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[Story] Tragic – S01 E04

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Yes, it wasn’t a dream. It was actually Chibuogwum that was seen roaming the street. She was shedding tears as she kept shouting ” Where’s is my baby?” On the other hand her husband sitting in the psychiatric hospital was seen pointing everywhere calling on Chinaegbomkpam his son.

Just like a bad dream. Osita came back from work one day and happily hug his wife and kid. He gave them what he bought for them and as soon as the baby saw what his father bought for him, he squealed happily and held tight to his father. Osita’s joy knew no bond as the bond between him and his son was unquantifiable. He was so happy that he lifted his son up and swing him high because that’s one of his favorites. But instead of hearing that joyful laughter that he use to laugh what Osita and his wife Chibuogwum heard was a piercing cry that shattered their hearts followed by spatter of blood.

Osita brought his son down only to see that one part of his face has been ripped apart! It was indeed TRAGIC!!!!