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[Story] My Ugly Husband – S01 E12

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 12

Police station

” why did you kill your husband? The officer asked facing me.

“I have told you several times, i didn’t kill him, i don’t know how it happened ” i said glaring at her.

” oh, oh, adeshewa you know i am gentle with you, that is why i haven’t manhandled you, you better start confessing now, before i deal with you” she said angrily.

” what do you want me to say? You want me to say ,i killed my husband right ” i said.

” yes, you killed him , just confess that you are the one that poisoned your husband , just confess, i will help you” she said gently. I will not say anything until I see john.

” shewa, i know you are very stubborn, so i will show you the evidence we have with us ” the other officer said as he played a video on his phone, in the video , i was in the kitchen adding something into david food , it even showed the red cloth that was used to wrap the potion, the video showed how david sat in the dining table and was munching his food and i also was with him laughing and talking.

“I don’t think you need to watch the end , because you knew what later happened , with this evidence and your maid’s own there is no need for you to pretend ” he said.

“What did she say, don’t mind her , my husband sacked her when she misbehaved ” i said.

“Shewa, you must think we are fools, you send a huge amount of money to your maid after your husband sacked her we traced your account , so there is something fishy about that” the officer said.

“What about john? Have you found him” i asked impaintently.

“No , not at all, i pity you, keep deceiving yourself, the information you gave us on john , everything is fake, he doesn’t work at the bank, nor live at that area” the officer said as he glared. What? John is not working at Union bank, but i always meet him at that front of the gate of that bank ,whenever he says i should pick him up from work and his area , that is where i used to drop him, so what is fake , i hope the officer is lieing , because i can’t believe john will lie about where he is working or living.

” Shewa , do you know what your former maid said? The officer asked.

” No , what did she say?

” she said you hate your husband, she even showed us the video when you told her to seduce your husband, and your husband sent her away, and you pretended not to know, you sent her money after , so you better confess, the autopsy that was carried out on your husband body, shows that he was poisoned and the only he ate that day before he died was cooked by you , so what do you want to say again? The boy john or whatever that you said gave you the medicine, he was no where to be found, even the information you gave us on him was fake, so you are lieing or maybe you even imagined that boy in your head, because i don’t think he is real” the officer said looking at me. Not real , this officer is stupid, no john is real my mom can testify to it that , john is real, thank God she saw him. But who gave my maid the video, and my sis in law the video because there was no cctv camera in our house, how did they get it ? If my maid had the evidence before, she would have used it when my late husband wanted to sack her not now 🤔