k inside her p—y and pushed it deeper to reach the end of it. Sugar opened her eyes and mouth wide to scream in pleasure. She could feel his d–k hitting her innermost part. It was a mixture of pleasure and pain. She held his buttocks with both hands and pressed him deeper as if he was not in deep enough. Ike tried to go up so he can go back in again but Sugar held unto him, pressing him deeper still into her p—y. He got the message; she wants that d–k to remain there. It filled her p—y and gave her a very good feeling. It touched her medulla and she wished that long satisfying d–k can remain there forever. He could hear her murmur some words which he could not hear clearly but whatever it was she was murmuring, it must be in praise of the good work he was doing to her p—y at that point in time..

D–k buried in Sugar’s p—y, Ike looked into her eyes and all he could see was a woman overflowing in pleasure. It was written all over her face, moans and eyes. He didn’t remove his d–k but he only moved his hips rotating and turning her honeypot with his d–k like he was turning a pot of soup while she rubbed his head in appreciation of the good d–k he was using to bless her p—y that evening. After sometime, Ike slowly pulled out and took it back in again. He continued going in and out, increasing the tempo of his hip movement till he got to the highest. He hit the p—y in quick and heavy strokes while Sugar screamed for him to go faster. Ike already knew that the fast and hard penetrations always make her c-m and whenever she starts screaming ‘’ baby harder, faster please, deeper deeper harder’’ it’s a matter of time before she splashes her p—y juice all over the place.

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He fired on furiously with much enthusiasm basking in glory as she moaned loudly not minding if she was disturbing the neighbors. He wasn’t bothered at all.

The motherfucking neighbors should mind their business for all he cared. No body disturbed them when they were doing their own and now, they should leave him alone , he thought.

Ike didn’t relent or slow down. He fired on like there was a price waiting fir for him at the end the of the race and he knew what that price was; to make her c-m first. Only a few men, possibly 10 in a hundred has the wherewithal to make a woman c-m first before they do and he was proud to be one of that 10 in a hundred and not those who resign from duty the moment they offload the load from their pipe into the p—y that graced their d–k. Worst of all, they may not have lasted for even two minutes on the woman leaving her hanging and d–k-hungry. Ike referred to such men as selfish and weak. Selfish in the sense that they only want to have o—-m and release, not minding if the woman got her own o—-m or not. And weak in the sense that they cannot satisfy a woman. It is often said that women cheat because their man cannot satisfy in bed and Ike believed that if being good in bed only was all that is required to keep a woman from cheating, his woman would never cheat on him because if sex techniques and bedmatics was a course, he must be considered a first class graduate.

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Ike beamed with smile as he noticed she has started shivering. He was just few seconds again from achieving it and he always loved it whenever he sees her quaking and shivering in an electric o—-m. It gives him the feeling of a real man. She vibrated as his raging d–k triggered her o—-m button and she couldn’t take it anymore. He wanted to pull out and watch her juice flow out in full but she held him closer with her legs circled around his waist and her arms around his neck. He needed no words from her but he understood. He felt her protruding nipples on his chest. They awoke something in him and he immediately covered her lips with his in an intense and hot kissing session as they both exchanged and swallowed each other’s saliva. Love can make you do many things you can’t imagine especially during love making. During kissing a lot of saliva is exchanged by both parties involved but put that saliva in a cup and see if you can consume it when the spirit of kissing and sex has departed.

Her p—y juice bathed his d–k all over and flowed down, drenching the bedspread. She smiled and rubbed his head happily. This’s one of the reasons she jumps on every chance she gets to come visit him because he always blesses her p—y with his good d–k. She calls him ‘’odogwu nwoke’’ anytime he makes her c-m and he gets to hear her call him that name whenever she is well drilled and pounded.

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‘’Its my turn to make you c-m baby. I will ride you till you scream my name and release it all inside my p—y. I will spell coconut with my waist with your d–k inside. I came prepared for you. Oya position’’ Sugar told him, massaging his d–k and getting it ready for one hell of a ride.

‘’ yes ma. If I no position wetin I gain? Take me to paradise, mummy’’ Ike said full of smiles and lied down while his d–k pointed to the ceiling waiting to be treated well. Sugar quickly fixed her mouth on his standing d–k and licked it from the top to the bottom while it throbbed like it would explode. She wasn’t actually giving him a b—–b but all she wanted was to make it wet to enable it glide in gently without taking any time. After s—–g him for some time, she mounted him and gently placed her tight soft p—y on his d–k and kept going down as the d–k got buried in it. She sat fully having the full length of his d–k inside.

Sitting fully on his long d–k, he couldn’t hide his expression.

‘’you dey feel am?’’ Sugar who noticed the expression on his face asked. He only nodded and grabbed her buts.

Sugar moved her waist in circular motion, making his d–k to rotate in her juicy p—y.

‘’whats my name?’’ she asked.

‘’sugar baby’’ he obediently replied and his reply came like a drug to her as she changed gear and f—-d him so hard till he found himself moaning.

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