Strange love on star life, Tuesday 26th October 2021 update

Rashmi and Pradeep asks Shantanu and Mishti not to be afraid of Ballu, as it was his mistake, if a kid cry, anyone melts by tears, you both should have cried. Shantanu says we were afraid of him. Pradeep says yes, but Ahilya was laughing and taking his side. Rashmi asks them to be strong and they can manage him. The kids say we will not be scared now. Astha and Shlok clean their clothes and face. She cleans her hair and dries it. He looks at her with love. Music……….. plays………….

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Astha turns and the water falls on his face. She sees him staring at her and turns shy.

Strange Love Tuesday 30th March 2021 Update Starlife

Strange Love Tuesday 30th March 2021 Update Starlife

They have an eye lock. Poornima comes there talking on phone. Shlok and Astha see her and get tensed. They hide from her. Poornima sees the tap open and water running, and looks around. Poornima closes the tap and turns to see. She sees the footsteps. She goes to see who is it. Thee servant comes and says Ahilya is calling you. Poornima says you go, I will come and walks ahead. Astha gets tensed. Shlok takes Astha and they hide again. Poornima does not see them and goes inside the house. Astha says Thank God she did not see us, she might be a wild cat in last birth. Shlok smiles and says you gave right description for her.

She asks how will he stay with them, they can do anything, I m afraid. He says I m Shlok Agnihotri and I m not afraid, I m not Astha. She says I know, but promise me you won’t get angry. He says fine. She says do any work they say. He says its too much. She says we are doing this for Baba. He says fine. She says I know no one likes you, but make the kids on your side, as kids have clean heart, and be away from me, as we are strangers for everyone, I m Sapna and you ate Ballu. He says Astha. She says I m Sapna. He says Astha I love you. She turns. He says why did you turn, you are not Astha, go. She smiles and leaves.

Anjali works at home and faints. Sojal asks her to get up and opens her eyes. Anjali gets conscious and coughs. Sojal gives her water. Anjali says I m fine. Sojal says lets go to doctor. Anjali says no, I m fine, I will get food, you did not have food since morning. Niranjan comes home and hears this.

He asks what happened. Sojal says Anjali fainted and she did not eat food till now. Niranjan takes care of Anjali and makes her sit. He asks why did she not have food. Anjali says I did not wish to. He sees her fever. Anjali says I will eat later. Niranjan makes her have the food by his hands. Anjali says you have it first, then I will eat.

She is shocked as he makes her have food, and recalls his words and old behavior. Niranjan apologizes to her. She cries and he wipes her tears. He makes her drink water. Anjali smiles. Shantanu and Mishti play video game. Shlok comes to them and scolds them asking them to study for one hour. Shantanu says we won’t. Shlok increases the time. Mishti says we will study else he will increase time. Shlok says you are smart. They start studying.

Shlok says don’t study to show me, study well, I will ask questions in some time. Shantanu says we are hungry, we want noodles.

Shlok says its study time, not eating time. Poornima comes and asks is this the way to talk to kids, and scolds him asking him to make noodles for kids. Astha looks on. Shantanu and Mishti smile. Poornima says our kids don’t listen to anyone, others listen to them. Shlok looks at her angrily. Astha signs him no. Shlok goes. Astha gets into thinking. Poornima scolds Astha too. Astha says I m getting cough, I want water and goes to kitchen to help Shlok. Indrajeet stops her asking her to come in study for imp work.

The servant is angry as he does all the work. Shlok comes and asks him to make noodles. The servant taunts him being frustrated to do everything alone. He says I m not your servant, take noodles and make it, then switch off the gas, I won’t bear if I get scolded, make kids food by asking me. Shlok looks at him.

The servant says respect me, I m your senior. Indrajeet asks Sapna to write the mail, and dictates her. He asks her not to miss anything. She says if we put such conditions, they will cancel the deal. He says their financial situation is critical and they won’t cancel the deal. He gets call and leaves. She thinks Indrajeet is very clever, and Shlok and I have to be careful.

Shlok holds the servant’s collar as he speaks in bad manner. Astha comes there and asks Ballu to leave him. She sends the servant by excuse and explains Shlok to control his anger. He says he took Baba’s name and I got angry.

She says she will help him in making noodles. She says its made, I will serve it. The servant comes. Astha asks Shlok to go and give the noodles to kids. She leaves with Shlok. The servant says its good to be away from this man, else he will become everyone’s favor and make me leave from here.
Niranjan sees his children’s pic and asks Anjali when did she make it. She says much time before, but I did not show you.

Niranjan says we will live all moments together and keep you happy. Varad comes and says Jyoti and Shlok look good in it. Anjali says you also look good, I m missing Jyoti a lot. Varad says I met Sid, he said he will get Jyoti here. Anjali says I m very anxious to see her. They smile.

Astha works with Indrajeet and asks shall I get coffee for you. Indrajeet says no, I told Ballu, he will be coming with it. Shlok brings coffee. Indrajeet says add two teaspoons sugar. Shlok adds it and it falls as Astha goes to help him, and take the cup. She says I will clean it. Indrajeet says wait Sapna, clean it Ballu. Shlok takes tissues and cleans the table. Astha feels bad seeing this. He says I will get another coffee and leaves.

Indrajeet asks Sapna to go now as its late. She says I will end work and go. He says there is no urgency and asks her to go. She says fine and thinks to meet Shlok once before going, but where is he. She says thanks Sir, good night.
Shlok gives coffee to everyone. Ahilya asks him to give milk to kids.

Rashmi says also bring warm water in my room before sleeping. Astha comes there and sees this. She feels it bad that Shlok is agreeing to them, but maybe this will be right for us. Ahilya says one thing more… She sees Astha and says Sapna, is your work over. Astha says yes. Ahilya says its late night, you can go now. Astha says fine and leaves. Shlok sees her. Ahilya asks him to give milk to kids.
Anjali waits for Astha.

Varad says I will call Shlok. Niranjan says no, it won’t be good to call at this time, if anyone is there, it can be problem. Astha comes home. Anjali says you came late, I was worried. Astha says there was much work. Niranjan asks about Shlok. Astha says he has to stay there, he can’t come home now, I m worried, as he gets angry seeing Indrajeet, don’t know he can control his anger or not, if I was there, I would have controlled the situation. She tells everything to them.

Anjali says but you are also helpless and can’t be with him always. Astha says yes, but I have to be there. Anjali asks how, what will you tell them. Astha says I m also thinking the same. Jyoti cries in her room for the relations breaking and blames herself for Riya’s marriage breaking, and prays to Bappa. Sid comes to her and says Bappa heard your prayers, relations are not weak to break, your family is united and together, Varad sir told me. She smiles and asks where are they. He tells her about their home and she hugs him. He says its beautiful day after a dark night, everything will be fine.

Indrajeet gets a call from Sapna and answers it. Astha says she is stuck in big problem, please help hher. He asks Sapna are you fine. Shlok hears Indrajeet talking on phone. Astha ends the call.

The door bell rings.

Shlok hides. Everyone wake up. Indrajeet goes and opens thhe door. He sees her in bad state. He asks Sapna are you fine, what happened. Astha acts like falling and he holds her. Shlok is shocked and sees her. Astha winks to Shlok. Shlok gets angry seeing Indrajeet hold Astha. Ahilya asks Ballu to get water fast. She takes Astha inside and makes her have water.

Astha drinks water. Ahilya asks her what happened. Astha cries and says I was already late while going, and I came to know hostel changed rules yesterday, how can anyone come back before 9pm, I got late by work, they did not let me go inside, I begged and cried, I said I will try to come early tomorrow, I thought of my friend Mamta, she is a nice girl, I left from hostel and…. Rashmi says don’t increase suspense, why are you telling us about your friend, what happened then. Astha says she saw some goons, I was alone and afraid. Shlok gives her a Nautanki expression seeing her. Astha says a lonely girl is like a open treasure and I started running.

Pradeep asks the twist in story. Astha says my life was in risk, and you want twist, where was I. Pradeep says goons were running after you. Astha says yes, I did not know what to do, and I came here as I don’t know anyone in this city. She requests Indrajeet and Ahilya to give her one night stay and she will find another hostel, even when she won’t get admission anywhere.
Poornima says you are a big drama queen, you would have just said you want to stay here tonight, matter would end, you can stay here tonight in servant quarter, find some place tomorrow, as our house is not dharamshala to allow anyone.

Ahilya asks Poornima to understand that anything would have happened with her, she can’t stay in servant quarter, as she is not servant, she is Indrajeet’s PA. Poornima argues. Ahilya says I know what I m doing is right. She says we won’t worry for her safety if she stays here, Indrajeet’s work increased, Sapna can stay here and end work. She asks Indrajeet to say. He says as you say. Rashmi says whats this going on, the house is big, it does not mean any beggar will come here.

Ahilya says Sapna, you don’t need to find any hostel, I told you if I like your work, you can stay here, go to your hostel in morning and get your belongings. She asks everyone to sleep and they all disperse. Astha smiles and winks to Shlok. Keep visiting for fastest updates.

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