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[Story] The Bonny Island Massacre – S01 E18

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 18

Mathias got all the details he needed about the Bonny Island massacre, and how Berkeley and Berkette had been bought over by the government, unknown to Prince Ngegwu. He couldn’t blame them, if they refused the government, their operating license might have been revoked, after all this was not their country. It was now no surprise to him that, the law firm had not tried to sue the NSS for arresting Yvonne after she had been granted bail, or how they had not been pushing for the case to be brought to court. However, he was not going to sit down and watch the government make Yvonne a sacrificial goat especially as the man who claimed to have given Yvonne the contract had been released on bail.

Armed with what he knew, he went with two of his protégées to visit the almighty Prince Ngegwu, whose power could not set his own daughter free. When he entered the lush office of the oil magnate, he could feel the power vibes that radiated from the room. He could tell that decisions that shaped the country were made here, but when he looked towards the desk, what he saw, was a defeated man. Prince Ngegwu was seated behind his desk, with his head in his hands.

Prince Ngegwu: “I know what you are, but what I don’t know is what you are doing here” he said without lifting his head.

Mathias: “You know I am a renowned lawyer, I have brought many convicts back from death row, your daughter isn’t even there, I believe I can help her”

Prince Ngegwu: “Berkeley and Berkett have been trying and they have told me there is no hope. What else can you do?” he asked, standing up now.

Mathias: “Perhaps they told you that, perhaps they even felt that way, but what I know is that, they don’t have the motivation to help Yvonne, I do” he said.

Prince Ngegwu: “And what motivation is that, money? I am not giving you a cent of my money” he replied angrily. He was angry but he was not angry at the man before him, he was angry at the whole country.

Mathias: “If you follow my work, you will know that the associates under me are the ones who really earn for the law firm. I get high profile cases, once in a while. But what I do most, is pro bono” he retorted in a calm voice.

Prince Ngegwu: “pro bono?” He asked.

Mathias: “Yes I am going to fight for your daughter for free” he said.

Prince Ngegwu: “Why, what is your motivation?” his face had a frown, he was puzzled. Berkeley and Berkett were paid huge amount of money, yet they had given up on the case. Here this man was ready to fight for his daughter for free. Something was fishy.

“I am doing this because she is my daughter” he wanted to say, but he couldn’t because, he was not sure that Yvonne was the daughter he gave up long ago, and also because he was not ready to open the can of worms until he had all the facts. He thought it difficult to get to the root of the matter, now that Annabel was dead. Instead he said;

Mathias: “I am doing this because I believe everybody should have a fair defense, and the government is not being fair. Do you know that the law firm you asked to defend your daughter has been bought over by the government?”

Prince Ngegwu: “What!” he exclaimed, bolting out of his seat. He picked up his phone immediately and began to make calls.

Mathias had turned to leave after Prince Ngegwu had given him the go-ahead to take over the case only if Yvonne agreed to it, but out of the blue, a question formed in his mind and he stopped on his track. He turned and saw Prince Ngegwu looking at him quizzically, wondering why he stopped.

Mathias: “When was Yvonne born?” he asked.

Prince Ngegwu: “What has her birth got to do with anything?” he asked quizzically.

Mathias: “Never mind, I will be on my way now” he said and left hurriedly.

Femi tried all he could to see Yvonne again, but she refused to see him. She had already written him off. His life was a mess; Yvonne had cut him off, the investigator was not forthcoming with any news about his biological parents and despite all his effort, Coveteur remained closed. He decided to try to ask his foster father for help. He took his car keys and drove to his father’s house.

His father was having his evening tea when Femi strolled in. They both stared at each other without saying a word. It had been long they saw each other, and even though he found out he was not his biological child, he still missed his father.

“Don’t you think you have stayed angry for too long, couldn’t you forgive him?” a voice in him asked. He shrugged off his conscience.

“Why should I forgive someone who is not sorry?” he thought within, in a bid to silence his nosy conscience.

“He is sorry, can’t you see?” the voice asked again.

“If he is sorry, why isn’t he out there, helping me look for my parents, why does he refuse to help?” he was finally able to shut his conscience as he strode towards his father.

Femi: “Hello sir” he said, he had stopped calling him ‘Father’, since his mother died.

Femi’s father: “My son, I have been trying to reach you, what I see on the internet is disappointing. Your nude pictures are there for the whole world to see. What is going on with you?” he asked, puzzled by this new act, the ‘Femi’ he raised, was a decent Muslim who wouldn’t be caught with his pants down. Femi could see concern on his face, but he dismissed it.

Femi: “I need your help” he said curtly.

Femi’s father: “Not again Femi, I have been your father since you were born, what do you care about people who didn’t want you?” he asked, turning away from his son.

Femi: ‘It is my decision to care or not to care. However, that is not why I need your help. Help me help Yvonne” he said.

His father put his head down in resignation, heaving a loud sigh.

Femi’s father: “I must say my son, things are really dire. The president wants Yvonne to pay. What happened on that day has crippled the ruling party and they are crying for blood” he replied.

Before Femi could say another word, Mira walked into the room wearing a bright smile. She walked straight to Femi’s father and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Mira: “Congratulations sir, you are the newest grandfather in town” she said and giggled. Both father and son looked at her with bemused faces.

Femi: ‘What nonsense are you up to this time?” he demanded, raising his voice.

Mira: “This is too good to be told, see for yourself” she said and flung an envelope at him. Femi caught it in the air and when he saw the hospital seal, his heart beat faster. He opened the envelope and brought out a lone piece of paper. His eyes danced across the paper in quick movements.

Femi: “What is this, are you kidding me?” he asked flinging the paper on the floor. His father stood up and took the paper, to satisfy his curiosity. As he read it, a smile spread on his face.

Femi’s father: “Wow, you are 2 weeks pregnant, this calls for a celebration” he said and patted his son on the back.

Femi: “Your pregnancy has nothing to do with me, so you can just take that paper to the one who is responsible for your pregnancy”

Mira: “How can you say that, this child is yours and you have to be responsible for him” she said pointing her finger into his face.

Femi’s father: ‘Let us all calm down and talk things out” he said and then turned to his son, “You had unprotected sex with her, what were you expecting would come out of that?”

Femi rubbed his head in confusion, instead of things getting simpler, things were getting more complicated. How could Mira get pregnant for him, how would he explain this to Yvonne?

“She must not find out, if she does, she will be so devastated. Oh God” he pondered as he paced the room.

His parents had not wanted him, they had given him out, and he could not afford to reject his own child, regardless of how it came about. He knew that Mira’s pregnancy would make things harder for him and Yvonne.

Femi: “If that child is mine, I will be responsible for it” he said without looking at Mira.

Mira: “Then we should start our marriage plans” she said.

Femi: “What!” he exclaimed, staring at her wide eyed.