Sugar – S01 E04

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Sugar grabbed his d–k and s—-d hungrily on it like her life depended on it. As she s—-d, she felt the sensation in her P—y and her nipples became harder. He knew how much Ike loves it whenever she s–k his d–k and to be the perfect girl, she never failed to s–k him whenever the chance presents itself. Ike on the other hand never fails to reciprocate by going down on her. It drives her crazy.

She freed his long d–k from her mouth and licked the s—t like lollipop. She licked him from the top to the base of his penis and swallowed his balls in her mouth. She watched as he gasped and held her head with both hands.

The feel of her suckle on his balls sent him crashing in emotions. Each time the grasp of her lips on his balls got intense, he held her head, shivering. He had always thought his balls will burst and that would be the end of him. The feeling it gave him was a mixture of pain and pleasure but all the same,he loved it.

Ike was hard as rock and could no longer wait to penetrate her p—y. He always preferred to s–k her clean first before she sings with his own d–k in return so that when it gets as hard as it is now, he would go in at once but this time, things didn’t follow the normal procedures. Sugar rushed his d–k and s—-d him first today. She must have truly missed her d–k. Her strong longer lasting d–k. She had told him one certain day when he was pounding her p—y in a missionary position with all the strength in him, that all her life she had never come across a d–k as strong as his. She didn’t know when it fell off her mouth. Ike didn’t worry much about that because he knew she was not a virgin when he met her but he was not aware of how many different D—s she has pleased all her life.

The more she s—-d him, the more he was ready to put his d–k into her honey pot. He found a way to slid his hand into her red gown from the under trying to locate her p—y due to her squatting position which made it hard for him all this while.

His hand finally landed on her panties. It was all wet. His hardness gets harder each time he sees her wet. His d–k throbbed in happiness and ecstasy because it has gotten the signal that it will be a smooth and sweet ride. Touching her wet p—y gives him a feeling he cannot explain. It made fingering her so easy for him. He dipped his hand into her pant to get full access to the promise land. She let out a soft moan. He jerked her up and landed her on the bed. They laid in 6-9 position. Her wet p—y was well displayed and open to him to feast on with his tongue while his Hard Rock d–k was all hers to do with whatever she pleased.

Ike kissed her p—y lips the way he kissed her normal lips but the difference here was that the p—y didn’t reciprocate the kiss. He used his two index fingers to separate the p—y lips. Her red inner part was in full display for him as he socketted his tongue inside it and licked it up, savouring every bit of its taste. Oh how he missed that taste. He didn’t lack p—y to s–k all these while but Sugar was the only true one he found worthy of s—–g her p—y. Sugar being her official girlfriend was the only one he can s–k. Her p—y truly was coated with Sugar as her name implied. Everything about her was sweet ; from the way she moved her waist whenever she was on top to the way she moaned whenever he took her from behind. From the way she kissed her lips to the way she s—-d his d–k. Her sweet voice turned him on most of the time and drew him out of anger whenever he was angry. She was just so sweet. He prayed he don’t suffer diabetes one-day because of the too much sugar in her and the sweetness she carried in her.

He s—-d on her p—y while feeling the sweet sensation of her lips licking his d–k like a sweet lollipop. He targeted her c——s and stimulated it with his hand as his tongue worked in and out of her p—y. He knew this was one of her weakest point. Stimulating her c——s and licking her p—y vigorously. He did that because he could no longer wait and having mastered her body, his plan worked. She couldn’t take it any longer as his tongue rolled up and down her p—y with his finger working on her c——s. She was overwhelmed with sensations. She soon lost concentration on the d–k she was licking. She moaned every now and then and when she found out she could no longer use her mouth on his d–k, she just kept stroking it with her hand because Ike gave her no chance at all. She couldn’t help but moan all through his masterclass delivery on her honeypot. This was one of the reasons why she always runs down all the way from where she was schooling to come visit him. He knows how to make a lasting impression on her p—y. He does it like no other. Of course she was a beautiful young girl and guys on campus woo her every now and then. When she finally give in to smooth talk and the lucky girl gets down to business, no one ever does it like Ike.

Ike pulled on her p—y and released it. Circle on her c——s and blew air onto it. She screamed and turned immediately. She lay down and spread her legs wide apart and begged him to put it in.

Ike rubbed his d–k up and down her p—y and hit it three times on her c——s like someone knocking on a door before entering.

“Baby please put it in, Biko nu. You are killing me” Sugar begged and wrapped her hands around his neck.

Ike slided in slowly and let out a sigh of relief.

“I feel at home in your p—y baby” He said.

“Give it to me baby. I have missed my D–k. Tear me apart. Pound me to pieces please ”

Ike allowed his d–k to rest for some seconds in its desired home before he lifted himself up and then down again in readiness to f–k that p—y like never before.

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