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[Story] Perfect Secret Love – S01 E1265

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1265

What’s Fake Can’t Became Genuine!

Translator: Henyee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

Bang. The stunning woman heavily crashed onto the ground.

At that moment, a young man opened the door of the hall and entered slowly.

The man wore a black suit with an extraordinary aura. Judging from his looks, he was of both Western and Asian descent.

“Emperor Ji.” The man walked to the base of Emperor Ji’s chair, his bearing refined, and he bowed slightly to Emperor Ji.

The faint smile returned to the man’s face, and his gaze shifted.

The hall turned completely silent when its occupants saw the refined man dressed in a suit.

One of the eight gods under Emperor Ji—Skeleton…

“Skeleton, tell me,” Emperor Ji said with a light chuckle.

The man in a suit, Skeleton, nodded and thought over his words before reporting to Emperor Ji, “Emperor Ji, we’ve thoroughly investigated the situation with the Nie family.

The Nie family’s Second Miss has indeed returned to the Nie family, and they’ve conducted DNA testing and confirmed that she is Second Miss Worriless Nie. However, the Nie family currently has the news under lockdown and hasn’t publicized this matter yet.”

“Oh… Is that so?” Emperor Ji’s lips turned up with an odd smile when he heard Skeleton’s report.

“Emperor Ji, since we’ve confirmed that Miss Worriless has returned, should we prepare to visit her?” Skeleton asked.

“No need.” Emperor Ji said dryly, “The genuine can’t become fake, but the fake also can’t become genuine.”

Skeleton’s eyes turned icy. “Emperor Ji is saying that… the second miss who showed up at the Nie family isn’t the real Miss Worriless?”

“Heh. Miss Worriless is Emperor Ji’s fiancée, and you and Miss Worriless are childhood sweethearts, so you know Miss Worriless better than Patriarch Nie and Madam Nie. If that girl really is the real Miss Worriless, there’s no way she would stay inside the Nie residence for so long…” a certain higher-up said with a chuckle.

Emperor Ji didn’t respond to him and merely said with a smile, “How interesting… A fake Worriless appeared in the Nie family and could deceive the outstandingly intelligent Madam Nie. That Third Miss is probably the only one in the entire Nie family who is capable of doing this.”

Skeleton said, “Third Miss of the Nie family, Nie Linglong… an orphan who Miss Worriless rescued from a patrician family when she was young. Nie Linglong was originally a daughter of some small martial patrician family in the Independent State, but her clan was extinguished because her parents offended a great patrician family. Only Nie Linglong was rescued by Miss Worriless. After that, Miss Worriless meticulously took care of her and brought her back to the Nie family. Madam Nie saw that she was well-behaved and clever, so Madam Nie took her in as an adopted daughter.”

“That’s right.” Ji Xiuran smiled with mockery in his eyes. “However, this Nie Linglong doesn’t seem to be grateful in the slightest…”

Although Nie Linglong became the third miss of the Nie family, she had to live in Worriless’ shadows the entire time, so she probably became disloyal a long time ago out of greed.

“Emperor Ji, since it’s like that…” A certain higher-up’s eyes resembled daggers.

If the second miss in the Nie family was really an imposter, then they could expose her to the patriarch of the Nie family if they had concrete evidence.

“No need to interfere with the Nie family’s business.” The man above them shook his head before the higher-up finished speaking.

“Haha. Emperor Ji, ever since Miss Worriless went missing, that Nie Linglong has wanted to see you every day… I wager she’s nothing good since she wants to snatch her own sister’s fiancé,” an elderly man guffawed.

Emperor Ji didn’t reply to him and merely intently looked at the high-spirited girl in the photo in his hand.