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[Story] My Ugly Husband – S01 E10

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 10

I later accepted the medicine from john cause i had no option, i decided to use it, but on my way home , i met a woman.

“Young lady don’t use that medicine for your husband it is dangerous ” she said looking at me, i was so shocked how did the woman know.

“Young lady, don’t use the medicine for your husband , it is dangerous” she repeated as she walked away. I was so shocked, but that doesn’t stop me at all , i must get rid of david, so i can be with john the love of my life.

” God, please show me a sign , whether i should use the medicine or not” i knelt down as i prayed to God.

” babe, did you also pray for me” he said smiling.

“Yes, i did” i said .

“So what was your prayer request ? He asked. Even i pray for you the only prayer is that you should divorce me, i said in my mind.

” i prayed that God should grant you long life in peace and wealth ” i said as i lied.

“Amen, thank you sweetie ” he said as he hugged me.

The next day.

On Saturday my husband was at hone with me that was when i decided to use the medicine, i woke up and went straight to the kitchen and began to cook.

“Babe, is my eyes deceiving me? Are you really cooking” he said because he was suprised.

“Yes babe, i want to change, i want to learn how to love you, so i am going to be a good wife as from now on” i said as i lied.

“Oh babe, i have been waiting for ages, thank God , i really wished that one day you will accept me truly, thank God you did” he said as he hugged me.

” Now go and freshen up, let me serve your food” i said smiling.

“Okay darling ” he said as he walked away excitedly. Then i poured the potion in his food and i mixed it together. Few minutes later he came down and sat on the dining chair.

“Babe why did you not dish our food together ” he asked.

“I have eaten my own portion before, so i don’t want to disturb you, i just to watch you as you are eating ” i said smiling.

“Ok darling ” he said as he began to eat .

“OMG, shewa this food is very delicious, i didn’t know you can cook like this” he said as he was eating.

“Yes darling, your wife can cook , i am so proud of myself ” i said arrogantly. Then we laughed together, i wish this is the last time i will cook for you, the person i want to be cooking for is john, i said in my mind. Then he finished the whole food , then suddenly he began vomiting.

“David what wrong? I asked, as i moved closer to him, i was so afraid, he fell down and started rolling on the floor.

“David please stop na, stop all this drama i am getting scared ” i said shaking, but it seems as if david wasn’t joking because, he was vomiting blood.