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[Story] The Bonny Island Massacre – S01 E12

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Femi was thrown into a state of confusion when he went to Coveteur and found NSS agents everywhere in the building, disturbing the flow of operations.

Femi: “Can somebody explain what is going on here?” he barked when he entered Yvonne’s office and found it turned upside down. There were bullet proof vested men everywhere going through cabinets, files and just throwing things around. Femi, when he saw the mess thought to himself that, Yvonne would lose her mind if she saw her office right now. Yvonne was a perfectionist, she liked every little detail taken care of, and it showed in her office. Everything had a place and you would never find a stray paper or object.

He was surprised to find NSS agents in the office because he knew that despite the fact that Yvonne had been granted bail, investigations were still ongoing and her date in court was in a fortnight, but it was the police jurisdiction. One of the NSS agents shoved a paper in his face, it had the seal of the President, and it authorized the NSS to take over the investigation, as it had become a matter of national security.

Femi: “How is this case a matter of national security, was the sovereignty of the nation threatened?” he asked, his anger boiling to the top. He didn’t know what to think about the Bonny Island massacre, but what he knew was, the ruling party was turning it into a political thing.

NSS agent: “I have no answers to give you, but let me shock you, this place is going to be under lock and key until the end of our investigations” he said, taking pleasure in seeing the panic on Femi’s face.

Femi: “You mean this office?” he asked, even though his heart already knew the answer.

NSS agent: “This whole building, infact Coveteur’s license to do business has been revoked, until we are sure that this company was not a front for malicious activities against the state”

Femi: “This is too much!” he yelled in frustration.

NSS agent: “Please someone escort him out, and tell everyone to vacate this building, business is closed indefinitely” he said.

Femi was stunned, so much that as he was led out, he obliged without any resistance. Outside the gate, he looked up at the beautiful edifice that housed the dream he had built with Yvonne. He smiled a bitter smile.

Femi: “Yvonne my darling, what Daisy could not do in life, she did in death. She brought you down, and took me along” he said aloud, not minding the members of his staff that stood around him with confusion on their faces, they had just lost their jobs without any explanation. He was still standing there when he felt a touch on his arm, he turned and saw Mira.

Mira rushed into his arms and began to sob, Femi put his arms around her and hugged her back. He felt they were both in grief over what had happened to their mutual friend, and to their lives in general.

Mira: “What are they saying Femi? I am so confused” she said when Femi pulled away from the embrace.

Femi: “The NSS has an order from the president; they are calling this a matter of national security. I am as confused as you are” he said. Mira became thoughtful, as she wiped away her tears.

Mira: ‘What is going to happen to Coveteur now?” she asked looking into Femi’s eyes.

Femi: “Closed indefinitely. I have to call my father; perhaps he could pull some strings and get Coveteur opened. ” he said thoughtfully.

Yvonne stood before the door of her parents’ room and listened to them quarrel. Her heart broke with every word that spilled out of their mouths.

Prince Ngegwu: “You think I don’t know? I know everything. I kept quiet because my reputation was at stake. I have my own children from my second marriage which I have kept secret but not anymore” he yelled.

Annabel: “You don’t know what you are talking about. Yvonne is in every way your daughter, she has the same fire I see in your eyes, the same stubbornness and doggedness, what are you saying my darling?” she asked in the most broken voice that Yvonne had ever heard.

Prince Ngegwu: “Don’t kid yourself, we stopped being darlings long ago. I found out, glad I did” he retorted and told Annabel how he found out her best kept secret.

It so happened that, when Yvonne was just three years old, then she was the light of her father’s life. Her mother had traveled to China for a business summit, and she was left under the care of her personal nurse. But her father dropped everything and stayed home to take care of her. One day, there was a call from her school, Yvonne had been rushed to the hospital. Her father went there and he was told that his daughter needed blood because, for reasons unknown to the doctor, her Hb count (Hemoglobin count) was low. Her father, being the obvious choice for a donor, donated two pints of blood for his daughter.

But Prince Ngegwu was called into the doctor’s office and told that his daughter still needed blood because his blood was not a match.

Doctor: “The blood is not a match; it appears that you are not the father of this child. Was she adopted?” he asked innocently, oblivious of the damage he was wrecking in the heart of the man before him.

Prince Ngegwu: “That is impossible, are you sure you know your job at all?” he stood up in anger, and demanded that his daughter be released to him.

He called his family doctor and they sent an ambulance which conveyed Yvonne from the hospital where her school had taken her to, to the family’s hospital. But the doctor who was a friend for years told him the same thing, his blood did not match his daughter’s. He requested for a DNA testing, and it confirmed his worst fears. Yvonne, the girl he had built his life around, and whom he had willed all his wealth to, was not his biological daughter. His world had come crashing down, and when he looked at the beautiful Yvonne, he had cried physically.

Prince Ngegwu could not stop himself from loving Yvonne, so he still gave her all she needed. But he began to distance himself from her. He hoped that with time, she would lose her tug on his heart strings. He threw himself into his businesses, and was rarely at home. Yvonne could not understand why her father who used to be her sunshine was rarely around. In her little mind, she thought that her father did not love her anymore because she fell sick. Fathers do not love sickly children, she thought. But as she grew older, she believed her father valued wealth above his family, especially as she saw that her father gave her mother the same treatment. It isn’t me, it is him, she thought.

But Prince Ngegwu, in staying away from home, ran into the arms of his secretary. Since they spent a lot of time together, feelings got involved. One night when his company won a lucrative oil block, instead of going home to celebrate with his family, he stayed in his office and opened a bottle of Sicilian wine, with his secretary. They drank and before they knew it, they were rolling on top of each other in the big comfy couch in the office. Weeks passed after that night of passion, and though Prince Ngegwu began to want more of his secretary, he put a lid on his libido and behaved as professionally as he could with her. But his secretary came in one day, with tears in her eyes and a white envelope in her hand.

Secretary: “Sir, I am so sorry, I thought I was safe” she said sobbing.

Prince Ngegwu: “What is going on?” he asked calmly.

Secretary: “I am pregnant and I had unprotected sex with only you” she blurted out. He just stared at her with a passive face, and stretched forth his hand for the envelope. He took out the result and perused it with the same passive face. His secretary was wondering what was going through his mind, she expected that he would tell her to abort it , after all he had a family. Howbeit, she was ready to abort the baby because she was not ready to be anybody’s baby mama. But what Prince Ngegwu said, was the last thing she had expected him to say.

Prince Ngegwu: “So we are having a baby, I will wire some money to your account so you can start your ante-natal. Of course I will get a new secretary, it is good anyway, was already tired of the sexual tension. You can have any house of your choice, anywhere but Bonny Island.” He said in a rush, his secretary could barely understand what he was saying, but all she could tell was that this man wanted to make her his baby mama. However she heard otherwise.

Prince Ngegwu: “However, this must be kept a secret; no one must find out, I have a reputation to uphold. But after the birth of the child, we will do a DNA test, and if he or she is really mine, then we will get married in Armenia, where no one will find out” he said.

Prince Ngegwu had been betrayed by his wife’s treachery, he had always seen himself as less of a man since all his seeds were miscarried, but another man’s seed had brought forth a beautiful and smart child such as Yvonne. It was the reason that, he made sure he was not enthusiastic about his secretary’s pregnancy. But his secretary gave him hope when she delivered a baby boy whom he found out through DNA to be his child.

It was at that moment that he told his secretary about his wife’s treachery, and proposed marriage to her. After the boy, she gave birth to a girl, and Prince Ngegwu established her, and she became a prominent woman. She left Oil and Gas, and pursued her dreams, paving her own path in Advertising.

Question: Who is the secretary and did Yvonne’s mother really cheat?