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[Story] Perfect Secret Love – S01 E1322

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1322

She has another name

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Uh… yeah, a tiger. It’s a real tiger. Those five mercenaries said it’s Miss Worriless’ pet in China…” Duan Fei frantically nodded.

Ji Xiuran didn’t say anything else and merely hooked his finger toward Si Mingli.

Upon seeing that, Si Mingli shakily walked to the front of the main hall.

Si Mingli had no idea what happened and didn’t have a clue as to why the renowned Emperor Ji abducted him to this place…

“I heard you once sent people to kill Worriless,” Ji Xiuran said with a light chuckle when Si Mingli got closer.

“Huh… Worriless?” Si Mingli was startled and looked confused. “W-who’s Worriless? I… I don’t know that person at all. When did I ever send someone to kill someone named Worriless…”

Si Mingli wasn’t lying. He really didn’t know the Worriless that Ji Xiuran spoke of.

“You don’t know?” Ji Xiuran nodded with a chuckle. “She has another name; it’s Ye Wanwan.”

“Ye… Ye Wanwan?!” Si Mingli was absolutely shocked. How was Ye Wanwan related to Emperor Ji of the Independent State? They had nothing to do with each other!

“E-emperor Ji, you and Ye Wanwan are…?” Si Mingli asked warily.

“She’s my… younger sister.” The smile in Emperor Ji’s eyes suddenly turned to ice, and before Si Mingli could react, he latched Si Mingli by his throat.

The sound of bones cracking resounded, and Si Mingli’s neck was crushed by Emperor Ji within seconds.


Emperor Ji raised his right arm and casually tossed Si Mingli’s corpse aside. He said faintly, “Duan Fei, bring them all here.”

“Yes.” Duan Fei nodded and left.

A moment later, the five-member mercenary group and a young man was brought to the main hall.

If Ye Wanwan was here, she would recognize that the young man was the ex-captain of the Si family’s hidden guards, Liuying.

“Who are you?” Liuying’s eyes were calm as he swept over the gathered people and questioned coldly.

“You don’t need to know that much. You just need to honestly answer everything we ask,” a middle-aged man situated beneath Emperor Ji coldly said as he looked at Liuying.

“You’re asking for it!”

Liuying became furious. He lifted his right arm and opened his hand, trying to grab the middle-aged man who spoke.

The middle-aged man snorted and attacked with his elbow. Before Liuying could approach him, his elbow fiercely slammed into Liuying’s abdomen.

Liuying collapsed onto the ground weakly in the next second.

“What’s the situation between Ye Wanwan and the previous patriarch of the Si family?! the middle-aged man asked while staring at Liuying.

“I don’t know!” Liuying replied.

“You don’t know? How could you not know as the previous captain of the Si family’s hidden guards?!” The middle-aged man’s eyes sparkled frostily.

“Hmph, enough nonsense. I don’t know anything.” Liuying sneered.

“Heh… What a backbone you have. Even if you won’t tell me, someone else will tell me.” The middle-aged man’s eyes landed on the five-member group before looking away.

“Emperor Ji, it’s useless to keep this person. Let’s kill him.” The middle-aged man turned to Emperor Ji.

However, Emperor Ji chuckled and said, “No need.”

Emperor Ji already made his decision, so the middle-aged man didn’t say anything else naturally and turned to the five-member mercenary group instead.

Little Lolita shuddered from his attentive gaze.

Emperor Ji… The ruler of Europe’s underground empire, a tyrant who was worthy of his title…