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[Story] Perfect Secret Love – S01 E1048

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1048

You can try

Translator: Henyee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

Everyone present shook their heads and sighed. The Si family’s pride had been completely destroyed by this woman today!

The other four guards of the Si family gritted their teeth with fury. However, Kawada was too strong. They couldn’t even see when Kawada attacked.

Without giving them time to think, Kawada raised his hand again and attacked another guard.

His palm was extremely fast, and only the whipping whoosh of wind could be heard.

However, in a fraction of a second, Ye Wanwan moved…

At the same time, a crisp “slap” was heard.

Kawada’s attack was forcibly blocked by Ye Wanwan.

“Oh?!” Kawada’s eyes glinted. This woman was able to stop his attack.

“You want to compete with me that much?”

Ye Wanwan released Kawada and looked at Yamamoto Tsubasa, her eyes like the unfathomable ocean.

“Heh… To me, you’re a piece of trash—that’s all.” Yamamoto Tsubasa stared at Ye Wanwan with interest. “However, you’re the representative of the Si family, and my goal for coming here today was to smush the three great clans under my feet. Unfortunately, every single one of you is garbage, so I wouldn’t gain any pleasure even if I did stomp on you, am I right?”

“You can try,” Ye Wanwan said.

“Heh, considering that you’re a piece of trash, I’ll give you 10 seconds to prepare. In 10 seconds, I’ll beat you to death,” Yamamoto Tsubasa told her with a sneer while looking at her.

However, as soon as Yamamoto Tsubasa finished talking, Ye Wanwan suddenly raised her arm.


The crisp slap reverberated throughout the area.

In front of everyone, Ye Wanwan slapped Yamamoto Tsubasa.

Yamamoto Tsubasa regained his wits, and a cold glint flashed through his eyes. “You… dared to sneak attack me…”

“Sneak attack?” Upon hearing that, Ye Wanwan snorted contemptuously. “You gave me 10 seconds to prepare, but I finished preparing in a second. This slap was my offense. You merely didn’t block it, so how could you say I sneak attacked you?”

Sun Xuezhen commented with a sneer, “This woman is twisting words and forcing logic. How could she do something as low as carrying out a sneak attack?!”

Words flew everywhere amongst the onlookers. They all loathed and disapproved of Ye Wanwan’s rogue style of sneak attack.

“You… are really trying to die today… aren’t you?”

A cold glint flashed through Yamamoto Tsubasa’s eyes and his palm shot toward Ye Wanwan.


Without waiting for Yamamoto Tsubasa’s palm to approach, Ye Wanwan stepped to the side before giving Yamamoto Tsubasa another loud slap.

The two successive loud slaps sent Yamamoto Tsubasa into a mad rage. He swung his arm up and directed the side of his palm toward her neck.

An icy glint flitted in Ye Wanwan’s eyes, and without anyone seeing, she grabbed Yamamoto Tsubasa’s hand in an instant.

Ye Wanwan’s hand was like an enormous mountain, unshakable and powerful. No matter what Yamamoto Tsubasa did, he couldn’t escape from Ye Wanwan’s grasp.

At the same time, Ye Wanwan’s right hand extended toward Yamamoto Tsubasa but stopped three inches away.

Within two breaths’ time, Ye Wanwan drew in strength from her hips and gathered all her power into her right palm.

This palm was as fast as lightning and astonishingly powerful.

Everyone present was stupefied. No one saw the tracks of Ye Wanwan’s palm.


The next second, Ye Wanwan’s palm ferociously landed on Yamamoto Tsubasa’s forehead with a loud bang.

Under everyone’s unbelievable eyes, Yamamoto Tsubasa released a wretched scream, and his body was sent flying dozens of meters back like a snipped kite.

“This… this is impossible!!!” Sun Xuezhen shot up. She was in complete disbelief from this scene.

“What?!” Qin Ruoxi’s calm face also cracked.