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[Story] The Bonny Island Massacre

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⚛The Bonny Island Massacre⚛


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Mira, Femi and Yvonne were friends right from their university days, but though Femi and Yvonne were from rich homes, Mira was from a poor home, with just her mother and siblings. She had no one to pull strings for her, or a trust fund waiting for her like her friends. But their wealth rubbed off on her, Mira stayed trendy with hand me downs from Yvonne, who was a Fashionista to the core. Mira also had the latest gadgets due to Femi’s benevolence.

Mira had been crushing on Femi since their university days and watched him bamboozle his way through all the slay queens of UniPort. Girls always flocked around Femi, not because of his affluence only, but because of his looks. He was dark like polished ivory, and had the cutest beard game. He was also built, with ribbed stomach and a chest that any woman would want to lay her head on.