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[Story] Perfect Secret Love – S01 E1261

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1261

You’re Lucky

Translator: Henyee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

“Anyway, thank you for your help,” Ye Wanwan expressed her thanks to these men again.

Although those cars wouldn’t have caused any genuine harm to her even if this man didn’t act, it would’ve still been hard work for her to take care of men in black herself.

“Little Miss, you’re lucky you ran into us. Remember, don’t go on night jogs by yourself in the middle of the night next time! There’s a lot of bad people out there!” the strong men’s leader meaningfully lectured her with an elder’s tone.

Ye Wanwan merely nodded and didn’t reply.

These strong men probably weren’t good people either. One of them mentioned they were expelled from the Fearless Alliance because they didn’t completely accomplish a mission given by a higher-up in the Fearless Alliance. They extinguished an entire patrician family but allowed that family’s dog to escape…

These strong men probably had quite a few lives on their hands too.

After thanking the men again, Ye Wanwan called a taxi and rushed to the Little House of Rose.

During the taxi ride, Ye Wanwan had a deep frown on her face. Too many things happened lately.

The Ye family, the Si family, and herself…

The only thing she got out of it was that traces of her original memories kept popping up in her mind.

Although these memories were incomplete, they were very clear.

Besides Grandpa, Ye Wanwan also vaguely recalled some scenes at a school setting…

However, the school in her memory was vastly, vastly different from a normal school. There was fighting… as well as blood and constant anguished wailing.

These memories were incomplete though, and she could only remember a small portion of them.

Ye Wanwan was now more curious about her background and the type of person her extremely imposing grandfather was, as well as how her parents died…

Everything was like a hazy fog, but the more Ye Wanwan wanted to brush away this fog, the deeper she sank into it. She couldn’t see anything clearly.

Currently, the best solution would be to find Si Yehan and make him tell her the truth.

Who was she? Who was her grandfather? Why did Si Yehan leave the Si family without a word and go to the Independent State…

As long as she found Si Yehan, the whole truth would surface!

However, a thornier problem was the matter with the Ye family.

Her father and brother’s case were filed and being investigated, so if she couldn’t find the true culprit and discover concrete evidence that proved Liang Meixuan and Steward Huang were the true masterminds, she was afraid…

Even if she wasn’t Ye Wanwan, she couldn’t ignore her family’s matters since she considered them her family. Even if she wasn’t Ye Wanwan, she wouldn’t deny the time she spent with them and her feelings toward them during this period of time.

As soon as she recalled how the real Ye Wanwan was dead already, she still felt guilty toward her brother and parents even though she hadn’t intentionally pretended to be Ye Wanwan.

Her feud with Liang Meixuan and Steward Huang was irreversibly established this time. Ye Wanwan never expected Steward Huang to hire killers to kill her…

Soon, the taxi arrived at Little House of Rose, and Ye Wanwan left through the back after paying.

Xu Yi had been waiting outside of the Little House of Rose. He walked up as soon as Ye Wanwan exited the car. “Miss Wanwan, did something happen?”

Xu Yi called Ye Wanwan several times, but none of his calls were picked up, so he was slightly worried.

“I was hindered by some minor matters. Let’s head inside first.” Ye Wanwan led Xu Yi inside the Little House of Rose.