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[Story] Perfect Secret Love – S01 E1264

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1264

Emperor Ji

Translator: Henyee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

“Emperor Ji, the Fearless Alliance is growing more and more impudent! Several patrician families loyal to us were exterminated by the Fearless Alliance overnight without a chicken surviving! They’re simply daring!” a middle-aged man indignantly exclaimed as he looked at Emperor Ji.

Another person echoed in agreement. “That’s right. Ever since the president of the Fearless Alliance went missing, the Fearless Alliance hasn’t been as prosperous as before. If you consent, we can immediately wage war against the Fearless Alliance, Emperor Ji!”

“Fearless Alliance, is it…”

An inexplicable smile lightly rose on the man’s ethereal and exquisite face.

His smiling face looked like it came from a painting and wielded an unworldly aura. He looked like he was harmless and unimposing, but no one dared to slight or ignore the man due to the superior aura that hung around him.

After all, this person was the sovereign of Europe’s entire underground syndicate and the heir of the Ji family, one of the four great clans of the Independent State—Emperor Ji… Ji Xiuran!

When Fearless Alliance was mentioned, the man’s eyes dimmed, and he became absent-minded, as though he was lost in his thoughts and was reminiscing the past.

“Worriless…” the man muttered gently.

“Emperor Ji… How… how should we deal with the Fearless Alliance?” a certain man asked with a frown.

“Leave them be,” the man said indifferently as he returned to reality.

The middle-aged man was startled briefly before his expression shifted. “Emperor Ji, several martial patrician families under me were exterminated by the Fearless Alliance. Forget about me… But I’m just afraid it’ll humiliate you later. That’s… not so good, right?!”

“I said… leave them be…” The man had a harmless smile, but it was precisely this smile that made the middle-aged man’s heart pound wildly and cold sweat seep from his forehead.

The man in front of them was a legendary character in the Independent State and was the emperor of underground Europe.

He was young, but he established the underground rules of Europe with his own hands and became the emperor of the underworld in both name and reality.

This signature smile might look harmless, but it was actually…

Without any surprise, the middle-aged man kept silent as soon as he saw this scary smile.

Sitting in this seat above them, the man reached underneath his jacket and took out an old photo.

The photo looked aged but remained perfectly preserved.

A moment later, Emperor Ji asked a woman with extremely stunning looks in the hall. “Is there news of the person I’m looking for?”

“There isn’t…” The woman walked up and shook her head.

“Emperor Ji…” The woman gently placed her snow-white hand on the man’s arm with adoration and reverence brimming from her face. “She’s been gone for so many years already… and she had a child with another man… Why haven’t you forgotten about her yet… Even we can’t find her, so perhaps she’s already dead… Emperor Ji, why can’t you… see the people beside you…”

The man’s smiling gaze landed on the stunning woman in front of him. “Is the person beside me… you?”

The woman looked joyful when she heard that.

However, before she could say anything, the man grabbed her neck in a death grip.

Her legs immediately left the ground. She was picked up by her neck and was hanging in the air.

The woman grew extremely terrified as she fearfully stared at the man who still maintained his faint smile, but she didn’t dare to struggle at all.


The man flicked his arm slightly and tossed the woman into the air.