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[Story] My Ugly Husband – S01 E09

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 9

“Mom , there is something i want to tell you” i said to my mum.

” Tell me shewa am all ears” she said.

” mom i am tired of my marriage, i want a divorce ” i said.

” God forbid, in Jesus name, that’s not possible, i reject that for you, marriage of four months , Are you serious at all? She asked angrily.

“Mom, i am serious, i am really tired of this marriage, it was not as if i really loved him, you were the one that forced me to marry him, and i am tired, mom i am not happy at all” i said.

“Oh , your father’s village people are really after you, we prayed for you to get married now you are married and the next thing is that you want to divorce your husband that good man, you must be out of your senses, when you said you wanted to discuss something with me , i thought you were pregnant, i was even happy,i didn’t know , it was foolish discussion, see adeshewa you can’t divorce that man ooo, you die there, over my dead body, you better go home and cook for your husband ” she said angrily as she walked. I have to divorce david , i don’t care all that matters most is my happiness.

“Shewa ,why are you moody today? John asked caressing my hand.

” i am not happy , everyone doesn’t want my happiness ” i said sadly.

“Babe, i want your happiness , your happiness is all that matters” he said.

” i know, but i have to divorce david , so that we can be together ” i said sadly.

“Shewa, you are all i need, i don’t care maybe you are married or not, what i know is that i love you, i care about you, since you told me everything on the phone, then i decided to find solution to your problem ” he said smiling.

“What is the solution ” i asked impaintently.

” i know one herbalist in our village, so i went to him and i told him about your husband , then he gave me the medicine that you will use for your husband, once you use it, he will hate you, and divorce you later, your love in his heart will be replaced with hatred ” he said smiling.

“Ha , i dont anything like that , anything diabolical or whatever ” i said as i rejected the offer.

” babe, see i really love you, i can’t share you with another man, i am a human being, see darling, this is the only way out use this medicine for your husband then he will hate you ,after divorcing him then we will get married adeshewa, you will be my lovely wife not his, think adeshewa think” he said as he held my hands, i don’t even k now what to do, but i really want to be John’s wife.