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[Story] Perfect Secret Love – S01 E1259

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1259

A Troublesome Person

Translator: Henyee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

Fearless Alliance…

Why does this name sound familiar?

Ye Wanwan pondered it and recalled how she talked to Mr. Mu extensively due to her great interest in the Independent State. Back then, Mr. Mu mentioned the Fearless Alliance was the faction you wanted to provoke the least in the Independent State.

The Fearless Alliance was a terrifying faction that was filled with experts in the Independent State. The leader was a girl, but she was called Bro Flattop in the outside world. She was very mysterious, and outsiders had never seen Bro Flattop’s true appearance.

Any faction that offended the Fearless Alliance would be eradicated without a single survivor remaining, not even a chicken…

Ye Wanwan was very curious back then about why their boss’ nickname was Bro Flattop and the metaphorical meaning behind it.

Later, she learned that “Bro Flattop” was referring to an animal in the grasslands of Africa; its common name was honey badger.

Since the heads of honey badgers were fairly smooth and looked like flattops from the distance, people called honey badgers “Bro Flattop.”

When Ye Wanwan first saw the name “honey badger,” she thought it was some cute little animal. It wasn’t until she looked it up that she realized how vicious this creature was.

Although there was a tuft of white fur on the top of its head and it looked very adorable, it was listed as the “world’s most fearless animal.”

These creatures didn’t fear any kind of animals and their favorite thing to do was stir trouble. They provoked lions and tigers and ate poisonous snakes like spicy strips 1 . If they weren’t fighting, then they were on their way to a fight.

There wasn’t any zoo in the world that could enclose them. They were different from other cave animals who liked to stay home; they made tunnels and caves but didn’t like to stay home. They liked to run everywhere and seek thrills.

There was logic in the saying, “The poor fear the unreasonable, the unreasonable fear the dense, and the dense fear the fearless.” Even though the honey badgers themselves didn’t have a large figure, most animals avoided them vehemently because honey badgers liked to take risks, were fearless, could seriously hold grudges, and were immune to poison. Even the large, ferocious animals at the top of the food chain detested them especially and feared provoking them the most.

Hence, based on this nickname alone, she could wager the kind of troublesome character that was the boss of the Fearless Alliance…

However, these dozen or so strong men with bald heads were claiming they were members of the vicious and heinous faction of the Independent State—the Fearless Alliance. They even… they even said she was the boss of the Fearless Alliance…

Was she dreaming? Or was there a screw loose in these people’s heads…

“Boss, allow us to explain. We were forced to leave the Independent State and come to China… Take us back with you… We want to rejoin the Fearless Alliance and stay by your side, Boss…” The leader plopped onto the ground and latched onto Ye Wanwan’s calf, unwilling to let go.

“Boss, take us back to Fearless Alliance…” the other strong men also pleaded while shedding tears.


Ye Wanwan was bewildered. What’s going on?

“Boss, we guarantee we’ll complete our mission without any mishaps from now on.

Take us back to the Fearless Alliance…”

The strong men all looked at Ye Wanwan pleadingly.

“I’m sorry… You’ve mistaken me for someone else…” Ye Wanwan said after examining the men in front of her for a moment.

Although Ye Wanwan knew her original memories were erased by Si Yehan already and were forcefully supplanted with Ye Wanwan’s memories, she was sure she didn’t hold any connection to the Independent State and had nothing to do with the nefarious Fearless Alliance.