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[Story] My Ugly Husband – S01 E06

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Our marriage clocked four months , everything was going fine ,except that i don’t do anything in that house, i dont cook ,clean , i don’t do any work at all, except going to my workplace, it is david that is always cooking and our housemaid will clean, i only permitted our housemaid to come in the evening when i am home, because i dont want anything to happen between my housemaid and my husband, is not that i love him oooo, but i pity the innocent children ,if my husband impregnates our house maid , our house maid is also ugly, their children will be so i am helping them .

Everything was fine until , i met john a very handsome boy at a

shopping mall.

“Hi, i must say you are a very beautiful girl” he said.

“My name is john what’s yours? He asked.

“My name is adeshewa” i said smiling. Then he stretched is hand , i also took his hand and shaked him.

“OH you are married ” he said smiling when he noticed the ring on my finger. at that time i wished i wasn’t married.

“Yes i am” i said forcing a smile on my face.

“Oh , that not a problem , we can still be freinds, can you please give me your number, so we could talk more ” he said as he winked. I gave my number then i walked to my car and drove away.

I and john started communicating, we started calling ourselves, he was a nice guy, he was only a freind nothing more, we use to gist talk and do so many other things.

“Adeshewa , who have you been talking to on your phone ? David asked, one day when i finished speaking with john.

“His name is john , he is my freind ” i said smiling.

“Babe , is not that am jealous , but limit the way you talk with him, i have been noticing you since last week, anytime your phone rings , you will have a happy smile on your face, you don’t smile for me, you are smiling for another man” he said sadly.

“So what are you implying ? I asked facing him.

” i said you should limit your conversations with him” he said.

“David, so you don’t want me to have freinds again? What’s all this na, this isn’t what you said when you want to marry me, you said , that if we get married, i am free to do anything i want except cheating, this only a freind naw and you are complaining ” i shouted angrily.

“Babe am sorry, see you are free to talk with anybody you like, i won’t disturb you again, come and lie down let me cuddle you ” he said smiling.

“No i wont come, you made me angry tonight” i said as i squeezed my face.

“I have said i am sorry , babe i am sorry, please ” he said as he took my hands, that was how i forgave him, then we slept. If only i knew i would have heeded to my husband advice that night.