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[Story] Perfect Secret Love – S01 E1263

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1263

All The Clues Point To One Place

Translator: Henyee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

Si Mingli wanted to eliminate her multiple times even when Si Yehan was still there. Not to mention now that Si Yehan was missing with his fate unknown…

“You’re Ah-Jiu’s confidant. You’d also be in danger if you returned to the Si residence,” Ye Wanwan said while looking at Xu Yi.

However, Xu Yi helplessly smiled and said, “Miss Wanwan, no need to worry about me… My father predicted this outcome when Si Mingli returned, so he swallowed his pride and was the first to pledge fealty to Si Mingli, along with the entire Xu family…”

“I was also forced to swear to be loyal to Si Mingli against my conscience. Hence, Si Mingli treats the Xu family quite well and isn’t harsh on us.”

Ye Wanwan nodded when she heard Xu Yi’s explanation. This was actually a fairly smart method. Since Si Mingli dared to return, Xu Yi had to be well-prepared.

“Now, Si Mingli teamed up with the Qin family and took complete control of the Si family… The current Si family is under Si Mingli and Qin Ruoxi’s rule… This nearly irreversible situation can only be resolved if Ninth Master returns,” Xu family said with a sigh.

It was easier said than done. Si Yehan had disappeared for so many days already. He would’ve already been found if he could be found. Even Xu Yi wondered whether an accident happened to Si Yehan, and if he was dead already…

“I understand. You’ll have a big burden for a while. You mustn’t act rashly in the Si family. It’d be best if you had a chance to take Grandmother out… As for Ah-Jiu, I’ll look for him,” Ye Wanwan said after some contemplation.

Whether it was for her background, the current situation in the Si family, or herself… she needed to find Si Yehan.

“Miss Wanwan, Si Mingli is still busy cleaning the mess in the Si family right now, so he shouldn’t have time to do anything to you…” Xu Yi looked at Ye Wanwan. “However, after Si Mingli stabilizes things in the Si family, I’m afraid he won’t spare you. It’d be best for you to leave this place and find a place to wait out the storm.”

“No need to worry about me. I’ll be careful.” Ye Wanwan gave Xu Yi a smile for his kind reminder.

Heh, so many people wanted her life. One more wouldn’t matter.

“It’s late, I’ll head back now. Otherwise, Si Mingli and Qin Ruoxi will get suspicious,” Xu Yi said.

Ye Wanwan nodded and stood up, escorting Xu Yi out of the Little House of Rose.

After Xu Yi left, Ye Wanwan involuntarily fell into contemplation.

Based on the current situation, she had to find Si Yehan, and all the clues pointed to one place—the Independent State…

Ye Wanwan dialed Xie Zhezhi’s number with one last ray of hope.

However, his phone still couldn’t be reached.

When Ye Wanwan first discovered something happened to Si Yehan, she tried to contact Xie Zhezhi and Lin Que, but both of them were coincidentally abroad and couldn’t be reached.

It was though all her connections with Si Yehan were broken overnight…

It appeared the only method left was to find Si Yehan…

At the same time, in the Independent State, at a certain capital of crime that was secluded from the world:

A man in an elegant, snow-white suit with his hand supporting his head was sitting above a hall. There was a faint, boy-next-door smile that was gentle like the spring breeze hanging on his exquisite face.

Occasional chatter could be heard from the dimly lit hall below him.