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[Story] My Ugly Husband – S01 E13

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 13

My ugly husband 👿😈

“My daughter see how ugly and tattered you are looking right now, hope they are not manhandling you? My mom touched my hand as she came to visit me at the prison.

“Mom i want to go home, they are torturing me, i am tired of this place” i said crying.

“My dear next week is your court hearing there is no way you can leave here now, my daughter and i warned you , didn’t i, see where your foolishness has landed you , why did you kill your husband, i didn’t want to believe it, but the evidence is clear, so the only thing i can help you with is a lawyer, the lawyer will fight on your case, i am so ashamed of you and myself, i regret giving birth to a daughter like you, i cannot face your mother in law again, she doesn’t want to see me, everyone now knows me as a mother of a murderer, ha adeshewa you really disgraced me” she said as she bursted into tears.

” Mom am sorry, i am so sorry , i am sorry, it was john , john was the one that deceived me ” i said crying .

“Who is john? She asked.

” mom, john na, john my freind, that you met us together at the restaurant that day , that you had to drag me out, mom and you warned me ooo, i never listened ” i said crying.

“I don’t think, i ever saw you at restaurant since you married, not to talk of dragging you outside, i don’t think, i ever saw you with man apart from your husband, so what are you saying? She asked facing me.

“Mom have you forgotten that restaurant , you came and met me and john eating and you dragged me out, and you later went in and brought my bag” i said .

“He egbami, are you hallucinating , or are you just making things up, see i never saw you at any restaurant or drag you out, so what are you saying? See if you implicate someone then implicate someone that is real stop imagining, no wonder the policeman said he doesn’t think you are normal, my dear are you ok? She said staring at me. What is mum saying na? She dragged me out that day , she even insulted john so what is all this .

“Time up” the jailer said as he walked in.

“My daughter see you next week because your dad has banned me from visiting you , he is not around now that is why i sneaked here , the lawyer will visit you tomorrow please listen to him” she said as she stood up and went out.


” shewa please stop talking about john, there is no john , the officers has investigated , there is no john at all ,all the information you gave them about him were not real , even on your phone , you said you chatted with him but where the police went through your phone there was no one like that , even the place you went together , they collected the cctv footage , you were not there not to talk of john see i think you made him up in your mind, so someone will be held accountable for what you did , so stop deceiving yourself, i don’t even know what i can do on your case” the lawyer said as he shook his head.

“I am not making things up, john is real , we kissed so he is real , he was the one that gave me the potion and he said the potion will make my husband not to love me again, and i didn’t know it was poison” i said.

” see, adeshewa i am tired see the prosecutor has won this case already, i am just a figurehead, because all the evidences are pointing to you, so adeshewa na u know, keep lieing and be forming a boy in your head, till you are hanged to death, the only thing that will pain me is the money your mom paid, because this case you can’t win it,and you here not even confessing to me your lawyer why you killed him, so i can know what to do, see maybe we will meet at the court ” he said as he stood up.

“I killed my husband because i don’t love him” i shouted, the lawyer stopped, since no one doesn’t want to believe that i didn’t kill my husband on my own accord nor do they believe john is real then there must be a reason for me to kill my husband .